Monday, October 27, 2008

The Gosselins are a Hit With Phillies Wives, Kate Gosselin On The Bonnie Hunt Show Tomorrow

I'm sorry there was no post yesterday, but I heard deaths door knocking. It was actually my husband. He came to check on me only to see I was still sick. Then I had a "Jon Gosselin" moment. "Ok, so what do you want me to do?". OK so it wasn't "Honey HOW can I help you?" but it was pretty close. It was the nicest thing he could do for me! He took the kids to Friendly's and to the mall. I got to sleep and get better and I was truly grateful. See every once in a while us mommies need a "Jon Gosselin" moment (lol)

So tonight is one of four episodes that we fans have been dying to see. The first starts prepping for Hawaii, and should be fun, kinda like when they were "prepping for Disney." Except that was a slow and long ride to watch and I felt bad the kids had to make a drive like that. Though I know that it would have been INSANE to buy 10 seats on a plane. As we will hopefully see a second version of Kate going to pick out her Renewal Dress. The following week we get what Ive been dying to see "Legos and Safari's. Because my goal next year is to finally take a vacation in CA and see Disneyland. Or just live my dream of seeing California in general. I am sick like that. And then the season finale? Of the renewal vows in Hawaii. Because that has been dream #2 of mine that I hope to do before I die. The closest I have gotten is the Polynesian Resort in Disney World, and that was pretty great too. And finally, we view the actual 60 minute wedding which I am to assume will be Season 4's finale. Has anyone heard if they will have a Season 5?

Phillies Wives Go Crazy For Gosselins

I wanted to attach this article from the Phillies Notebook that you can read HERE about Missy Martin Manuel's obsession with the Jon & Kate Plus 8 show, and how excited she was about getting them to come to a game. I didn't know that she had twins herself, nor that she had no idea that cameras would be documenting the visit. It was just really nice to see such a wonderful fan of the show do such nice things for the family. When people went off about the Gosselins being so "greedy" it makes me want to smack them and send them all this article. Fans like Missy wanted to go out of their way to show these kids how much they love the show, so deal with it! I have no idea about sports, but for Shane Victorino to say how he is a huge fan means alot to baseball fanatics.

Kate To Appear On The Bonnie Hunt Show Tomorrow!

"Kate Gosselin, star of the reality-television show ‘Jon & Kate Plus 8,’ takes some time off from her busy mom schedule to discuss the ups and downs of raising a set of twins as well as a set of sextuplets!" (From the show's site Tuesday 10/28)

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cali-mom said...

I enjoyed the show, and I was very happy I got to see Kate shopping for her dress since I missed the Say Yes to the Dress episode.
I cant wait to watch next week!! I've never been to LegoLand, but I've been to the San Diego Zoo. FUN FUN FUN!!