Monday, February 16, 2009

Jon & Kate Gosselin: Good PR For Big Families, Home Sweet Home!

Hello Gosselin fans, Happy Presidents Day! This kids are off this week for Winter Recess and I'm already ready to ship their behinds back to an empty school. Its hard when they are so used to being active all day, be home wanting to do something every second. And for those that work, even part time, I feel your pain as you try to juggle both. Lets lean on each other and pray we make it though the week!

Big Brood Spawns Big Ratings

Well regardless of the episodes being anti-climatic after seeing the new house, Jon & Kate Plus 8 still does great for its demographic. In its fourth season, is the still highest-rated show on TLC. Its Jan. 26 episode drew 1.6 million women between the ages of 18 and 49, a group advertisers particularly covet. Check out The New York Times article HERE.

Proctor & Gamble Banks on Kate and Her LOVE Of Coupon Clipping

Even with Kate's flair for the dramatic, P&G hires Kate for another coupon-clipping campaign for this month. With the "Smarter Savings, Better Brands" slogan, P&G again features budgeting tips from Kate, who you KNOW isn't playing around when it comes to saving money, just ask Jon (lol). Read about all money you can save on your favorite products HERE.

Home Sweet Home

For those of you that have not watched the episode yet, please feel free to skip over this! I actually was really excited and looking forward to this episode. Because just like Kate, I'm more of an indoors girl! That means I also get super excited when shiny new things come into my home. And while I may not be Kate Gosselin, I can be genuinely happy for the family that they get super gorgeous Whirlpool Duets washers & dryers and not be a jealous troll about it. I know all of you are watching tonight people, don't try to hide it! Kate got some hot new stuff for their new home, and I was excited to watch the kids paint and have a fun time while Kate hyperventilates. Tonight, she actually handled it much better than I thought she would. Collin realized he found his true calling (the man needs to come to my house), Hannah and Alexis made me laugh and realize that all these kids have grown up so much in the past 2 seasons its crazy. And while this was also filmed while the twins were in school, have no fear, the puppies are almost here! And we basically got to see the commercial for the two not-so small puppies that look like they will be the size of buses sooner than you know it.

Jon & Kate have now made me want go out and buy Clorox stain remover! Yes the subliminal advertising works people! This show makes me want to go out and buy all their stuff. Once the kids got to enjoy painting, we got to see them color too. (After a really tender moment of Jon washing the kids faces). Jon did a great job letting all the kids know they did a great job! These again are the mundane parts of the show that people love to watch. I enjoyed watching Kate shop and insist on a particular tile, only for Jon to pick out the correct color for the floor. We got to see Kate get frustrated and interrupt Jon again (cue 150+ snarking Kate comments) but overall this episode was drama free. Note to self...another show where Kate kisses and plays with her boys? How could that be?? Just the way we like it!

My favorite quotes:
Alexis: I can have braids, be beautiful and paint at the same time
Hannah: Aaaden you roof does not look pretty!
Aaden (when he and Hannah were playing outside) Yes! Lets go back and buy some eggs!


Dina said...

Oh good episode. I did enjoy watching the kids paint, and they did an awesome job. I dont think I could have allowed it to happen to kudos to J&K.

Looking forward to next weeks episode.. puppies.. :)

Tonia said...

Check out for this week's show review. Loved this week's show too!

Susan said...

I left this comment at GWOP. What I read there sickened me.

"subtle signs of abuse and exploitation????? All I can say is get a life. There must be something lacking in yours if this is all you can do. Don't watch, don't blog, and don't try to save these kids. MYOB"

I must stop reading GWOP.

LThiesfeld07 said...

Another Quote:
"He has a mustache"
or when I believe it was Hannah, who told Aaden his picture was not pretty! Poor Aaden, :)

I thought this episode was great. It showed the kids just being kids. Hannah and Aaden playing outside for 10 seconds was adorable.

Baby Mama, where did you get your information about the Season 4 DVD? I googled and I couldn't find anything!
Thanks! :)

Lesley said...

Liked this episode.

I loved that we were able to see the family put their own flare into making this house their home.

I liked when Kate said that they were putting "Ownership" into the house. Some may misunderstand what she was meaning, but it rings true to me.

That is what life is all about to me. Family. Taking pride and ownership in your life. Having your priorities in order, "manning your ship" with the best intentions for your family.

Can't wait to see the puppies.

Paula said...

The kids painting was the cutest and I loved the quotes you picked. I agree they are growing up so fast. I would also like to have a stainless steel kitchen, yes I am a little jealous. LOL

Paula said...

ntvnat... This is a fan site, why don't you go over to GwoP and leave your comment. They will appreciate it. They are the ones that gawk at the family rewinding their tapes to the point of dissecting the show, Jon, Kate and especially the kids.

My Semblance of Sanity said...

LOVED this week's episode! Now all those people who bashed her for not letting the kids get messay @ the Crayola Factory can eat their words...sextuplets painting!!! YOU GO KATE!!!

Paula said...

The writer's claim is interesting, but why would she interview Jon and Kate for love tips. They have already stated that they aren't a "lovey dovey" kind of couple and that Jon has trouble showing his emotions on TV. Sounds like a set-up.

Shannon said...

Great episode...I really enjoy all that is going into this new home...and it so great to see the kids explore and listen to all they say...they are growing so fast...Great episode.

Lesley said...


Why should anyone entertain spinning this article at all.

It is absolutely ridiculous.

TLCed out said...

Strangely enough they were lovey dovey eofre they married. What happened?

Paula said...

TLCed out said...
Strangely enough they were lovey dovey eofre they married. What happened?

February 17, 2009 2:55 PM

How do you know?

Barbara said...

Sure does say it all if you enjoy fiction.

TLCed out said...

In the pre wedding Christmas home video. Where Kate said they were so lovey dovey it made others sick that one rememeber.

Sure does say it all if you enjoy fiction.
And you know that how Barbara, that this is fiction? Just curious.

Lesley said...

TLCed out-

How do YOU KNOW? Just because some whack wrote it? And you are twisting the video to support this fictional claim.

Give us all a break and cross back over the bridge, to be with all of your troll friends.

They buy/believe your BS there.

Baby Mama, you need some extra strength troll spray today.

Barbara said...

TLCed out:

I was using a simple declarative statement just like LOVE J&K did when she said "Check this out, says it like it is, doesn't it?" She chooses to believe it as the truth and I see it as fiction

Lesley said...

TLCed Out-

I could care less if you like if I refer to you as a troll. That is what your behavior is right now.

You are on a fansite, and you keep pot stirring.

I don't care if you like, dislike, believe or disbelieve ANYTHING. That is your choice. Exercise your choice if you want....but you will be called out here.

As far as the article is concerned. Show us where in print, not a persons personal site/blog, where the article is.

Lesley said...


You are right, she is a published, respectable writer. Thats not the question. On her site she does not have this particular interview in print. She has many listed....just not the one she is recounting.

Where was it printed I wonder?

Denise said...

Ms. DiNardo admits that there was nothing there for a story (at least not a Valentine love story)

Lesley said...


Ah Ha! My point exactly.

There was no story there.

Why mention it now?

To MAKE a story NOW....that's why.
And that if it was even her intention. It has just been spun into a slam.

Who gives a rats bootie if J&K have their relationship hangups. Duh! Its their marriage. I have never heard them say that its perfect.

Baby Mama said...

TLCed Out~ Every few weeks or so we get a little troll that likes to stir the pot a bit. And while I'm all for the debate..May I remind you that this IS a fan site?
Ive been told you've been using a few names....(Search for the Truth, NC Resident). I suggest you use those and go to the other sites and take sly trouble making ways somewhere else.....

"Another one bites the dust."~Queen

Lesley said...

Love the troll spray avatar Baby Mama!

merryway said...

Baby Mama, you don't have to post this. I don't post here as I am not a true fan of Kate, but you certainly have every right to like whomever you please. This guy has no business bothering your pleasant fan site.

Ncres, why do you come over to the places you ridicule elsewhere? Your interest in the G's creeps me out. You don't have the fake advocacy stance but seem only interested in prolonged conspiracy theories of J&K. You talk all the time about how greedy you think J&K are and seem personally offended. You've emailed and made phone calls. You're certainly entitled to your opinions But it's twisted to go around with different names to people you know feel differently than you. You're certainly not a gentleman and for a guy you seem to have a weird fixation on Kate. After you have your little fun, you go right back to the little hatefest and mock the others you tried to get to respond. Seems kind of sick. Is it too much for you that Kate has fans? You should stay where you're wanted.

wipethatsmuglookoffurface said...

Hi. I use to read GWOP. I could no longer stomach it. The comments they make are dangerous. Encouraging calls to PETA if anyone notices anything? Its absolutely beyond crazy. I don't always agree with this show, but we only see a small portion of their lives. And whats with all the boycotting and letter writing campaigns? GET A LIFE!!!

Valen's Mommy said...

I LOVED watching Collin paint. He is so meticulous, it is just the cutest thing! I wish they would show some more Joel, I LOVE hearing him talk! I love when he says, "Flow-ears!" in his little way. My husband, my eight month old and I cuddle up together every Monday night for J&K+8 and I wouldn't have it any other way! :)

SamanthaNC said...

You have a beautiful site baby mama- I can't wait to see how their house comes together :)

CBB said...

Hi BabyMama! Enjoying your posts as always.
I'm certainly not going to "check out" duckie's new blog but I am hopeful that now she will stop bothering us on this site :)

Paula said...

Baby Mama I love your site. Ignore the meanness.

Teresa said...

I am such a fool... I checked out Duckie's blog. What was I thinking???? I did give her a piece of my mind.

Dina said...

Duckie, you need to get a life.. (insert - eye rolling)

Lesley said...

I say anyone who has commented on duckies blog (myself included) should delete their comment.

That's all she wants? Lets don't then.

Paula said...

Lesley, good idea. Mine is gone.

Shannon said...

I would have to say keeping up with the trolls that keep crossing the bridge over to this "FAN BLOG" would almost have to be a full time job for Baby Mama...some people...really just boggles me.

Theresa said...

Lesley said...
TLCed Out-

I could care less if you like if I refer to you as a troll. That is what your behavior is right now.

You are on a fansite, and you keep pot stirring.

I don't care if you like, dislike, believe or disbelieve ANYTHING. That is your choice. Exercise your choice if you want....but you will be called out here.

As far as the article is concerned. Show us where in print, not a persons personal site/blog, where the article is.

February 17, 2009 6:40 PM


Lesley, it's like talking to a brick wall, right? Why trolls are offended by us calling them that when they call Kate and Jon stuff ten times worse is beyond me.

Baby Mama, don't forget he was using Dad of 3 also!

Teresa said...

Lesley & Paula - I totally understand your decision to delete your posts from duckies' blog, but I want mine to stay. BTW - I loved your post Lesley.

Lesley said...


I can understand why you did.

The CRAZY thing is that I think she really thought I was being serious!

Teresa said...

Lesley - Oh, yes. She definitely thought you were serious.

diane said...

i love this show ! if u dont like it dont watch it! didnt ur mama teach u if u dont have any thing nice to say dont say any thing at all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

diane said...

god has truely blessed this family be happy for them !