Monday, February 23, 2009

Puppies For The Gosselins, Kates Multiple Appearances, See Home Sweet Home!

Hello Gosselin fans! While last night I'm sure you were in your PJ's watching the Oscars, my friend begged me to go see Kathy Griffin with her at Madison Square Garden. And since the Oscars had the obvious winners (Kate Winslet, Peneople Cruz, and Slumdog Millionaire for everything) and only one surprise (Sean Penn) I was super happy we went to see Kathy. She was so funny and awesome. "Thank you so much for buying one of my tickets in this lousy economy!" she said. "I promise to make this worth while!" And boy, did her humorous potty mouth deliver, I swear I almost peed in my pants.

Puppies For The
Gosselins See Photos!

I am soo excited to see this episode tonight. I will try to recap it as soon as its on. There have been rumors spread that they gave the dogs away due to allergies. That is so false and another lie that was spread on sites to make it appear like the Gosselins shouldn't be entitled to pets. Jon spoke about the puppies at Penn State and they still have them. So again, where these rumors start I don't know. And how does anyone esp. a hate blog say whats good or bad for this family and think that they knows whats best for anyone? What people have written about the breeder that gave the dogs to the family strictly because of who they are were disgusting. What is wrong with this family, just like ANY family, allowed to get pets for their family? This article talks a bit about why this particular breed may or may not be a good fit. SEE TLC's "We Want A Puppy" Never-Before Seen Websode! And see the pictures of the dogs HERE!

So Kate gives the announcement that the kids will be getting not one, but two puppies for Christmas. The trolls are watching with anticipation and practically bust a get when the kids are upset they can't get to name them. First off, there are 8 kids. To get them all to agree on a name would be ridiculous. I did agree that the names should be up to the parents, however I honestly would have at least attempted to make it seem like they helped with the decision. I loved watching the excitement of the kids as they got to the mans house and saw all the puppy cages. Poor Aaden was the only scared one, but letting the kids play with the dogs and see them enjoying the mans backyard was again a nice treat. Jon & Kate discussed their reason for picking these dogs, which should be good enough for them, but apparently not good enough for bloggers. Everyone seems to have an opinion about it (see above). They wanted both a boy and a girl, and it was nice to see Kate so happy, calm and relaxed about choosing which ones they were getting.

When they found out they could take them home then and there, Jon & Kate looked a bit scared. I don't blame them. I don't think either were prepared for them, and Kate's comment (it was like getting babies at your door) was very accurate. One home the first thing they did was pee and poop on the new carpet. I also liked that Kate mentioned what such big helpers Mady and Cara have been, with the Tups adjusting. I really hope this family proves the negative haters wrong and has these dogs for a very long time. They are making me, sad as it is, become slightly interested in giving in to my own kids about a family pet.........

And although Mady had her usual fit in the beginning of the show of not being able to name the dogs, I liked at the end how she said to all the kids "Now lets say thank you mommy and daddy for getting us puppies!". Kates "your not welcome" was just Kate being Kate.. And giving all the trolls something to blog about. Thank you Kate, because they honestly would have had nothing else for another honestly good episode.

Kate Gosselin at Exton Pa

If any of you went to either of the speaking engagements this weekend I would love to hear from you. Thank you Quiltart for linking this BLOG in my comments section for one person that was there.

See Last Weeks Home Sweet Home Here!

Every Week I'm trying to figure out where or how to post the previous episodes. So for now, search for them on my blogs, I will try to put them on each week! Last Weeks "Home Sweet Home" Episode you can see below. Again, you will have to see it in two parts, but the last one is short. Enjoy!


CBB said...

Baby Mama -
You're on my favorite person list.Thanks a million for posting the episode, it was a great one!

Shannon said...

Great puppy episode I am excited to see what is to come! Thanks for the quick updates!

Anonymous said...

i loved this episode!
it's so funny to see kate freak out about the pee/poop- my mom was the SAME way when we first got our pup/ Now we love her with all of our hearts!
yeah, the dog hair IS a pain in the ass to clean.
i <3 the gosselins!

The*GosselinGarb*Finder said...

LOl..Guilty as charged with the Oscars got sooo unbelievably boring throughout editing,screenplay,original song etc part, I was only surprised with Sean Penn and Penelope Cruz, the little skits were really corny you did not miss much at all lol I am sure you had a awesome time at the KG show she's hilarious.
This episode was really cute you can tell Mady was very passionate about the dog issue but when she was holding one of the pups it was too sweet I think the dogs are a wonderful addition for the big kids LOL they said they were the only kids in their school/class that had no dog! So I am happy for them.
Kate is clearly not someone that would have made a effort to buy big, drooly sheddy dogs but the neat thing is that she did it for her husband and kids knowing full well all the things that go with having a dog it really is like having another child, can't help but seein this episode Kate is such a softy on those pups even though she comes across the opposite way on the details of it all you could tell she was happy to do it. Anyway great update and videos Baby Mama have a great week :)

Cathy said...

First let me say I love Jon and Kate.. I can actually here my self when Kate talks. She words things just like I do. weird..huh? I do get a little tired of Mady and her spells but I think she just needs extra attention. I think Kate looks awesome on the last few episodes. Tonight she was tan and her hair is so cute but my natural curl would never do that.She looks more refreshed since she got out fo the sweat/tshirt funk..wish I could. Love your blog..

Edie said...

I think it's revolting that they chose to buy from a breeder instead of investigating adoption from a GSD rescue. Thousands of unwanted dogs, and yes, puppies, are put to death every day in the US. Many of them are pure breds. I think this is a horrible example to show these children, and I hope they will also teach them about RESPONSIBLE pet ownership- spay and neuter the dogs, teach them about adoption, teach them about homeless animals. Teach them about how unwanted pets die... euthanasia is such a sterile word... try GAS CHAMBER. DON'T BREED OR BUY WHILE SHELTER ANIMALS DIE!

Melly said...

Eddie, as much as I agree with you about investigating adoption from a GSD rescue, many people who haven't had dogs or know much about dogs, have know idea about what really goes on in the dog world. I myself, just in the last year, purchased a dog from a reputable breeder and didn't know about the horrors of abandoned, negleted or abused animals in rescues. I realize now what really happens out there and our next pet will be from a rescue.

Kate and Jon both said they didn't know much about dogs and that would mean they don't know much about rescues either. I am sure the more they learn about their dogs and the more they become aware of the issues, they will teach their children.

I feel bad for this family, it seems like anything they do is critisized. Even going to the Children's Hospital was slammed. Why can't we just enjoy their lives and watch as the children grow and evolve, and watch as the parents learn to deal with the struggles of raising a child x eight.

Thanks Baby Mama for this blog, you are doing a great thing here!

Dina said...

Oh I so enjoyed the episode. It makes me want to get my kids the puppy they have been asking for, for the last 2 years!! But I'm not quite there

It was a great episode, I too think Kate looked good. And the kids were too cute watching them play in the breeders backyard, ride the shetland pony, and interact w/the new pups, loved it.

Lesley said...

They all looked like they are settling in and relaxing.....especially Kate. As women can relate to wanting things just so....and adding pets to the mix can be questionable.

I have 3, 2 yorkies and a male rottie. My boy is a mess. He is like a rototiller....but I love that NO ONE would dare come into my home or yard unannounced. My kids feel safe and that is his "job".

Kate is right when she said that the pups are in need of training. Sheppards are intelligent and the are breed to be service dogs per say...they love to have a purpose.

alexis said...

hello baby mama

purplestuffj uploads all the new episode every week if u search it on youtube it will be there just to let u no he uploads it as soon as the episodes are finished :)

alexis said...


CBB said...

Hi Alexis - I searched on youtube for "purplestuffjr" and for "Puppies For The Gosselins" I must be doing something wrong...
Can you please walk me thru it???
Thanks much!

BEE said...

Ok, was I the only "fan" that was not thrilled with this episode? Kate's tone really rubbed me the wrong way.

If you are "regulars" here, you know how much I adore this family, and Kate. But I truly thought that her comments about the breeder were really rude. Now granted, I know we all have our moments when we insert foot into mouth.

Also, has anyone else noticed that in the last few episodes the editing is really slaming Kate again? I felt that in the last few months they had eased up on her and now it seems that they are showing lots of snarky comments, her and Jon bickering again etc.

Barbara said...

I agree with you Bee. Another thing I noticed was they always show Jon doing everything, and Kate is basically not shown doing anything. I wonder if that is the film crew deciding to show her in a less kind light. She has really let down on the "kinder" Kate. I still loved this show and I don't blame her at all for picking out and naming the puppies. Can you imagine 8 kids trying to agree on names. Especially with Mady in the mix.

MaryMac said...

I loved both of these episodes. The kids painting was adorable. Colin looked like a professional!

And the puppy situation is hilarious! They were so cute all cuddled up in Mady and Caras arms.
I do have to say that I was a bit concerned about Mady talking about the girl dog loving her the best. Little Mady s just a type A and feeling like shes not getting enough attention. We all go thru that, as kids or adults, only children or big family. And I know she gets hugged up and loved on, I just wish they would show that once or twice on the show.

And yes Bee - Kates comment about the police officer got to me a bit but I think that is just her way of trying to explain how much she did NOT think she would ever get puppies. Not how much she disliked the police officer - cause obviously they did get along well.

The comment "you're not welcome" got me real bad for a second until I noticed that the kids took it in the tone it was delivered and started "poking fun" at her back. And all was well. If I'da said "everybody raise their hand that thinks Mommy is mean" when I was little I would have been beaten. So - NEVER would anything like that come out of my mouth. Its just their way.

Baby Mama said...

Kate is honestly just a sarcastic person and I don't think she means to be. I know quite a few people that are that way. Sometimes they say things that normally others would just keep to themselves. Like the comments about the cop. Its not that these people are outwardly trying to offend. Sometimes I say things and when I hear it back, I'm like Holy Smoke I shouldn't have said that, someone might take it the wrong way. Then imagine doing that week after week on TV for people to skew you over.

Not that anyone needs to make apologies for her. But don't we all have a friend or a family member like that?

merryway said...

Hi Bee, I thought I'd reply as I expected what you felt when Kate was complaining about Jeff. She's really making fun of herself because what's she's explaining is how she was ignoring all that he was saying and then she sheepishly call him 3/4 mos about what he had been trying to tell her. It did appear like she was slamming him (she did over do it), but she's really slamming herself. As soon as she barely gets that out, it's Jon talking over and a quick cut. I went back to watch because I couldn't remember what all they had said about him.
They said he worked security at a church they were at and apparently the kids were with them because he asks them if they remember him. Since he donated the $s to charity, and as an ex-trooper and someone who worked security for the family, I'm guessing he really just wanted the family to have the dogs out of concern and as a nice thing to do.

CBB said...

Does anyone have a "so Cool Mom' t-shirt? I checked out their site and they say all over the page that they run very small - anyone know how small?
Also are they comfy?

Dina said...

I agree w/you ladies about the way Kate talked about the breeder, I dont think that was very nice. Still loved the episode though.

BEE said...

I completely "get" what Kate was saying about the breeder. I truly think that she is suprised with herself for agreeing to get two dogs and that she NEVER thought she would be calling him. And yes, we all do and say things that we later regret. It was just one of Kate's less then shining moments. Kate has said that they show the "the good, the bad and the ugly" and that what is seen on the show is "real". That is one of the reasons that I like the show and I appreciate that.

For me, her attitude in this particular episode was dissappointing. I don't like her any less or think badly of her. Honestly, I think that this was the one of the only episodes that left a bad taste in my I think that says a lot!

alexis said...

hello if u search my youtube name xfaye6224x and go down to my friends the u well see purplestuff click on it and then u well see his new jon and kate account 4 the new episode :)

CBB said...

thanks alexis! I will check that out.

SuzanneDeAZ said...

The dogs are adorable. Is it true that they no longer have the dogs?

Shelly said...

Hey Babymama,

I loved the episode.

Now for a totally different subject. I went to the Geek Squad at Best Buy and took them my tower. It cost $99.00 to get my stuff off of my hard drive. I recovered about 95% of my info. It turns out, during hurricane Gustov, a power surge fried my computer (even though it was off, and plugged into a surge protector. Because we were out of state for 7 months). So if you still have your old computer, you might try it at Best Buy.

Baby Mama said...

CBB~I own SEVERAL so-cool mom tees, and yes the run snug. I would definitely buy a size up. They are very well made and I love wearing them in the Summer because the "breathe" great.

SuzanneDeAZ~ Yes the Gosselins still do have the dogs. Someone started that rumor over at GWOP and it is NOT true.

Shelly~I called Best Buy to see if they could help me. Because the computer was TOTALLY wiped out by hitting F7 and rebooting the computer to its original form, they say they may not be able to find everything like your power surge. I am trying a different place to see if they can help me as well as bringing it anyway. I will keep my fingers crossed!

CBB said...

Thanks Baby Mama - The Black Forest Cake has my name all over it! :)

alexis said...

your welcome :)

SchmeckyGirl said...

I don't see how saying It's Just Kate Being Kate is an excuse for how she said You're not welcome or any of her other behavior. I loved watching that show the first couple of seasons but I just can't defend her anymore.
She belittles her husband and rolls her eyes at him.
To see her running ahead of her children to hold the puppies first show exactly who she puts first in that house.
Jon needs to get a free spine implant and stand up to her.
But darn those kids are so adorable! I hope we get to see more of them and less of the labels on on the free products they are getting. I wish those kids happy and healthy lives.