Sunday, November 16, 2008

TLC Updates its Jon & Kate Page..The wedding youv'e been waiting for! Was it worth the hype?

I'm as excited as the day I got married 12 long years ago. Tonight is like Gosselin sweeps night. I was going to post a few of the Jon & Kate articles tonight, but most are just basically saying that the wedding we've been waiting for is finally on tonight. And now that I'm finally able to breathe after the wave of illnesses here, this makes it a happy night! If you would like to see some nice extras go to TLC's newly updated site HERE. And by the way, The Gosselins will be on Access Hollywood tonight!

Ok I'm back! I didn't get to see too much of AH but I know they were talking about being excited for tonights show. And of course for me it didn't disappoint. I was excited to see the kids getting ready, and Mady having at least 1 ouburst so the trolls would have something to run to GWOP 20 minutes in like usual. Also true to form, Kate interupting her ceremony to talk to the kids. I love this gal. What alot of people complain about, them not being real or relatalbe anyomre, I highly disagree. The girls are always adorable and Alexis throwing her cheese stick showed that they are growing into their own personalities. The boys are so stinkin cute I want to kiss their faces and the twins are my daughter to a tee. Overall they were very polite and well behaved with a minor eruption or two.

Mady gives so much for the haters to talk about. She is just a child and her comment about not wanting to be Kates Maid of Honor was not about hating Kate but just being a pain in the neck. Its sad and hurtful to see people talk so nasty about her till she smarts off to her mother then its high-fives & "go Mady" on the troll boards. These are the same idiots that claim they don't watch the show but comment 100+ times as "anon" about what they saw or read somewhere else. GWOP has jumped its own shark by announcing that on top of The Gosselin's & Duggars they will now have a Hayes board. Are they hoping to get a board to bash every show on TLC? As a mother to my own Mady I know that this is a good girl growing through her "testing" phase and I'm glad to see that this family privately chooses to discipline her outside of the show. Also it was nice that Kate let them pick out what nail polish they wanted and let Mady keep her hair however she wanted. As Aaden would say "They went to get pedicares."

Another thing that clogged the blogs was the people in attendance at the wedding. Jon hadn't seen his family in a while so for people to argue why invite strangers, well that was the point. For Jon to meet his family and see people he hadn't seen in years. It didn't have to be that he invite his closest family was it? And also why do people go on and on about Kate not being appreciative? Does the woman have to jump up and down for everyone before anyone is ever satisfied? The family knew how lucky they were and I hope they knew that there that were truly happy for them. The Resort really catered to the family and that cake was beautiful. And their kiss being fake?? Geeze would everyone prefer she slobber her husband on camera?

And finally, I too watched The Hayes Family and thought they were very nice. Do I think I could watch them every week and have them captivate my attention? Sadly no. The Gosselin haters claim they are such a more "relateable & real" family. Uhh wasn't that what you said about the Gosselins until you turned on them because they started making money and getting freebies? The kids on that show are just as cute and the daughter breaks my heart, but what that show doesn't have is Kate. Love to dislike her, she makes this show for me. All these shows have alot of super sweet cute kids. All of them. But for me, when you get too many kids on a show, its hard to get into relating to them. Also for me its all about the mothers. Michele Duggar I want to shake silly, and Elizabeth Hays reminds me of my neighbor down the street that I always see running around trying to wrangle her kids and never have time to even breathe let alone say hi. Nope I dont think the Gosselins have anything to worry about..yet (lol)


Lems_Linn said...

The video clip of the vows is really touching. The vows sounded really heartfelt!

cali-mom said...

Oh I loved the episode. It was wonderful!!

Anonymous said...

Loved the dresses and flowers. What a nice change for a Monday evening....

Anonymous said...

I love this blog. It's refreshing to come a blog that talks about the show in a postive light. I do read GWoP and comment sometimes because the Gosselin's aren't perfect. I have a lot of respect for the Gosselin's.
I loved the episode tonight. My favorite part was probaly when Jon and Kate were dancing. I believe it was Collin and Hannah dancing as well. Collin would spin Hannah around, and of course Aaden and Leah. Oh how precious.

Theresa said...

Regarding the GWoP and other Gosselin hate sites. I think if they are "advocates of the children" as they claim, then they would shut down. How detrimental it will be for them when any of those kids get on the computer and google their name and come across these hateful sites that just tear apart their parents, talk ad nauseum about life events of theirs that didn't happen but the trolls make up and run with it as the truth. THAT'S what's going to hurt the G children the most. Not that they're being "exploited" or "not having a normal childhoood." Look at all these people who hate my mommy and daddy!

Glad for this site to be here, too. It is refreshing on a few levels, one of them being that people are not blog bullies and attack each other.

I enjoy watching these kids. I think they are well disciplined, carfree, smart, normal kids. And, I enjoyed the wedding. Everyone looked beautiful.

Kassie said...

I love this family!!!! They are so fun to watch. I really think Kate is a awsome mother.I have to agree with you about the Hayes family, I just love the Gosslins!!!!

Minnie~Knits said...

I loved the show, the kids were so cute walking barefoot in the wedding.
I must admit I'd like to see more day-to-day activities, instead of these constant vacations. I admit to being jealous of the free trips...I haven't had a vacation in over 10 years!
If I were you, I'd stop mentioning the hate websites, devoted to trashing the Gosselins. Pay them no attention! It's disappointing to see you are reading them at all...

Aubrey said...

Theresa, it's like you read my mind! I totally agree with what you said about how the hate sites will affect the children. I've tried numerous times to make my point over there to see if anyone would understand, but with no luck. I need to stop reading over there! :)

As for the episode, I thought it was absolutely beautiful! Re-affirms how much I'd love to visit Hawaii too! :)

Sara said...

I think the reason why other kids in big families aren't "relatable" is because we haven't experienced their lives since infancy. The Gosselin sextuplets were 16 months old when we were first introduced to them, and we have seen them non-stop since then. We have a bond with them, much the same as we have a bond with our own kids because we have known them since birth. It's difficult to get to know a 5-10 year old via TV, because they have went through so much to get to that phase, and we'll never see it.

The same goes with the Duggars. Half those kids are practically grown up, and we can't relate to how they got there. We all know "how the Gosselins got there" and we feel like we've been with them all along.

BEE said...

I enjoyed the episode but I was a tad disappointed. Disappointed only because I was secretly hoping that Beth or other "close" family would be there. I am still holding fast in my belief that the Gosselins DO have close relationships with people other then the TLC crew

It was beautiful though and I am so happy that they finally got to have their "dream" wedding!!

I have to say that since Sunday I have not visited any of the "hate sites". The sermon at church on Sunday talked about what in your life is negatively effecting your integrity? I know this sounds silly, but my thoughts went straight to all the negativity that I am exposed to when I go to those sites. Not only does all the "hatred" really bother me, but I don't like the way it makes me feel.

So again, thanks for your blog!! It is a great place to visit and get an upbeat, refreshing perspective on a family/show that in a funny way seems to touch all of us!!

Theresa said...

Aubrey, thanks. I, too have tried to let them know what I thought and not one of my posts made the site. I wrote in a sensible, factual manner. To no avail. I think they are too consumed with their own hatred and feeding the frenzy to see what they're doing. I feel bad for their own children because that mindset will surely rub off.

Bee, thank you for your post. That is so right on. I never really thought about that. I really don't like the way it makes me feel either. I'd rather focus my energy on something positive. By going over there, it's only energy wasted because they never acknowledge. So, I can now be spending my energy on people who I don't know who may benefit from it.

I am taking your advice Bee.

BEE said...

Can anyone tell me what the Bible verses are from the cake?

I think I can make out the one on the bottom tier (Psalm 139) but what are the others?

Baby Mama said...

There were 10 flowers piled on top to represent each Gosselin. The top tier represented Jon & Kate, and had the bible verse Isaiah 40:31 written on it: "But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; they shall walk, and not faint." The second tier of the cake represented Mady and Cara, and had the bible verse Psalm 127: 3: "Behold, children are a gift from the Lord." The third tier represented the sextuplets, and had the bible verse Psalms 139:13a and 14a written on it: "For you created my inmost being...I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made."

Baby Mama said...

Minnie~knits: I just read your post and I feel really bad now about today's post, since it was all about trashing GWOP. Sometimes I get mad a frustrated and tend to lash out. I fell of the wagon as I didn't read it for months but I started to recently. I am cutting off the drugs and moving forward after today. Thank you.

BEE said...

Thanks Baby-Mama!

Anonymous said...

I LOVED Kate's dress and the kids were adorable!

And I agree with Theresa and Aubrey. If I were one of those children and found a site like GWOP I would be filled with nothing but anger and sadness for the people who made the site.

They think they are helping those children? Hate and lies like that will always come back to bite you in the butt.

How dare they say they care about them? They are destroying them.

Shelly said...

To all of you,
1.Thanks for the the Fan Site.
2. You are right BEE, I will no longer read the trash sites. I have on many occassions tried to voice my opinion on those sites, only to be attacked. I was very angry about the posts after the wedding. The absolute lies and trash they post was terrible.
3. I agree that the children are going to be the ones affected by the trash sites.
4. BabyMama, keep up the wonderful work. This site is great. I will always read and try to post daily.

Everyone have a nice weekend. I am looking forward to Monday nights YARD SALE.