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New Season 4 Volume 1 DVD Info, Kate's A Hit At The Nashville Southern Womens Show, A Man Cheers For Jon & Kate

Hello Gosselin Fans! With ER ending after 15 years and Guiding light closing its doors after over 50, it seems this week is the ending of several scripted shows. Reality TV is whats in now. Some love it, some use it to do nothing but snark about others lives so they don't have to worry about their own. I am beyond blown away by things that people say on some blogs. I agree 100% that behind the guise of some random name they feel that they can pretty much attack whomever they want even though they don't even know them. They move past Kate and try to make comments about this blog and others like it they know us personally. I just laugh. I am so above and beyond the horrible jealousy. I am flattered that my blog is such a top priority. I strive to make the best fan blog there is and I appreciate the constant love and support! I HAVE ARRIVED!

Nashville Southern Women's Show

I received so many wonderful stories about the Southern Women's Show in Nashville it was hard to pick one to showcase. I find it amusing that those that were featured on the troll blogs would always say "ohh Kate was in a bad mood". The people that I spoke to saw none of that. I guess its all in who you speak to. Thank you so much Amanda & Michelle for giving me such great positive stores to share! There were so many people telling different accounts (Jon trying to create a spin-off show??) that I guess the only thing everyone can agree on was that it was hard to hear!

"One lady in the audience told Kate that she was half Korean and asked how the Gosselin's incorporated the culture into their lives and Kate said "Stay tuned for Season 5!" So there must be some things shown about their Korean heritage we have not seen yet!! One lady asked her how she kept her "adorable figure", and Kate could not hear the first two times but on the third time she heard it and she laughed and said, " I just wanted her to say it three times!" Haha, everyone laughed. She is just so personable and I enjoyed hearing her answer the questions. She was also asked if she would go back to nursing after the babies went to Kindergarten and she said, " What I do now is much more fun than being a nurse so I will continue doing what I do". Oh and someone asked her where she goes to shop and she said.." Oh they are going to love me for this (haha), but I go to every Ann Taylor Loft store in the country I can find!"

"The crowds were ginormous so we couldn't see (or hear) too much of the actual interview part where she answered questions on stage. Wouldn't you know, we go within 10 feet of her (on the other side of where the lines were) and were able to just stand there and watch. It was GREAT!!! I was able to take photos of her signing books. At one point, my 2 year old said, "There's Kate!". She looked over and smiled at us. My son said, "oh mommy, Kate smiled at us!!" So it was worth the crowd for that!!"

London Ontario Women's Lifestyle Show

I always wonder If Kate is told whether she is just allowed to talk off the cuff or not because at this show she didn't do really a long
Q&A segment, more just talking about things from the book. This account is from Laura:
"Kate was exactly as she is in the show - she's the real deal! She seemed very normal, not like a celebrity. She pretty much just talked about what was in the book - if you've read the book you knew the sequence of events and what she was going to say next. It was still neat to hear her talk about her experience. The one thing she said (which I don't remember being in the book) was that the doctor told her to lay on her left side to help with the blood flow. She said when she flipped herself over Leah was kicking all night - so she went back to laying on her right side and squishing Collin and Joel. She said it is funny to see how they are now, and that even in her belly they had the same personalities."
"She spoke for just under an hour and then answered about 10 questions from fans. One question started with "My daughter is a carbon copy of Mady...." Kate replied with "Let's never put them in the same room!" She also talked about how every night at the dinner table they go around and say something that they are thankful for, or what the best part of the day was. She said they used to always just copy one another such as "I liked going outside" and the next would say "I liked going outside" and the next "I liked going outside" but she said now they are each picking their own thing to say, and she enjoys hearing what they have to say. After the questions she did a book signing. She would only sign copies of Multiple Blessings, and she would only sign on one certain page (I guess this falls into her loving to be in control!" She just did a quick "Hello... Thank you" to each person - they said she signs 700 books in an hour. The shirt she was wearing was the same as in the Sesame Street Live episode (she is human!)"

Jon & Kate Plus 8 Season 4 to Be 2 DVD's

As I had mentioned in my March 20th post HERE about all the changes with the Season 4 artwork and release dates, someone beat me to the punch and posted the new stats for the DVD's. Apparently TLC decided to do Jon & Kate Plus Ei8ht Volume 1: The Wedding to be released May 5th. Volume 2: The Big Move will be available July 21st and have all the remaining episodes on it. Thanks Christine!

A Man's Point of View: Why Hate Jon & Kate?

When this was sent to me I was so excited to share it. Mr. Garner Goes To Washington wrote a really great piece that was written from a man's point of view. One that's a fan. These are the articles I just LOVE to excerpt:

"This family lives in our neighbor-state Pennsylvania, Kim and I concluded that Jon's personality is very similar to mine, and I'm sick of all the trash about them on the web and in the blogosphere. there's those of you who continually stress that the children are being harmed and exploited by this show. As Jon stated, the "show is their life and their life is their show." However, the children aren't working. They are being taped. The children aren't being dragged around the country to speaking events and book signings. If exploiting the children means having a successful show because of the children, shouldn't we all be so fortunate? Let's face it, most of our lives are very boring and yet can be very exciting with only one or two children. We aren't being taped for a cable show. They are. Good for them!"

, I wanted to reach out to you as a husband, father, and fan of your show to say thank you. Few can imagine what you must have gone through the past four years. A father of one 4 year old daughter (yeah, I know), I can only imagine if my wife had multiple babies and while I was trying to get used to this new chapter, a camera crew began documenting many days of my life - the good, the bad, the ugly."


Minnie~Knits said...

"If exploiting the children means having a successful show because of the children, shouldn't we all be so fortunate?"

...exploitation is a BAD thing, so...NO. No, I wouldn't like to be that "fortunate".

Using the word exploitation to describe what's happening to those children is really NOT a brilliant choice on the part of the author.

It's my belief the amount of time spent away from her kids will affect them negatively, UNLESS they don't like having her around.
Kids grow up so fast. Why not be around more to enjoy them, Kate? You are rich! You can do the thing most parents would sacrifice for: stay home and be a parent!

Baby Mama said...

Personally I think the term "exploitation" is such a horrible word, that it was taken out of context in his article. Ive never felt like the children were exploited on this show. But I could see why parents who saw the kids taking a shower (for a sec) on TV would be offended by it.

I think the author used the term because its flung around so loosely when talking about this family (and what about the others?) And while even I don't necessarily agree in how he said it, I agree with where he was going 100%.

Time away from parents is ALWAYS negative. But its life and happens in every family including my own. Children would NEVER not want their parents around. I'm sure they miss their mother terribly. When Kate teared up during the Womens Show when asked about missing her kids, even the snarkers commenting about it said it was genuine.

To tell Kate to stay home because shes rich is ridiculous. To "sacrifice" so to speak is only because its Kate. I go through this personally in my own life and would never tell my sister-in-law to stop traveling because they're rich and stay home with her kids. I'm miserable whenever I go to work but I know that I am benefiting them tremulously by providing for them and making the most of the time I have with them when I'm home. Stay home and be a parent? PLEASE what is this, 1950? ;)

dancnmommy said...

To say for someone to be a 'stay at home mom" because they are rich is absolutely ridiculous. She is probably home more often then most mothers/fathers are. I for one would love to be in her shoes to have a job that will get me away for just enough to have my sanity but be home with my children more often than not. Look at her schedule, you can see she is gone for no more than 3 days at a time. And then on trips like that she has a week between her next appearance. And thats not being home enough?? Most parents are way 50 hours a week from home just by working their 9-5 and commuting. She has money because she is working. It may not be your typical job but its a job she is getting paid for and without it she wouldnt be "rich".

BabyMama- Agreed! with your comments about the article.

Baby Mama said...

I'm sorry I just realized in my comment that I spelled tremendously wrong. Apparently nothing I say matters in blog world because I have spell check issues. WHAT? I'm not perfect? (lol)

Anyway, I forgot to stress that obviously everyone has different opinions on this matter. The purpose of the article was just to give a positive man's point of view on the show which is refreshing!

Teresa said...


I believe that the author was questioning the misuse of the word "exploitation" when refering to the Gosselins situation.

It's not the amount of time that is spent with the children that is important, it is the quality of that time. And I agree that your suggesting that staying home with your kids make you a better parent is ridiculous.

"UNLESS they don't like having her around." Why wouldn't they, she is their mother.

Teresa said...

Baby Mama - Another great article... You Rock!

M.M.S. said...

I've thought about this and I've realized that I don't blame the trolls for being so jealous of this family, and especially Kate. Who wouldn't be jealous? Just look at Kate - she is absolutely gorgeous in these pictures. I know I'm jealous of her career... she gets to stay home for days on end with her beautiful children and travel all around the country helping people and inspiring them to be better parents and people. And not only does she have this wonderful job, but because of it and their show her children have been spared from the life of poverty that they would have otherwise had. I don't blame the trolls for being jealous of this amazing family, but I do think that it is unacceptable to try to ease that jealousy by resorting to making fun of people who are fans of the show and having enough nerve to actually accuse these amazing parents of exploiting their kids. You're right Baby Mama .. it's laughable. When I tell people who don't read the hate blogs and have no idea of the criticisms, they are confused and astounded. The same astonishment goes through my mind when I hear about the trolls criticizing Baby Mama and others on this site for their spelling errors. It tells a lot about their character and the way that they judge others. Don't let it bother you.. they're scum.

On a happier note.. :-)
Loved these first hand accounts! Wish I could have been there! I'll definitely be buying the DVD.. my my younger brother and I (and occasionally my dad) love to watch the show together . There are tons of men out there who love J&K+8 and it was great to hear a man's account of why he admires the family!

<3 much love to Baby mama for laughing off the haters! keep on doing what you're doing!

Tiffany said...

I just saw on their Facebook webpage that the new season begins on May 25th... YAY!! Oh, I can't wait to see what they are up to next. Thank you for the great articles about the Nashville Woman's Show. I'm heading to the one in Raleigh in a couple weeks and can't wait to share with you all about Kate.

Min said...

I'm not a hater, I simply find it inexplicable for the author to even USE the word "exploitation." To USE the word gives it credence!

If I were Kate I would stay home. I'd give ANYTHING to do it. I just can't afford it.

M.M.S. said...

Season 5 begins May 25th!!! Yay!

BEE said...

Kate traveling for work and being away from the kids is not any differnt then any other parent that needs to travel for work.

I think that many people find it difficult to accept that Kate, a women and a mother is not the primary care giver of the children. But rather, Jon, the father is.

It seems that Jon isn't the only one struggling with the role reversals that are taking place in the Gosselin home.

I support the Gosselins and know that they are doing the best they can by their children.

DeAnne said...

Thanks for using my story and pictures!! It was a pleasure to meet her and I can't wait for the next Season!! And she is just as gorgeous in person, I want her closet of clothes, LOL!!

Baby Mama said...

I just received an e-mail that nasty horrid troll Looney Lunar Moon posted our Kate photo via a link onto her site. AMAZING. They literally come onto my site and steal things off my site. I'm going to have to start watermarking our photos now!

Denise said...

The pictures are on many sites. Do you own them?

Baby Mama said...

Denise, the pictures are NOT on many sites. They were on mine FIRST and STOLEN from my site. THESE WERE GIVEN ONLY TO ME AND ARE MY PHOTOS. Don't give me the bull that you don't know about it. Ive had enough with people coming here and thinking its OK to take my fans photos that they gave to ME with consent to this site ONLY. Please feel free to pass that along to the other sites you go to.

Denise said...

They are on facebook, cafemom, and IMDB. If you don't have a copyright, I doubt you can do a thing.

IMDB actually has some more taken at the same time.

taylor said...

After the women asked Kate about their Korean heritage and Kate replied wait for season 5, I don’t think she was referring to chasing johns roots on a Korea trip. I think that was answered on their website about their Hawaii trip. John lived there with his mom and hadn’t seen his relatives in years. I always thought he was chasing his roots there…

Teresa said...

If I ever sent you a picture (which I will after the PA Women's Show) and anyone from one of those hate sites stole it from you, there will be hell to pay.

How can they do that? Why do they do that?

It blows my mind!

Denise said...

Any pictures on facebook, become the property of....facebook.

Teresa said...

Denise -

You are missing the point here... A fan sent Baby Mamma pictures - exclusively for the use on this site. One or some of those pictures were posted on another site without permission. Which last I heard is called stealing.

Please let me know if you are still confused and I will find another way to explain.

Denise said...

My daughter is a professional photographer and I do have some knowledge of Internet legalities, the photo is not copyrighted, others were posted on facebook (which retains ownership), and this is an open forum.

Ome Omy said...

But Baby Mama, you took pictures from another site for the birthday cakes!

Teresa said...

Ome Omy - WHAT? You mean Baby Mama didn't bake those cakes? Oh, my gosh, you better go break the news to the non-fans bloggers. They are really going the feel stupid that they spent days on end talking about the cakes.

Teresa said...

Denise - It is still unethical IMO. Thanks for the information concerning the legality of it all. I didn't know all that. :)

Rick Garner said...

Precisely, my use of the word "exploiting" is based on its continued misuse across the web. These children aren't being exploited, but if people wish to call it that, so be it. Their "exploitation" has led to a successful show because of them...not at their expense, which is true exploitation.

Also, I feel it's healthy for Jon & Kate to be away from the children for an afternoon/evening or a day. Sounds like their plan is to always try and keep a parent at home while the other does an interview or book signing. That places both parents away at a minimal.

I appreciate everyone's feedback and thanks, Baby Mama, for including me on your site!

DeAnne said...

Just to make something clear, it was my photo that was taken and it is NOT on Facebook. I have asked for all links to it to be removed and hope there is cooperation in that matter.

Teresa said...

DeAnne - Good for you!!! I'd have done the same thing.

Denise - Photos on Facebook are not "owned" by them. When you add photos to your profile they are yours. You control who can see them...
As for this being an open forum, yes it is, but again that doesn't give people the right to steal material. IMO.

BTW - I absolutely love Kate's shoes!!!

Teresa said...

Denise: I'll take your word for it. No time to research. Let's move on.

Baby Mama said...

The purpose of me freaking out about about a hate site stealing a photo from here was intentional. I do not want any of those hurtful people to think they could just come on here and take my photos without permission.

1.Fans of the show that give me their personal photos should feel safe in knowing they STAY here. If they roam, the thief will hear about it. They can post all the useless smack they want but they will still hear it from me.

2. I ALWAYS attempt to contact the person whom I get photos from on this site. If for any reason they are not happy the photos are here they are immediately are removed. Obviously most of the photos are not mine and most are sent to me for use EXCLUSIVELY on this site.

3. FROM NOW ON: To make fans feel more comfortable I will personally mark any photos that are sent to me to be used exclusively for this site only.

This site has truly ARRIVED! (LOL)

melancholy said...

if they linked to your site while using the photos there is nothing illegal about that. Even if you watermark them, they ARE giving you and your site credit.

As for the article, cameras didn't just "begin to follow them around" they asked for them to be there, just like they could ask for the cameras to be removed, yet they don't. Just like Kate said, it's the "family's job", I wonder what the kids even get out of it, what are their salaries, and do they even have a choice in the matter?

Frieda said...

That was litte Leah singing that precious song not Alexis.