Monday, April 13, 2009

Season 4 At, Shoe Of The Week, The Masche Sextuplets Coming Soon, Gymboree Not Giving It Away?

One.....more....step..Hello Gosselin Fans! Well as sick and exhausted as I was I actually did it. I walked the race for Stroller Strides and it was well worth it! When my friend told me she bought one of the Franchises I didn't think it would do well. But she has since expanded and doing great. Its important, at least if your a first time stay-at-home mom, to network and find places like Gymboree Play & Learn to find like minded women in your same situation. The library also works well and its free. Stroller Strides gets you together to exercise. I know I still have my size 8 jeans in the closet (pre-babies) and I can proudly say I'm back down to a (OK a bit snug) ten. I am confident that even just by cutting my portions and only snacking with the healthy stuff at night I will get there soon. Today even as sick as I was I walked my 2 miles and I could easily do more! Need walking help at a pace for you? please try Leslie Sansone's site or try a weight loss forum...

Shoe Of The Week: Cole Haan 'Air Genevieve' Wedge Sandal

Recently, I gave it to a nasty site when I was told a link to of a photo taken from HERE was on their site just to bash it. They did an entire post on what they called "Hooker Shoes" that she was wearing. Its obvious that no one there knows the wonderful that is Cole Haan. I own the Genevieve bag and their are super comfortable. I can see why Kate chose them.
You can purchase them for at The Air Pixie is also a favorite of mine.

Unanswered Question of The Week:

"I am a HUGE fan of the show and YOUR blog. I have all of the J&K Plus 8 DVD’s (season 1, 2, and 3) and can’t wait for Season 4 to be released. I have traced all of the episodes from my TIVO to the DVD’s except for the Disney special. Am I missing something? Do you know if this episode was ever released?

So I looked and shes correct. Season One is complete but Season Two on the combined DVD is not. The Missing Episodes Are:
- A Day At The Zoo (Season 2, Episode 10)
- Hit The Road (Season 2, Episode 11)
- How It All Began (Season 2, Episode 12)

So does anyone have the DVD's separate and are all the episodes there? Let me know, thanks! You can purchase season 4 NOW by clicking the Amazon link to the right...

The Masche Sextuplets Coming In June

OK, so before I discuss the Overabundance of multiples shows out there, he comes another in June "The Masche Sextuplets." Now the fight about Jon & Kate exploiting their kids, how is it now valid? When one after another these large families are rolling out shows hoping to get some of the wealth the Gosselins now have? The List of the shows that have aired and the upcoming ones can be found HERE: UPDATE: The new WE.TV site for the Masche's new show..

"The family decided to do the show because they thought it was the perfect opportunity to document all six of their children’s lives. The show will follow the family and show how Bryan and Jenny Masche raise their three boys, Blake, Cole, and Grant and their three girls, Savannah, Molli, and Bailey, while still managing to keep full-time jobs. The family lives by themselves and manages to do everything by themselves; the only help the family does receive is from the sextuplets’ grandparents. To manage this, Bryan and Jenny have to maintain different work schedules. Brian works during the day as a pharmaceutical sales rep and Jenny works the night shift in the ER of Kingman Regional Medical Center as a physician’s assistant."

I'm thinking that once again they found a pretty blond mom and more cute kids and they're hoping for another hit show. Lets see how long it takes Jenny to quit her Medical Job once the money they pray for comes in and I guarantee we will be flooded with more bad sites just for them. The haters need to spread the wealth............

Gymboree Working Hard To Regain Footing

Speaking of Gymboree, I was sent this article about Gymboree trying to regain its footing after a rough year. You can read it HERE. And while I'm still trying to confirm where someone saw that Gymboree DOES NOT give the Gosselins free clothes, this is an interesting read nonetheless. I am a HUGE fan of this store and I can tell you first hand that they DID take all rhinestone clothes of the shelf for a particular line and we just got the first new collection of Gymmies in the store that completely passed the safety inspections. Gymboree could never be to careful and I'm proud of them for that!


Kiki Nakita said...

Wow, what an update. I checked out the shoes from Nordies, but there a lil too pricey for a student! I'm looking forward to the going 'GREEN' episode! Being a design student, and a Portlander, we incorporate and embrace being sustainable.

min said...

oops I thought I was editing my comment but I deleted it?
Anyway, my original thought was: $228 dollars is a LOT of money. I love nice quality shoes, but I don't need "designer" anything.

Also you wrote:
"the fight about Jon & Kate exploiting their kids, how is it now valid? When one after another these large families are rolling out shows hoping to get some of the wealth the Gosselins now have?Simply stated; you are using false logic. Just because another person does the same thing, doesn't change the equation. If people think the show is child exploitation, they aren't going to change their minds simply because more people are signing up to exploit their own children!

(I honestly don't have an opinion about this exploitation issue, I'm just saying, the logic is wrong).

dancnmommy said...

Great Update Baby Mama :) I too love Cole Haan shoes. I just went to an outlet strip in Williamsburg, VA (the hubby and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary on a small getaway ) and they had a Cole Haan outlet!! I was in handbag/shoe heaven :)

I am just lovin Kates new style. Maybe because it resembles mine and it gives me ideas to where to shop :)

Anyway I cant wait until Sunday and the episode.

Oh, what do you think about the whole car ordeal the GWOP has made a spectcale of?

Baby Mama said...

Kiki~The shoes are pricey, but those style of shoes can be found in even the tightest of budgets. I really just posted them because this whole FUSS was made over how cheap and ugly they looked. I happen to love wedge style shoes and esp. Cole Haan!

The "Going Green" Episode is this Sunday and it will be interesting to see what they do. It will also be nice to watch a new episode before the May premiere of the new season!

Min~I know EXACTLY what your saying. I was just voicing my opinion out loud and I know that everyone will have a different take on it. I think what I meant to say and it came out wrong was here is ANOTHER family, doing the SAME thing..But yet since were talking about the Gosselins, does it make the fight any less valid in another persons eyes?

Dancnmommy~ I don't believe the picture is real. I personally don't believe a word of it and that guy is NOT Jon! I would need to see actual proof. I feel right now its more lies to start more rumors until proven ;)

Teresa said...

Thanks Baby Mama! I love, love, love the shoes. Nordstrom, Here I

I don't think that was Jon on the picture either. Anyway, who cares if it is or not. It's their money to do what they want with it. I am so sick and tired of people nit-picking them. GRRRR.

Sorry, having a bad day at work and needed to let some steam off...

I am praying for the Masche's. There is lots of hate out there for people that succeed and do not fit the "normal" mold. I hope that they are able to deal with it.

dancnmommy said...


The guy did look similar to Jon but he had on glasses so you really cant tell. Also, if you look at the guy on the right he has the keys in his hands. Wouldnt it be his car? If it is Jon it just looks like he is standing there admiring and checking out his buddy's car. And if it is his car.....what does it matter? He can do what he wants with his money right?

Quiltart said...

For all you Cole Haan fans, keep an eye on their website, They often run GREAT sales... much better than you will find at Nordstrom. I have also bought their bags on ebay.

Baby Mama, Thanks for the update on the Masche sextuplet show. I've always wondered what the non-fans think of the sponsor page on their website... ... Just to show that the Gosselins who don't receive gifts from sponsors! I've seen lists like this on almost all the HOM sites I've ever visited! It will be interesting to see how they are accepted!

Theresa said...

Love the shoes, but they are a bit pricey. Bet Kate got them on sale.

I, too, don't think that's Jon in the picture. Why would he be in what appears to be a "seedier" looking place in some downtown area? And, the guy looks too skinny to be Jon.

And, if he did buy or receive a sports car, who cares? The guy has been driving a 15 passenger minivan for the last 5 years. :)

BEE said...

I feel like I am missing something...what picture with Jon and a car? I don't venture to the hate sites anymore so I feel a bit clueless!

I would be interested in watching the Masche family. I think the fact that they both work full time jobs would put a different spin on their show! As far as exploitation goes, I completely understood where you were coming from BabyMama. I am sure that these other multiple families will get some snark too, but I think that some people just love to hate the Gosselins!

Regarding Gymboree. I have always thought/wondered that perhaps the Gosselins are given a certain amount of money each month etc, to purchase what they want at Gap, Gymboree, Ann Taylor Loft etc. I can't imagine that they receive ALL of the items from these stores for free. Even from what Jon and Kate have said in the past, I was always under the impression that there were times when the Gosselins paid for items. Example, when Jon and Kate went to Banana Republic and she said something like, "we went over our budget". I assumed they had an alloted amount from the company and then had to pick up the remaining. All speculation on my part....but it would be interesting to know the ins and outs just for curiousities sake.

Oh, and I feel your pain!! My size 8 jeans are hanging in my closet just waiting for me to drop these last 10lbs!! We can do it!!

Baby Mama said...

BEE~I'm putting the link on for a laugh. I wasn't going to debate on the site whether that was actually Jon or not. But I don't know, its a creepy photo that was perfect for creepy GWOP.

If he did buy a car who cares? But why put up a post to debate it?

3KMOM said...

Thanks for putting up the link to the pic b/c I was also lost. But I am sorry, I just had to laugh when I saw the photo. It looks really funny. The guy (allegedly Jon) has a weird look on his face. Then in the surroundings it just looks so out of place and funny. Somehow even if this was real it just looks totally out of place and odd. Also, I think pics can be so distorted depending on angle, lighting and what not and this pic just looks a bit goofy. So if it is him then bad pic of him if you ask me. But my personal opinion is that it's not him. Odd face, odd place, odd deal goin down. :-) LOL

Baby Mama said...

Jon didn't realize he was in the middle of a drug bust gone terribly wrong! Didn't you hear he was arrested for leaving the scene with 125 kg of Ecstasy in the glove compartment? He took the wrong car! The cops arrested him when the realized it wasn't his NECK of the woods and he blew a stop sign.

Apparenlty he claims he was just on his way home and decided he needed to spruce up his image like his wife and was looking to get a mid-life crisis car. What he didn't realize that gangsters were looking to get rid of the quick and gave him a great deal off the lot.

Its all good though, as Jon was promised this would NOT be leaked to the National Inquirer once they found the owners of the car and busted the drug lord once the deal finally went down. He is now a deemed a HERO. One that is running home to his wife and NEVER again going to bars or buying used cars that come cheap and ready to ROLL..

Tatyana said...

Is it just me or does Jon appear to have more hair..kind of how he looked 10 years ago? I dont think the picture is very convincing. My husband has pictures beside nice cars but we dont own any of them. Anyway lame attempt again to make him look bad..

About Gymboree, I love the quality and the style they have, but I wish they had a bigger selection for infant boys. It seems like 85% of the store is for girls and you only find two styles for the boys..kind of disappointing. It wont keep me from shopping there, but just voicing my opinion..

jk8fan said...

Hey did anyone go the book signing at Glendale, CA yesterday, i actually know someone who did and they said that it was like there best day of their life lol!

A.E. Wallace said...

This is a bit off topic...but does anyone know if and when Kate and John or just Kate will be appearing anywhere in the Philadelphia area for book signings or anything? Thanks so much...:-)

Kat said...

I'm assuming the comment post on the Kate story on Entertainment Weekly's site is not you?
"Baby Mama Wed, Apr 15, 2009 at 09:54 AM EST
I am the blogger with the best fan site ever! I idolize Kate, want to be her BFF 4-ever! I dress like Kate even if I have to go into det and hide bills from my hubby! I cant spel or use apostrphes by dont worry about me, i an heading to Callifornia!"

Baby Mama said...

Kat~Have no fear! Responding to the trolls is what they want. I prefer just to plug away at my blog knowing that the authentic is RIGHT here....

A.E. Wallace~ Did you read my list of scheduled dates on the right hand side of my blog? The Southern Woman's Show is going to have BOTH Jon & Kate in PA on May 2nd. The actual site link is there as well..

BEE said...

Oh BabyMama, seems like you have some fans of your own! ;)

Keep doing what you are doing lady!!

Baby Mama said...

Tatyana~ It just SEEMS that there are less styles for boys. But in fact there is the SAME amount for boys as there is for girls, the girls just have triple the accessories. Baby boy styles in newborn now are really cute. And recently the styles for boys have actually gotten much nicer. I love the whales and the cute superhero tess that are out now!

For those that were interested in seeing more about the Masche sextuplets new show coming in June, I added this link onto the post...

Shelly said...

Thanks for posting the pic. I was so lost. Then I rolled around for awhile laughing at the idiots who who posted the picture for debate. First of all, it looks like the black sunglasses were photo shopped on his face. Second of all the guy standing with him has a Kings sweatshirt on. Which the Kings are in Los Angeles. So, I am not convinced this is him.

min said...

Shelly said:
"Second of all the guy standing with him has a Kings sweatshirt on. Which the Kings are in Los Angeles. So, I am not convinced this is him."
Except that the sweatshirt says King's Gym
Reading, PA
Don't quit your day job, super sleuth.

Shelly said...

Well Min aren't you pleasent. You must have really studied the picture. You go girl, you must be so proud.

A.E. Wallace said...

Hey Baby Mama...thanks so much for the reply...:-) I did see they were both going to be in Harrisburg, but that's about 2 hours from me and I have to work on Saturday afternoon at 3:30 so I don't know if I can make it there see them and get back in time...I was hoping that they may come towards Philly and do some appearances...:-) If you hear of any, I know you will post them...:-)

min said...

Actually Shelly, I was kidding around with you so lighten the freak up.
I have a gigantic monitor because I do graphic design work, so "studying" the photo wasn't exactly hard for me.

Anonymous said...

Wow, kinda sad that people are hating on the Masches without even knowing them, especially Jenny. I worked with Jenny in the Kingman ER and even gave her the HCG injection which enabled her pregnancy. I can assure you that the last thing Jenny is is a Kate Gosselin. She's got a solid faith, is incredibly optimistic, and you'll never hear her get snarky with her husband, ala Kate. I, for one, hope she IS able to quit being a PA once she gets income from the show. Before she was pregnant I remember her saying that once she has A baby, she wants to stay home and give that baby all the love and attention in the world. I'm quite sure that Jenny's motivation IS so that she can be present with her babies all day every day and I hope and pray she's soon able to do that. I sat with her at lunch in 2006 as she teared up and feared she'd never even have children. I talked to her the day she heard about six, when she was scared to death. I'm praying Bryan and Jenny can be a POSITIVE influence on this tv genre and that they are represented as the wonderful people that they are.