Saturday, November 15, 2008

Maui Loves Jon & Kate, Kate Teams With VTech For The Holidays

Hello Gosselin fans! When I miss a day or so of blogging, I feel totally out of whack. Between my baby's big party and me coming down with the flu, this was the most exhausting weekend ever. We've all gone through that at one point right? I can't even get my shot yet. If you haven't, please please do. Its being said that this will be the worst flu season ever. But your right, they do say that every year (lol).

It reminded me of that infamous episode when Kate put one of her boys on the laundry room floor after the kids one by one got sick. The GWOP trolls dedicated weeks of discussion on this. And while I agree with Kate 100%, I too am trying to figure out what to do as I see my kids showing signs of illness. Poor Kate had 8 of her kids at the same time being ill and I could not even imagine how horrible that must be. No less reading people criticizing how you parent your own kids. Could you imagine? People blogging about you saying your a horrible person and a terrible parent for isolating an ill child so the rest can function? I'm running out of sheets, and ideas. When this starts at this busy time right before the Holidays, I think alot about the episode and it just pisses me off even more when people seem to think they know better how to raise your own children... Feel me getting pissed yet? Lets more on (lol)

Jon & Kate Plus 8 Gives Maui Tourism A Needed Boost

Well the jealous haters will still not stop griping about the Gosselins getting such an amazing Anniversary Gift from Maui as they hosted the family for their renewal ceremony. The big episode we've all been waiting for is this Monday. Well Maui is so happy they were able to have them and it looks like they even want them back! writes a nice article about how grateful they were for the Gosselins to accept their invitation, as its given Maui a much needed tourism boost in a rough economy. Whats great about this article is, after loosing $17 million in Advertising, having them featured on this hit show has done for them what they thought would never happen. Get MORE visitors. So for 2 or 3 suites for a week with some perks, Maui saved millions and gave the Gosselins a vacation of a lifetime.Now would YOU pass up a freebie like that? Thought Not.

VTech(R) Rings In The Holidays With Our Busy Mom

What I love and envy about Kate is that shes a smart business woman who is taking her new "status" as a celebrity mom and really putting it to good use. First up was KMart and their layaway program (which I hear is slowly showing momentum) and now has become the spokesperson for VTech(R) this holiday season (Check out that they now have the Jon & Kate Plus 8 video clip on their site as well as The Rose Petal Cottage! Talk about Gosselin Advertising!). also did a great article about how Kate is helping their company boost sales. In this article she discusses holiday planning tips and insight on what she looks for when buying the season's hottest toys. Whats important for me to note is that regardless of whether this family has money now or not, everyone is cutting back this year no mater how wealthy you are. The middle class is accepting that layaway is not just for the poor, and the wealthy have no issue with budgeting. So no one should even dare to comment that Kate or anyone else for that matter shouldn't be allowed to do the same. Check out Kate's tips in the above article.

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