Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Kate On Dr. Phil: How Did she handle the Octuplets debate?

Dr. Phil: What is your biggest fear for Nadya?
Kate: Her emotional health......

Hello Gosselin Fans! I am having problems linking Kate on Dr. Phil yesterday. So I'm telling everyone they can see it HERE and HERE. I decided to post the old video of the first time Both Jon & Kate were on, and then tomorrow hopefully have the other video up. I know that she ran on Tuesday to tape what looks to be a very great segment on the Octuplets mom. Did any of you get to watch it? I heard she was wonderful and was careful not to align herself with the Octuplets Mom's situation. Feel free to discuss it here.

UPDATE: Though this clip does not have Kate in it, I did find a bit about Dr. Phil discussing the dangers of what this woman did to herself and the children. You can see that interesting part below:

Special Needs Childrens Site Discusses Kate on Dr. Phil

You can read the entire article HERE, but I wanted to pull a nice except that sums up how Kate was on the show:

"In an excellent interview on the Dr. Phil (McGraw) show, Kate Gosselin, well known for her television show 'Jon and Kate plus Eight', and their book, Multiple Blessings, explained the challenges she faced when she and her husband Jon brought home the six babies that expanded their family from their darling twin girls. Kate said when fertility treatments were successful they expected one baby, with the possibility of another set of twins, and thought she could prepare herself for four babies at most. That pregnancy had resulted in seven but, sadly, they lost one baby. I don't know whether anyone but another mother can start to understand that we grieve the loss of every baby, no matter how many other children we have. The Gosselins declined 'selective reduction' due to their faith and appreciation of the gift of that pregnancy."

"In a practical and compassionate warning, Kate explained to Dr. Phil's audience that it took fifty people to help her and Jon their first year with her babies; she did not go outside for the first two years; and warned that people who step up to help wear down, wear out, and disappear, especially when the babies become toddlers. Although she briefly mentioned the exhaustive schedule including talks with doctors about medical issues, Kate also seemed to consider the special needs that were addressed in her children's early days to be just part of the package that creates exhaustion and elicits every bit of strength new mothers everywhere need to call upon."


Lesley said...

I should not quote what is going over at GWOP, BUT....quite a few are saying that Kate said "initially she had a helpful husband."

WELL, I watched and she actually said, "additionally she had a helpful husband."

If you did not watch the interview yourself, you would come away from reading that thinking she was slamming her own husband.

I am not a Dr. Phil follower....meaning I rarely watch, although I thought it was a informative show.

Also, I can't help but to think that Ms. Suleman's P.R. person is going to get burned. There are so many different stories flying around and I wonder if she has been told the complete truth.

MaryMac said...

Yes Lesley, Kate did say "additionally". Wow. Seems they are guilty of libel.

Heres the Webster definition of libel: a: a written or oral defamatory statement or representation that conveys an unjustly unfavorable impression b (1): a statement or representation published without just cause and tending to expose another to public contempt (2): defamation of a person by written or representational means (3): the publication of blasphemous, treasonable, seditious, or obscene writings or pictures

Seems to me they would have some kind of law suit. Especially since soooo many of those comments over there are threatening and actually very scary. I am truly worried about the Gosselins safety at this point.

And the point during the "Suleman" discussion that I was screaming at the TV was why was she trying for even ONE more? I certainly would have been more focused on providing for the 6 I had, than focusing on bringing even one more in. And seems to me that social services would get involved after seeing the conditions of that house. To me, the Gosselins and Ms. Sulemans situations are not even close to the same.

emilylbsw said...

I hope you get the Dr. Phil interview up today, I guess I am crazy, cause I could only get it to play a tiny excerpt (sp?). I did watch the interview with Nadia the other night, and honestly, it was very sad to me. Almost like that poor lady is in denial of what is and what is to come. I agree that the two situations are nothing alike.

Paula said...

Hey you!
I'm Paula from Brazil and I always watch "J&K+8"...I love the show!
Really happy with your journal!

Baby Mama said...

Hello Paula! Wow! I have international comments now! I feel so lucky that your able to enjoy it.

Emily~ I don't know why you only got to see a snippet, I'm still working on trying to find a link or a place where I can see the whole episode. If anyone can find it let me know!

3KMOM said...

Baby Mama, thanks for posting that old link to the video of them on Dr. Phil. I might have seen it before, I can't remember. If I have it has been a long time so it felt new. But anyway, I wanted to tear up w/ her in the end b/c she just looked so grateful and as a mom you can only imagine how exhausting it must be to have to many at once. Anyway, I just liked it b/c I think it shows how grateful she has been since the beginning.

Paula said...

I loved the old Dr. Phil episode also. I never saw it. It really brought tears to my eyes because Kate had tears in her eyes. She really was and probably still is very grateful.

Hello Paula! I'm Paula from PA

Dina said...

Oh bummer, I'm at work and I cant see the interviews :( I will be checking them out tonight for sure.

I think its all really sad, the Octuplets thing I mean. I feel very bad for the kids.

Dina said...

Oops, forgot to mention, I also changed my name. I was cali-mom, but I changed it to my real name, I figured why hind behind a user name, I dont mind if you all know me by my first name..lol ;)

Shelly said...

Sorry I have not been around lately. We finally made it home and it is so nice to be back in Louisiana taking a break from 8 months of working 7 days a week, 12 hours a day. The Dr Phil interview was great. She did a good job. But, I am with everybody else, those situations are as different as night and day. We were in Long Beach, Ca working, about 5 miles from were those Octs were born. There are dwelling laws in Los Angeles County. You can only have a certain amount of people per square foot. I am really suprised that the state has not stepped in yet. Were is this women getting all her money to have the plastic surgery done? Something is really fishy.

PS. Baby Mama, I got home to find my computer completly toast. I am so sad, because I have lost everything. Good thing I have a laptop for travel, but everything of sentimental value is gone.

Baby Mama said...

Shelly~First off we missed you.

Second, OMG! I know what your going through and its upsetting and frustrating. Try to go back and read my old posts, you can try to get some stuff off your hard drive. Alot of times you can get at least some stuff back. Only if your loaded and willing to fork over the cash, there are people that can recover everything.

Shelly said...

Thanks Baby Mama.

Mommy2 said...

Hello!! I discovered your blog a few weeks ago, and its great!! Something positive for once!! I'm a fan from Canada and have been watching J&K+8 since the beginning. I did watch Dr.Phil and thought Kate did a great job. I think shes playing it safe and smart with her answers. My heart really does go out to those 8+6 kids..and on etonline, her public relations consultant Michael Furtney said "the 33-year-old mother and her six older children, ranging in ages 2 to 7, have relocated to "what we are referring to as an undisclosed location," adding that Suleman has received several hostile telephone and email messages, with some containing threats of violence and death". Its really getting out of hand. My prayers are for their safety.

Lindsey said...

Lesley and MaryMac, if you had read through all of the comments on the GWOP thread, you would have seen that someone later in the thread corrected in the initial poster of "additionally" instead of "initially". There is no need to throw libel out there on that one.

Lesley said...


I don't live on that other site, perhaps like you do?

I went over there, read a few comments....got scared of the dark(ness)....and LEFT.

Thanks for setting it straight though.

Lindsey said...

I'm a bouncer... Not by profession, but I bounce back and forth between the two sites as a way to try and grasp the "whole" picture. Sometimes posters over there bring up some valid points regarding the children's safety, but sometimes they get really personal for my tastes. So I like to read the lighter side over here to try and balance my view.

I started watching J&K+8 way back in the day, and absolutely adored it! But I am becoming less enchanted with it. I still enjoy watching the kids be kids (how cute were they with the walkie talkies?) But I feel the overall tone of the show has changed. I only hope that it is still a positive experience for the kids and they still enjoy the filming. Otherwise, they should take away the cameras and let them be kids privately. Maybe they are worried about money? I might be too if I was in Kate's shoes... worried that if the show goes away, people will forget about you and won't buy your book or want to hear you speak. But hopefully she has accumulated enough of a nestegg to take care of her family off-camera (if that's what the kids want... and I'm not saying they do... just speculating). She could always go back to nursing! I hear they are always in demand and make pretty decent money...

So I don't live at either site... I read both and feel the need to speak up whenever the smoke gets a bit thick! I don't consider myself a troll, or a sheeple, but I hope their family is truly happy on the inside at the end of the day. That's all anyone can hope for in your own family!

Sarah Grace said...

I just discovered your blog also. Thank you so much for having such a great site! I love the show and was wondering when Kate would be on all the talk shows getting asked about Nadya Suleman. Kate is definitely the expert! I am a teacher and she runs her house like a great classroom. I am such a fan and hope to use some of her tactics when I have children of my own.
Thank you for the old clip from Dr. Phil -I also have never seen that and really enjoyed seeing an interview from before they achieved their fame status.
Thank you thank you thank you!!