Wednesday, February 25, 2009

GWOP Journalist Article A Bust, Kate in PA at Barnes & Noble, More Of Jon at Penn State

Hello Gosselin fans! This week everyone was talking about the families newest additions and everyone had something to say about it. It has been quite the discussion at our house as well, as to whether it is a good idea to add such a responsibility to our home now. I am bad when it comes to subliminal advertising. Whenever I see something on TV (esp. food at night) I want it. Of course kids are no different, hence numerous arguments and debates about getting a dog ourselves. (We decided to wait until after our first trip to CA in June.)

GWOP Gets Egg On Their Faces After Article Bust!

A few months ago, this weird e-mail kept popping up on the two Gosselin hate sites. It was apparently from this "mysterious" journalist who was going to EXPOSE The Gosselins for who they really are and were looking for anyone with any damming evidence on the family to please write her. It was on nasty Moons & GWOP'S site. Now as much as I hate Moon she kinda took a "lets wait & see" approach while GWOP jumped on this thing like ants to a picnic and wrote a whole blog about it. Now from hearing about this we either thought it was a total hoax or it was just going to be some garbage article that meant nothing. Well Jessica Remo finally got her big article out there and it was NOTHING! You can read it HERE. It wasn't even in some huge Magazine like she claimed.

"I'm a writer on assignment to investigate many of your concerns for publication in a major magazine." Her exact words! It was basically 3 pages of the families life and 3 pages of GWOP nasty jealous bitter troll garbage on a webpage.. Nothing exciting. No big REVEAL, no secrets, NOTHING. And it apparently took 6 WEEKS to write! Why you ask? Because the poor girl was looking for ANYTHING from ANYONE to expose the Gosselins for something. Ironically the only excitement to this otherwise skip-over article was that TLC was sent a copy (probably by Jessica herself looking for more publicity) where TLC blasted her as Unethical. GWOP tried to spin it as "ohh they heard about it straight from us" which you knew was another big fat lie. Anyway. I am soo happy! Talk about popping their pathetic balloon! Sharla you must be so disappointed! I hear ya girl! NOTE: PLEASE PLEASE write your disgust to them over this article. Since it was linked on GWOP I don't want it to look like the fans have not stated their disgust over this trash....

Kate finally back in PA does Another Barnes & Noble Book Signing

I was excited to hear that Michelle & her son went to the book signing to meet Kate. It was nice to hear that all went well and they had a great time. Read her story below. (NOTE: This B&N did not allow Kate to autograph anything other than her book, but each store must be different as the one I went to encouraged you to have her sign any of the DVD'S as well. Even if they were not purchased at their store!)

Well, I have already met Kate and read her book but when my kids found out she was coming to “our” Barnes & Noble they just knew I would take them to meet her. Now I never got into the “picture-taking, autograph-getting fan thing.” I mean, she is just a normal person but my kids love the show and they love that Jon and Kate and the kids live near us. I does add something special to the show to see places that you shop, restaurants you have been to, roads you travel on and the like flashing across your screen with the Gosselins.

We were off and got to Barnes & Noble around 2pm. Kind of funny thing about me, I am not a very good planner. I did not even think about the possibility of a line. It was a damp, rainy, snowy Sunday and we parked ourselves at the end of the line that literally wrapped half way around the outside of the building. Luckily, it only took about 20 minutes to get inside where it was warm…and very crowded. I felt bad for the people who were actually there to…ummm…look at books. The line wrapped around the inside of the building, too and everyone was so excited. There were little girls grinning and holding their brand new books and moms who looked just as excited. One woman in front of us even had Kate’s hair.

As we got closer to the book signing table, Barnes & Noble employees were around telling us to have our books open to such and such a page, etc, etc. I asked one lady if Kate would sign something other than a book, she said, “No. Books only.” I knew this could be a bookstore policy more than Kate’s so we stayed in line. My son was so bummed. We had met Jon at an event their church was sponsoring and my kids got his autograph on a Jon & Kate postcard he was using for those waiting to see him and they really wanted to have Kate’s John Hancock on the same card.

We got up to the table. People were crazy, hanging over the railing of the escalator, standing on chairs, flashes going off all over the place. Kate was very sweet and didn’t hesitate one second to sign the postcards. She asked where we got them and I explained. She thought it was fun that the kids were “collecting signatures.” She smiled and we were off. I would have loved to stand there and chat with her. There are so many things I would ask her. Just mom stuff. I’d love to pick her brain. My son was grinning the whole way to the café to quiet our cravings. As we left the café and headed up the escalator toward the children’s department we heard people yelling, “Kate, Kate!” A couple employees escorted her upstairs and through a side door. She was making a quiet exit. Just wondering if Cara, Mady, Joel, Aaden, Collin, Alexis, Hannah and Leah will be there next year signing “Eight Little Faces”? Probably not, but that would be fun!

More Photos And Interesting Facts From Jon At Penn State

You can read it HERE, along with other info you might have missed like the couples 50/50 parenting style, as well as how happy he is to be providing positive portrayals of Asian Americans on TV.


Lindsey said...


You don't believe Jon's former employer going on record about the real reason he was fired was a big reveal? I am surprised that after nearly five years, he is breaking his silence, but the story makes sense. It is illegal to fire someone regarding health insurance just as it is illegal to fire a pregnant woman.

If this article starts the snowball that eventually ends in the cancellation of J&K+8, then so be it. Maybe the children can recover some of their dignity and privacy before every one in the western world sees them defecate on television. Yes, yes, warts and all, as Kate has said. But potty training on national television? I am potty training my 2 year old daughter right now, and I couldn't imagine a camera crew following every pee, poo, and the numerous accidents! Just tonight as I was getting dinner ready, I saw the rerun where Kate and Beth go to Ikea to get toy shelving and they show all three boys on the potty IN BOB AND BETH'S DRIVEWAY! Is nothing sacred? No one should have to pee with an entourage in tow (except mothers... we lose all dignity in the delivery room!)

I started out LOVING this show... the children are just precious, precious jelly beans. But I think enough is enough. We have pressed our faces into your window, Kate. We have seen what it is like raising twins and sextuplets. It is exhausting. Most moms can relate! But let the kids have privacy and let them grow up off camera. Let them be kids!

Okay, commence with the "troll bashing", as I am sure to have ruffled some feathers...

my2girls said...

I read the whole article over at GWOP and all that is was was pure CRAP. They will do anything to get a rise out of people. Such losers.

Lesley said...

Another nice post Baby Mama.

Thanks for all the info.

Mother of two said...


Having different views concerning a situation is not "troll bashing".

Sorry to hear that you no longer watch the show. I do agree that the show has changed since the first year but so have the children and Jon and Kate, we all change as we age.

As stated by Jon and Kate, filming does not take place 24/7, we are only seeing a very small slice of their life.

I do not believe that the children have lost "their dignity and privacy". Having raised two children of my own I know that they love to be filmed and "ham it up" for the camera.

I enjoy the show and hope that it continues for many years to come.

Lindsey said...

I can understand, Motherof2, wanting to ham it up for the camera (all of my kids light up when we bust out the camcorder), but I don't agree in filming them doing their business.

The overall tone of the show has changed, and I don't watch as religiously as I used to. Now I look for the recaps and happen to catch some reruns here and there.

What happens when the children are teenagers and beyond and they start dating? I remember the taunts of my parents saying they were going to show my boyfriend naked baby pictures of me, or embarrassing moments caught on film... even if the kids move out of state for college, they aren't out of reach from people who saw the weekly national televised broadcast of them running around in their undies. I believe it should end. No one knows the ramifications or emotional damage that a reality show, even being filmed 2-3 days a week, has years down the line. It was extraordinarly cute in the beginning, but I think we have peeked in the window long enough. Close the blinds, please, Kate. :)

I believe J&K's book tour and speaking engagements are a legitimate source of income, as well as their sponsorships and being spokespeople for goods/services. They have developed enough noteriety in the public eye to continue that and provide for their family. The children should be protected from further scrutiny.

Maybe the speaking engagements will dry up though, as the image shifts toward the negative. It's slightly less compelling of an argument if you were actually fired for doing personal things on company time, rather than Jon's version of being fired for having too many children for the company to insure.

Baby Mama said...

Lindsey~I appreciate all your posts, I would NEVER call you a troll! You are entitled to your opinion.

First let me just say that we will never know what the real reason is for Jon being fired. I had some issues once with the HR department of my job changing a story as to why I was let go from a previous employment. A war ensued and I never got the new job. I was furious. With that being said, we do not know if they are telling the truth or even changed their story because this so called "journalist" was claiming to do a big tell-all.

This article is no-big snowball. That is why I linked it. If something like this is on a hate site I will put it on mine simply to allow the other side to judge and get the correct info out there. Its also important for the fans to know the article means NOTHING!

Now regarding the kids privacy: This has been discussed several times before. The story of their lives was always meant to be open so that others can watch how they live. If they chose to film the boys on the potty then I saw nothing wrong with that. It was to show the rigors of potty training the boys, NOT to expose them or exploit them. If it was taken as such then that is an opinion. Alot of parents PRAISED this family for going on TV and making those going through the exact same thing feel they are understood. To those without young children, of course they can't understand or relate.

The kids are not filmed 24/7. Shows will eventually run its course and go off the air in due time. What angers me is that those that dislike the show want it to end NOW for their own hateful, vengeful satisfaction. Thank goodness there are those like me that love and enjoy the show so much, we hope it stays on for a while. or at least till THE GOSSELINS say its time to end it. It should be their decision ONLY.

Lindsey said...

I do have to admit that I have taken a few things from Kate... I like her idea of taking a picture with the potty training child and their first successful poop (although I don't think it is appropriate to show it on national tv). It is something I am anxiously awaiting my youngest to do so we can have the proud moment celebrated. Also enjoy the edible play doh, something we do several times a month.

But overall, Kate is someone that I want to emulate less and less. I didn't see this week's puppy episode, but it breaks my heart that she told her kids "you're not welcome" when they genuinely thanked her for the puppies. Even if she was kidding and she apologized after the fact (which I sincerely hopethe apology happened and was left on the cutting room floor). Kids don't understand dry humor or sarcastic joking. A friend of mine told her 5 year old daughter that she wished the daughter's front adult teeth would hurry up and grow in so she wouldn't be so ugly! It happened in mixed company at a dinner party!

I hope that the rumors of Mady and Cara being teased are untrue and I hope the sextuplets aren't subject to ridicule once they start elementary school.

Angie said...

I have been visiting this site daily and decided to put my opinion in now. I have watched Jon and Kate since the 1st show. I love them. I love that they fight and act like a normal person. Now I am not sure when this show became such a huge debate between people loving or hating them.

I guess my problems with the it all is the people writing the hate don't seem to take in the fact that they are hurting the kids more than the parents. My husband and I had discussed it last night and we both feel the same way. How do the haters think Mady or Cara feel when they get online and "google" their family? Do they appreciated that all these hate sites call their parents horrible things and call them horrible things? The hate sites talk about the kids emotional state but they really must not care about that after all! If they did they would think about the impact they are having on the kids!

Also, recently Jon's old boss has come out and stated the reasons for him leaving. Well having grew up in Pennsylvania all my life I can tell you that Jon's boss is not allowed to release why he was fired. Someone could call and ask if he was fired and they can say yes or no. That's about it. I worked at Target in Pa and we could only give out whether they had worked for us or not. We legally couldn't say more that that! So that sounds a little "fishy" to me! I mean why wait how many years and then finally come forward? Also as for being fired for working on the side. I know people that work in IT. They have stated that when everything is up and running you have down time. You have to do stuff to make the time pass. So I think that's just another thing to make Jon and Kate look horrible.

I am sorry to write so much my first comment but I am just upset that people can't let this family alone. If you don't like them don't watch them. I mean why follow their lives so in depth just to cut them down! Thanks for having a site I can come to that I enjoy!

Paula said...

I thought that it was stated in the book that Jon was fired for stealing time? That would explain the side job. I really need to read the book!

LThiesfeld07 said...

I emailed the editor of the article and TLC. I'm tempted to email the Gosselin's, but I'm not sure it is appropriate.
I sure hope that Mady and Cara do not come across this article, and I wonder if Jon and Kate have read this? These types of negativity are going to continue and I hope it doesn't affect the show.

Thanks Baby Mama for the positives as well!

Denise said...

TLC was invited to participate in the article and did not.

Anya said...

Baby Mama...or at least till THE GOSSELINS say its time to end it. It should be their decision ONLY.

I agree it should be the Gosselins' decision. Or, obviously, TLC or Figure 8 can step in if the ratings go down. That doesn't seem to be the case, however.

Denise said...
TLC was invited to participate in the article and did not.

Seems like a wise decision. I wouldn't trust Jess the Reporter to tell my side of the story. Her emotions are on every page of that article.

Great post, Baby Mama.

Baby Mama said...

Denise~ Your absolutely right. Laurie Goldberg - Senior VP of Communications for TLC called Jessica "unethical". She would never have contributed to such trash.

But GWOP stated on their blog that Laurie first got wind of the article by reading it there. Please! Another lie courtesy of a hate blog.

ALSO~ I read that when you Google "Jessica Remo," there is only a professional listings site that said she was the assistant managing editor at Philly Mag--but only for 2007-2008. She is not listed in either the magazine's masthead or its "editorial bios" page. She might now be a freelancer, but she doesn't appear to have a titled position there. Does anyone know about this? This would say ALOT about the desperation this clown has to write something that would cause National attention to a small publication. They must be thrilled.

Baby Mama said...

Denise~I know you sent in a comment saying that you talked to Jesisca's boss and the aritcle received poisitve comments. I'm sorry I had to delete it. I too talked to Valerie and two others regarding that article. I'm happy to report that the negative outcry doubles whatever the trolls have been saying.

I just called back regarding some slanderous comments about my site that they are looking into as well as going through and trying to moderate some of the comments on that site. Also, I am looking into your claim that Assistant Editors are not listed on the masthead. Would that mean she was demoted for 2009? Geeze, again it would make sense for her to write an article like this.

BEE said...

I too read the article and didn't find anything to be "new" news. Not so sure what all the hype is? This writer didn't have anything to report that we all didn't know already!

Lesley said...


What is your take, and then I will tell you mine.

Briefly, I will say that it is full of fluff.

BEE is right....nothing new.

Jenner7 said...

Any 'journalist' that sites GWOP, isn't a journalist. Just a hack.

BEE said...

Denise, thanks for posting the Q&A. Interesting that she claims that she spoke with several people that have appeared on the show but does not name or quote any of them.

Also interesting that the only people that would speak with her are people like Paul Peterson (hope I got his name right), Julie or people that have been disappointed by the Gosselins. I think people that are unhappy with Jon and Kate are more willing to speak up and throw their negativity around. Whereas people that support the Gosselins are less likely to jump on the band wagon of riding the 15 seconds of fame that this journalist is grasping for!

She didn't touch on anything new, she didn't uncover some hidden Gosselin secret, or even talk to any "so called" estranged family members. I call fluff as well!

Teresa said...

It so clear to me that she had no intensions of writing an unbiased article...

IMO, she was upset that she was not allowed to get upclose and personal with the Gosselin's so she decided to use so-called "information" gather from GWOP. Wow, that is realiable!!!

And as for Jon's ex-employer, if employment rights in PA are anything like they are in my state, he better get ready... In my state, employers are not allowed to provide anyone with the reason why you are no longer employed. Good or bad.

Angie said...

Its the same in PA. I grew up there and they are NOT allowed to tell anything about why someone is fired!

Cindy said...

In Iowa you are not allowed to say anything about a person's employment, you can only verify the dates of employment, from this date to that date. Nothing else, same way in Nebraska. I work in both, have been a supervisor in Iowa. It is against the law and can bring a lawsuit to the people that are sharing information regarding past employment.

I don't want to see this show end. I want to see those children grow up. Sure, Kate is rude to Jon, but he's an adult. If he isn't bothered by it, why should I be his barometer? It's their business.

There are times when I am not the nicest to my husband, but I apologize when I am aware of it, maybe Kate does the same? Maybe not? Is it just how she is and the GWOP's can't accept it because they live in a rose colored glass kind of world where it all has to be their way?

I dunno, I love the show and continue to watch. I think the kids are fine, not warped or damaged at all by being on the show. THanks baby mama for having a site that tells the rest of the story, or at least puts effort into getting the facts right.

Spanish Mike Alvarez said...

I attempted to post on the GWOP blog. Of course, comments are moderated. I made sure to follow the 21 rules regarding posting on the blog.

I posted a comment that was critical of both parents for subjecting their children to such public scrutiny. I referenced the YouTube videos making fun of Mady Gosselin and asked if the income from the show was really worth having your child subjected to public ridicule.

Apparently, my post wasn't hateful enough. Or didn't focus on Kate in particular. As a result my post never made it through the GWOP moderator filter.

They accuse you people of being "Sheeples", manipulated by TLC and the Gosselins.

Truth be told, its the GWOP fans that are the Sheeples, being manipulated by a few angry women who appear jealous of the Gosselins.