Thursday, October 2, 2008

Updated TLC Site, Nosy Bloggers, Jon & Kate Do Canada!

I know that tomorrow Jon & Kate will be on Regis & Kelly, but I hope someone will post it on You Tube because I will totally forget to watch since I'm getting kids to school. I remember how someone started all this smack on GWOP by saying Kate snubbed Kelly once at a function and the story wasn't made up. Yeah right. That's why she's on the show tomorrow. Anyway I noticed how TLC updated their Gosselin page, and I really don't like it. See it HERE. Its really just a place now to ask your burning questions for another possible boring Q&A filler show. For me, its like "either talk about the juicy hater stuff or not bother. " Does anyone even go on that site?

Cafe Moms Nosy Neighbors / Jon & Kate Do Canada!
Ok, so I don't like to go on either Facebook or Cafe Mom's Gosselin blogs because it just seems like its the same few haters going from place to place bashing the family. Cafe Mom appears to be the worst. It appears that one or two of the neighbors have gone on there and do nothing but look out the window to complain. You know, like that old lady that sat outside the window on "227" (LOL) Lets read a quick snippet shall we?

Just one thing that we have noticed lately.....the helpers now no longer park in front of their house all day long...they now park in various locations within the development, I guess so those of us that have to drive by to exit the development would get the impression that J & K are finally attempting to raise their own family....DIDN'T WORK....We caught on, it was a good effort though.

It blows my mind the 1: so many would comment on it not knowing if it was true & 2: that this person is obviously so pent up over the Gosselins & 3: People still love hearing smack from "insiders". Why do you care that they get more help? Why does it bother you that people are over there? I just don't get it. And finally someone on Facebook posted how Jon & Kate will be in Edmonton October 9-12th filming in the world's biggest Mall! After finally going to Mall of America recently with my kids this is my new second heaven. How lucky are they?

Jon and Kate plus the kids are coming to Edmonton this Fall to tape an episode. The reason for this is that Jon has a business trip that takes to Edmonton for a conference. And Kate wants to go to the West Edmonton Mall with the kids.

From a TLC e-mail:
West Edmonton Mall's Galaxyland Amusement Park, World Waterpark & Sea Life Caverns will be closed due to Filming on October 9, 10, 11 & 12, 2008. We advice you not to interfere with filming. When the Jon and Kate plus the kids are in Edmonton please let them film and not stop them to talk. The Edmonton Police will act as security guards.

Episode lists will now be at the right since I keep having to update them all the time. Hope this looks better and is easier for you all to find!


cryssylit said...

I love the show! And I don't understand all the negativity surrounding it and the obsession.

I feel that there is nothing wrong with what Jon and Kate are doing. They were asked to do the show after the birth of their 2nd set of multiples and everything they have received free or had donated to them is because of the show. They are being paid to do the show and are now able to support their family in a way which they may not have been able to.
The people that dislike them so much and spend hours upon hours obsessing about them, need to put that energy into something else. There are far more important issues going on in the world today such as world hunger or the economic issues in the USA then worrying about Jon and Kate.

If you don't like them, then don't watch. Honestly the more haters that tune in the show to take notes and nitpick every single thing said and done puts the ratings up. If you hate Jon and Kate so much then don't watch and stop talking about them.

Just let it go!!

cali-mom said...

I agree with if you dont like the show dont watch it! I love the show and I dont get why its ANYONE'S business to explain things, like Freebies, money, family issues. Now with that said, am I curious about some of those things, yeah, but its NONE OF MY BUSINESS! I will continue to watch the show because I LOVE the show and enjoy the entertainment.

Stephanie said...

Just found your blog and appreciate your support of the family.

I noticed the info on filming in Edmonton's mall. The TLC site actually said: "We advice you not to interfere with filming. When the Jon and Kate plus the kids are in Edmonton please let them film and not stop them to talk. The Edmonton Police will act as security guards."

I think that was a pretty blunt and kinda rude way to ask fans to respect their space, etc. and could have been said in a much nicer way. And 4 days of filming! Wow, that's a lot of lost revenue for the Mall. (< :

Baby Mama said...

Stephanie, I was thinking that as well that they could have said that in a nicer way! And although they might loose money by closing for the Gosselins that day, they will make it up 10 fold when that episode airs. I had never heard of this mall but once I research it, I saw how insane it was and now I want to plan a trip just to go see that bad boy! This place might become a new vacation destination because of the show, who knows!