Monday, March 9, 2009

The Gosselins On Oprah, "the kids need privacy" Trip To The Vet, Last Weeks "Bye Old House"

Hello Gosselin Fans! Before I begin I just wanted to say thank you to all the fans that have written me in the past week. I was overwhelmed with the amount of mail I have gotten, and I tried to quickly answer each of you, but it was ALOT. I appreciated the time you take to write. Some of you didn't even know there was a place to comment after each post. I encourage you to pick any name you want, and express how you feel there. That way you can have others to talk to about your feelings and questions!

Last night was crazy with me trying to get the kids to bed and switching back & forth between my shows. What I thought would be a yawner turned out to be a really good night for Dancing With The Stars. As you know I will root till the end for Melissa, as there is nothing like a woman scorned to get my juices flowing!

For the first time however, my husband begged me to put on Jon & Kate! Hes not into all that flashy dancing though he likes the costumes on the girls..whatever.. He was more interested in seeing what poor Nala ate. As Kate would day "Men, aren't they lovely?"

Jon & Kate Plus 8 On Oprah

I FINALLY got to see the Gosselin on Oprah and I loved the whole episode. Its so funny how a fan of these shows can go on and on about how great a show is, then you get the snarkers that think they can pick it apart just by reading facial expressions its bizarre. I don't have the Style Channel but Ruby seemed like the coolest chick that is truly trying to loose weight and find herself in the process. And the Little Couple, I am looking forward to seeing what that story is about. Jon & Kate and the kids looked wonderful. Wearing of course the new Gymboree line that I myself just bought. The kids did so well for so early in the morning. Even Mady was on her best behavior. And I don't know why people thought Jon was looking like a sad naughty boy. Its just more lies people make up. I didn't think he spoke or acted any differently. His answers were fine and nobody that knew any back story would know the difference. Kate looked really great and professional.

We now know that after 4 long seasons there is a new crew (except boom-man Mike). Which, from what I heard, is normal after 4-5 year contacts expire. We will no longer be seeing the kids in their rooms, as its now 0ff-limits. The house looks like a home, and the kids seem to be getting so big now its amazing. The new episodes will start in May. And with the final episodes being shown in March, that will give the family PLENTY of time to move forward with the Jon mess, & give the kids more time to enjoy life away from the cameras. And isn't that what those poor snarkers have been begging for since they claim to be so FOR the kids? Oprah loves them, I'm still trying to figure out this SKYPE (where was I?), and although I'm sad it they weren't physically there, it was the next best thing!

Trip To The Vet

From now on I will be saying to my kids "You get what you get and you don't get upset!" Its now my favorite line! Why ohh why do people feel the need to criticize what these kids eat like they know better? So lets first guess what else people were talking about: the new furniture? The fact that the poor puppy swallowed something? How dare Kate let that happen? Well pets of course to this even when strictly supervised as we all know. Is poor Nala going to be OK? Will the trolls start slamming the episode only 5 minutes in as usual? And will they still be griping about the washer & dryers they will never have and how upset the are that Kate does? The dogs are bigger now and are so stinkin cute. I could only imagine how big they will be in a year. Last night poor Nala swallowed Hannahs horsie. I'm glad they didn't show the dog sick. They showed how much the kids love their dogs, that Kate's novelty already wore off, and Jon's a poopie man again. No wonder why hes in trouble (lol). Anyway we see how much Skoka misses her sister, and how dogs are incredibly aware when somethings wrong. Having had a Sheepdog all my childhood life, this was heartbreaking to see. When Jon takes all the kids to pick up Nala after doggie doll surgery, he notices that hes short one kid. Poor Jon can't catch a break. Thank Goodness Alexis is sleeping safely in the car. The doctor tell the kids to not let the dog run crazy, and no chasing. Yeah right.. Thank goodness shes young and a fast healer, because the dogs are finally reunited at home and Shoka is ecstatic! He kisses her and you can see the overjoyed look on his face as the dogs are running in their huge yard! Happy ending indeed!

Bye Old House!


Lola said...

I got to say, I am so glad you started this blog. While I am not a fan of the show (it's a little too boring for me even though the kids are so cute!), GWOP blog is LAME! They are almost hateful. What cracks me up is that they not only watch each new episode, it's like they take notes! They are more dedicated than actual fans. Crazy, crazy!

This is a much better blog!

Jenner7 said...

After watching them on Oprah, I like them even more. Kids were well behaved, but they were probably tired from getting up so early. lol Jon looked bored and frankly....I saw shame on his face....from the picture issue. I like that the kids have more privacy. I think this just slaps the haters in the face.

BEE said...

I just watched the Oprah bit with the Gosselins. There are several things that stuck out to me:

1)I liked the new "rules" of not filming the kids in their rooms. I think that they are old enough to need/want the privacy and safe place that cameras are not allowed. From the Oprah bit, it was clear that Kate is strictly enforcing this rule and even had the kids close their doors (I assume so the cameras could not see the rooms etc).

2) I can not believe it was only a year ago that they were on Oprah last! SO much has changed for them in a very short amount of time!! Seeing Jodi and Beth bring the kids out from the first Oprah visit was bitter sweet...I wish we still saw them! It is clear how much they love those kids!! (I am a believer that until we hear otherwise, that they are still involved in their lives but not on the show)

3) I wouldn't say that Jon looked "shameful" . However, it did seem that "something" was a miss. Jon also looked to his left several times after he spoke, almost as if their PR person was their shaking their head yes or no to what he was saying. When they were asked about their relationship and how they kept it a priority their responses did seem uncomfortable and not very heart felt. When Oprah asked that specific question Kate had this odd look on her face. None of us know what she was thinking but to me she looked like she was not expecting that question, she was uncomfortable, and certainly not her take charge attitude with the media. Granted, the fact that I know about the photo scandal might be jading my perception of the interview.

4) During the Oprah interview we saw more of the house and that it is now furnished a lot more then in the last episode.

I am interested to see what other people think of the Oprah interview.

PolkaTotClippies said...

I agree with Jenner7. I was also very impressed with how well behaved the kids were. And Jon definately did look bored and kind of ashamed of the rumors going around. I also like that Kate doesn't allow the cameras in the kid's rooms anymore since they are older and need privacy.

Great blog by the way! I am so glad that you started it!

Hayley said...

I'm so glad I found this blog! You're wonderful for starting a site all about the positive about Jon and Kate! I love it even more now that you are going to continue to post old episodes, because I moved recently to my own place and I have no cable, and I've been wishing I could buy just the TLC channel so I could watch Jon, Kate, and the Duggar family! You've fulfilled at least half my wish, thanks!

3KMOM said...

I missed the Oprah episode today, I leave to get my son at that time from school. If anyone find it can you post it? I've scoured you tube and have come up empty-handed. A thousand virtual hugs to whoever finds it! :) Also, does anyone know how far in advance it was taped, b/c how would Jon look ashamed, the story broke in the mags on weds of last week?

GosselinFan1 said...

I'm so happy to have found a positive Gosselin family site. I'm a big fan and when I got online and saw all the hate thrown at this family, I was completely shocked! Even going so far as to critizise and name call children! The amount of hate directed at this family is scary. Jealous, hateful people with nothing better to do with their lives. I love Kate. I think she's fabulous and she's such a strong lady. Like all strong women, she gets called names and crtisized for not taking crap and taking charge of her family. I'm very glad to see that there is a site dedicated to the positive about the Gosselins.

Loveli said...

Wow...the old house did seem to shrink over the course of the last couple months, didn't it.

Thanks so much for this blog. I love hearing all the JK+8 news! And a big thank you for insuring that remains a positive place to be! Maybe one day you'll be surprised by Jon and Kate on Oprah...much like Ruby surprised her fan! :-)

CBB said...

I totally agree BabyMama - I watched Oprah last night and Jon was the same as always. They were all great and I loved seeing them. I loved their outfits - I may have to order one for my little girl :)

Baby Mama said...

CBB~ I worked for Gymboree for almost 3 years after my first child was born. So basically that's how I know about every collection that the Gosselins get etc. I am still quite crazy for it.

And yes to everyone that has written me, I'm aware that one of the GWOP read my site and copy & pasted MY Speaking Appearance dates on their free-discussion post. I was pretty pissed about it. She also stated that the Gosselins got booed at the Harlem Globetrotters Game which is the Season finale show March 23rd. This is not true What a thief and a liar! (lol)

Mommy2 said...

I did watch the Oprah show and there were a few awkward moments, but for the most part, I thought it was fine. Kate seemed really thin in the face though. We also don't know when this episode was could have been before everything was blown up about the picture. I live in Canada and I must say, the stories from the magazine are all over the local radio stations...especially because Kate is speaking in a few weeks. I'm going to see her so I'm curious if anything will be mentioned. Bottom line, I still enjoy the show though!!

Denise said...

I hope Nala is OK since Jon ignored the vet's instructions.

marisa said...

It's disappointing that you say "Even Mady was on her best behavior." It's as if she's typecast into being the naughty one in the family.

I think the "Trip to the Vet" episode was also a bit of a disappointment. I would have liked to see more interaction between the kids and the new pups. Perhaps in a later episode. I also wish Kate had been shown more, but I think they said she was in L.A...? Not the greatest episode, but the dogs are adorable...

Elena said...

"When Jon takes all the kids to pick up Nala after doggie doll surgery, he notices that hes short one kid. Poor Jon can't catch a break. Thank Goodness Alexis is sleeping safely in the car."

...maybe you shouldn't bring that up??

casey2235 said...

I just watched the Oprah episode with John & Kate that I tivo'd yesterday and I really liked the show. Ruby was great. I had never heard of her before but I think I'll check out her show now. Loved J&K and the kids although I hate when people are interviewed by satelite. There is always that long pause in between when the interviewer asks the question and the interviewee hears and then answers the question. I think that may be why some people thought the interview seemed a little awkward. I also noticed that the question of whether they still have the pups has been answered. When Oprah asked them about people on message boards who think they get too snippy with each other, Kate answered, "what married couple with eight kids doesn't get snipppy with each other" and Jon added "oh, and two dogs."

Baby Mama said...

Marisa~I agree that sometimes even I fall into the pit of putting Mady in a separate category. She is a wonderful lovely child and I only meant it as hoping that she didn't come across as sometimes being so misbehaved.

Elena~ I was praising Jon for noticing so quickly that he was short one child, and on top of that knowing exactly which child it was.

Theresa said...

casey2235 said...

There is always that long pause in between when the interviewer asks the question and the interviewee hears and then answers the question. I think that may be why some people thought the interview seemed a little awkward.

I totally agree Casey. I think that's why J&K appeared awkward as they were just trying to hear and process the question.

Minnie~Knits said...

First off, let me say, I love dogs. I have 3. I am also a dog groomer. I think I like dogs more than people!!

That said, made me angry when Kate complained she was "over" the dogs. Yes, they poop (duh). Yes, you have to let them out, and WHAT A COINCIDENCE, they must be let back IN!

What did she think would happen? They required no assistance? They'd potty train themselves?

Surely she is smarter than that?

She really doesn't LIKE her own dogs, Mady said at the vet that the dogs belonged to all of them "except mommy" so I guess we know how Kate feels.

And that makes me sad, because dogs, especially puppies, are such a joy.

I'm starting to think Kate is a very selfish person. She won't help take of her dogs, and I also remember when she spent the 4 hours cleaning her fridge, she left poor Joel on the toilet with a poopy butt and tried to convince Cara to wipe him; then called Jon inside to do it! She really needs to consider the needs of her children and her pets, before she focuses on herself. JMO.

The*GosselinGarb*Finder said...

The Oprah episode was really cute, those outfits were adorable. Woo hoo you worked for Gymboree you must have loved the discount! You can't beat their internet sales , Bucks and mailed coupons it's so funny to me people pay Full Price when there are so many loopholes to Gymboree and you end up with TONS of cute stuff ( I would go so far to say) Paying for Walmart clothing yes.
Back to the Puppies, I recently went to a pet Store with the kids and there was an ADORABLE English Bulldog, I fell in love. This particular dog is way too expensive but very cute and a fit with my kids. After more research I found it was not a good dog to have for the climate I live in. And ultimately I am still not ready to take care of "another kid" I think it's a wonderful addition but I won't jump into it until I am ready. I don't have expectations of my kids or husband to take care of the future dog I am pretty sure it will be me doing all the "work" The vet episode also helped me realize that things happen, I am going to wait another 2 years :) Sorry to hear your blog got ripped, that's the worst it's like a a compliment but not so much :( can't believe the March Finale is approaching soon. Thanks for your great reviews it is always a great read!

Brooke said...

I am so glad to see a postive blogging JK+8 website! I just found this website the other day. With Jon forgetting Hannah (i think it was) in the car. At least he counted the kids and she didnt get left in the car the whole time and he ran to get her. Just goes to show that this family is human just like the rest of us! I went to the mall today looking for an easter dress for my daughter. I went into Gymboree (I always wish I can afford the clothes but never baught anything there). I was certain I saw the dresses that the younger girls were wearing on Oprah and after reading this blog, it sure was. Now I am debating on getting my daughter the dress anyways.

dancnmommy said...

I first want to start off by I cant wait until Sat. I teach dance on Monday nights so I catch the new episodes of J&K on Sat at 8pm. I love going on and reading the posts about the new show then watching to see for myself on Sat. (Especially with the GWOP b/c most of what they say is absolutely ridicoulous. I think they are bigger fans then we are sometimes :) by the way the capture every little detail.)

I saw a post above about the dogs and Kate not wanting to take care of them. My husband and I are on a uphill debate about getting a dog. I am not an animal person at all. I never had pets as a kid nor do I want one now. Despite thinking that puppys and dogs are so adorable. (I really cant stand cats :( sorry to the cat lovers out there)
But my hubby and children want one really bad. I said if they get it it will be their responsibility soley. So I can understand why Kate dosnt want anything to do with the dogs or helps. Because if we end up getting one I will be the bystander.

Susan said...

I would love to see a show that focuses on the kids interacting. I love hearing them talk. When I heard the dog doesn't like to be interviewed I started laughing. How about a whole show just like that. Maybe let the kids be interviewed instead of Jon and Kate.

Lynne said...

Jon and Kate
Just wanted you to know that you and
your family are still number with me.
Just sit back and relax, the damn media is to blame for all of this.
You both are the perfect parents and
you can tell are both totally devoted
to each other. Your children show the
love you have for each other. You and Jon just hang in there. Our family is/and will be your fans for
life. Good Luck to you both

Romberg Family said...

I am so glad to find this blog!!! The last few days i have been researching this "rumor" and i have found all these websites saying these horrible things about this wonderful family. I am so glad to find other people that love this family as much as i do!!! So glad this blog has been created!!
GWOP is the WORST website i have ever seen. These people watch the show and complain about everything and Kate. Well if they think she is so horrible what does that make them?????

Steph said...

New poster, but longtime reader -
I have my ups and downs with J&K+8 depending on the tone of each show. Of course I love the kids! The parents, sometimes not so much.

Anyway....BabyMama, you said:
"The new episodes will start in May. And with the final episodes being shown in March, that will give the family PLENTY of time to move forward with the Jon mess, & give the kids more time to enjoy life away from the cameras. And isn't that what those poor snarkers have been begging for since they claim to be so FOR the kids?"

Unfortunately, the family has already taped shows for the new season and will continue thru spring break and past. Those are the shows we'll start to see in May - along with their full-time taping schedule thru the summer. So, really, no more of a break for them than they had during moving and holiday time. I wish they would have taken more time for just themselves, heavens knows they must be exhausted.

As for the last show of the season with the Globetrotters. My sister and brother-in-law were at the game and told me that there were some boo's when they entered. There weren't many, but there were enuf to be heard. I'll have to wait for the show and decide for myself why people felt the need to express themselves that way.
It's unfortunate it happened, especially with young kids there. J&K surely know how people feel about them, both the fans and non-fans, and make decisions based on their awareness of situations they could encounter. Thankfully it doesn't happen often.

3KMOM said...

Steph, can you give us more of a description of what happened while they were there. As far as when you say "entered" do you mean entered to sit and watch the game or entered to interact w/ the globerotters on the court in front of everyone. I am just curious what they did when they were there. Thanks!

3KMOM said...

there is a link to part of the oprah interview I found on youtube.
after reading the posts 1st b4 i found this video i don't think they looked awkward at all or when answering questions. jon piped up right away about the fact that they are snippy with each other at times and he didn't look guilty or ashamed at all. there is a second video from someone else w/ the other part of the interview w/ some needless decor around the edges and you can't see their faces well b/c of it. I didn't post it b/c its easy to find once you click on this link.

marisa said...

I agree with Steph -- even if the kids did get March through May off (which is not the case, as they are being continually filmed for future episodes during that time), that is still not enough time for a child to "enjoy life away from the cameras." Even professional child actors are better monitored when it comes to time on a set. These kids simply don't get a vacation, and they should all just get time as a family (without Kate leaving for book tours) to enjoy the new house.

Shelly said...

Minnie Knits said
"She really doesn't LIKE her own dogs, Mady said at the vet that the dogs belonged to all of them "except mommy" so I guess we know how Kate feels."

That is not what was said. See it is people like you that start the trouble.
What was said was: The vet said oh the whole family is here. Mady said, everyone but Mommy, she is in LA. Nothing was said about the dogs belonging to everyone but, Mommy. My gosh you are hateful.
Spend some time with people and maybe your attitude will change.

Denise said...

Entertainment tonight will mention the Gosselins on this evening's show. The promo shows a photo of J&K torn in half.

john said...

Shelly, Can we ease up on the defensiveness a bit? You say "it is people like you that start trouble" and that Minnie Knits is "hateful." That's pretty aggressive, especially since I think Minnie Knits is just pointing out that Kate didn't seem to know what she was getting in to when getting the dogs. Both Jon and Kate admitted they did little research before purchasing the pups.

Baby Mama said...

Jon~ GWOP literally blocks any fans for getting on, or if your on Moon's site, verbally attack you so that you don't come on again.

I carefully monitor each and every comment. I don't want anyone coming on and trying to trash this fan site by slandering this family in any way. It may not be you but its unfortunate that this is seen alot by those that with bad intentions. If you dont feel that this is the place for you, then the others will take you with open arms.

john said...

I heartily agree, which is why I believe there is no need to be aggressive to other posters. As a fan of the show, I feel that this should be a place for me to voice my opinion, and I hope that Minnie Knits is allowed the same kindness.

In seeing that no one is perfect, and that both Kate and Jon are still learning what it is to be dog owners (and parents), we can all enjoy their antics on TV with a light heart, without calling each other "haters" or quickly plugging them "those people" for simply mentioning a mistake that J&K made.

marisa said...

Unfortunately, no one will ever be prepared for parenthood or puppyhood. Mistakes will be made, and yes, nobody's perfect.

Megan said...

Thank you for making this site.

I was disgusted at seeing how ridiculous the people are at GWOP. My breaking point though was when several people posted about how they think this episode was staged because nala didn't have an ecollar on and her and shoka didn't sniff eachother all over when they were reunited. how bleeping insane and pathetic can these people get?

BEE said...

In the episode, the vet asks if everyone is here and Mady does say "Except for Mommy" and Joel says that Kate is in LA.

However, when the vet asks whose dog is Nala? Mady says, all of ours, except for Mommy's.

So, yes she did say that Nala was NOT Kates.

Just wanted to clarify.

Either way, as a pp said, we all are learning how to be parents/animal owners and mistakes are made!

Shelly said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Minnie~Knits said...

Shelly, I am not hateful. And I was correct in my original post:
Thank you BEE for correctly quoting what Mady did indeed say about the dogs belonging to everyone "except mommy". I feel better now.
Maybe it's NOT people like me that "start all the trouble".

I simply feel that dogs are such a blessing, their love is so unconditional, their souls are so innocent. That's JMO. It is Kate's loss if she can't find joy in them. I don't mean it in a HATEFUL way...I mean it in a sad way. I can't relate to it; as I said I love dogs. (I groom yorkies for a living.)

I really think that once the dogs are out of their puppy phase (peeing everywhere, chewing everything, etc) that Kate will like them much more. Let's face it; the woman does not like messes and who can blame her for that? Not me! I just hope she finds them worth the trouble, and takes some time to bond with them, and play with them.

Light and Fluffy said...

Just as an aside, the dog episode really was a lost opportunity to teach.
You CAN keep a dog, even a high energy puppy, from running and going wild after surgery.
They don't heal that quickly and I honestly was dissapointed with Jon's 'oh well' attitude about the vet's instructions.
It set a bad example if you believe that the dog was somehow a 'quick healer'.

Light and Fluffy said...

I also kind of wish that there was an unbiased site somewhere.
It seems it's all either 100% against them no matter what, or so totally in love with them that no-one can see fault with anything they do.
I guess the people who are nuetral really couldn't be bothered, maybe some food for thought anyways.

Tina said...

This message is to t he Gosselin's both Kate & Jon which I pray they read. First of all the facts of Stardom is Judgment from all places welcomed or not. It's a shame that people have harsh words to say but allow me to HONESTLY say this. In all reality no disrespect to Kate however there were SO many episodes where I see her/you treating Jon as if he Too were to be guided or told what to do as if he were a child rather than a partner. I have viewed him being quite & have seen Kate judging or bad mouthing him whether it was in reference to him finding his way around the kitchen to what he does and how and ANYONE would be tired of not being treated as an equal. I think in all reality not just opinion he is tired of being dealt with as a child and not a Equal partner and Husband. We all face hardships and I don't care what nationality you are or where you come from No one can say their perfect but if you are good for you! My heart goes out to Kate because in reality as I just said Yes PPl will pass judgment because their lives are there in the open to be judged. Maybe she's made mistakes or he has but so have I and so have every single one of you. It really doesn't matter who's right or thinks they are even me. The point is I want this message to be told to them if they could because the saddest thing in the world is to see him go. No I'm not in love with Jon but she loves him & their a family. They should seek counseling because only THEN maybe will they be able to approach their problems in a more dedicated, structured fashion where they can SAVE the marriage. It's ALWAYS easier to walk away & I'm SURE the both of them are tired for various reasons & I'm sure Kate's not 100% to blame but sitting down and trying to after so long MAY be exausting but MUST be done. I wish the court mandates them to do such BEFORE allowing them to divorce and if then they can not see the errors in their ways & make beneficial changes first to see how THAT feels then they can say Okay, we did all we could, not for America's stupid opinions or ratings or anyone else but the Beauty of their marriage. The Years dedicated & years to be preserved even though Jon is correct when he says he doesn't need to be married to Kate in order to be there for his kids they do understand the realities of this I'm sure but the truth never sinks in until AFTER just like when you commit a crime and then when you do the hard time you see how that feels and KNOW okay, what approach should I take now to avoid this in the future. In turn this may deem true to Kate & how she treats Jon from there on in & how Jon and her may continue or NOT continue the show. In all honesty the show provides for them but If It meant divorce maybe it's time to let go, If your husband is saying I NEED a break and no one listens and then a Divorce follows MAYBE you need a break & it didn't need to mean a divorce.

Despite any words that may be defensive to some my intention is good. I am hurt to see Kate a real women go through what so many of us have & we know that pain. It's horrible and again If they can be saved I wish them nothing but the best. I think Kate is a good women and a good mother but had certain habits she needs to break from regarding being pushy or over controlling. Your opinions to dictate how someone should be or what they should do should be focused on your children who look to you for guidance, don't get lost in transition with this and judge the plumber who's fixing your sink and then Lagossi who's cooking for you and know's more than you, or your husbands' EVERY action or word because then That may be the ONLY truth you will have to face in the end when the curtains are closed and the divorce is final you'll wish you had the very things you nagged about & it just so turns out they weren't as horrible as you made it to seem. Good Luck- Christina F.