Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Kates Wonderful Labor Day, Nasty GWOP Comments

I hope everyone had a wonderful Labor Day! I didn't get on yesterday because I had no desire to see the usual outbursts from the nastiness over at GWOP. I wanted to enjoy the show since I heard it was good, and get the kids ready for school. I think we start here the latest out of everyone (tomorrow). When I got on the computer I was shocked to read what people sent me. That as usual, the sickos over at GWOP who take notes as the show is on and comment over EVERYTHING. 15 minutes in and already there's comments, and of course people making total stuff up. I decided to give the gals a hit (though I never said I would) and (Please forgive me if tonight posts are ALL about GWOP but they have gotten so bad it makes me angry..) all poor Mady did was let the crew know she didn't want anyone in her room! And since the episode was so good with nothing to comment about they tried to make a HUGE deal over her note. The horrible things they said about here I will not post here...

They must delete posts AFTER they are shown on screen. A woman named Barbara in VA quotes alot. I read a nasty post she wrote that fans of Jon and Kate are worse than 12 year olds and she went on and on. I went back 10 minutes later and it was pulled. Also someone must not check these too well because one of the posts below they actually curse and it was STILL kept! Apparently one admits to living near the Gosselins, hence the jealousy? One asks for a link to harass the hospital. Now you tell ME if these comments are sane:

Open Eyes said...Okay so I'm only 15 mins through the show and here are some things I noticed: I'm sure there will be many more- but these are things I didn't want to forget. =)

Sara Said:
Kate's EXACT words when she talked about the smell while walking into the hospital were: "It's not a bad smell NORMALLY, but to ME, being pregnant, the smell- it hit me and I was like (she gasps)." To me, this does not sound like she was talking about her pregnancy with the tups. This, coupled with the obvious remarks about "We're gonna have a baby too", is basically them putting the information out there, very slowly, that Kate's pregnant. They know that if they suddenly announce it, it's going to strike people with shock. I think they're trying to be very casual about it to minimize the backlash from the people who have tried to help them out with the 8 kids they already have.

said...Also looked like Kate lost weight, got nails, shows more cleavage...LOOK AT ME!!!

said..PLEASE post a link to the hospital so we can email them and let them know how innapropriate it was, having a gaggle of kids in the NICU for publicity. Babies fighting for thier lives, SHAME ON THE HOSPITAL.

Kristen said...I hated the comment Kate made on the couch when they were talking about Collin and Joel throwing the magnets off the fridge...."They were being boys.How about they were acting like 4 year olds?Oh right, I forgot that *perfect* Hannah and Leah would never dream of doing anything like that....and Alexis is locked in the basement.

Seara said:By the way, Kate, that green shirt looks awful on you and your hair looks "stribbly."

laura said...I shut the tv off early tonight and then turned it back on at the very end, when she was tearing up about how easy life was with a family of 4. well no shit lady. what did you think that you were going to have lattes and spas while the rest of the world took care of your kids becuase you had two and then six and they're soo cute?

said...They also said "condo" which is probably right. Does anyone else think the stress is really starting to show on Kate's appearance? What is she trying to cover up with all that make-up?

Anonymous said...I think in this episode. We see that Jon has really checked himself out of this marriage. Kon stop pretending we can all see that the love is gone between you two.

Anonymous said...As far as the donations goes.
I agree with one of the bloggers that Kon is "welfare trash."

Anonymous said...Over the past two seasons, Katie has been developing some strange tics. She strokes her hair and neck a lot and fiddles with her earrings. In tonight's episode, she was scratching her arm a lot and picking at her face.

Anonymous said...If Kon do add to their family, and I shudder at the thought, what will they re-name the show?Like someone else posted on another thread: "Jon & Swine and The Working Nine!"

For me, this was the best episode I have seen so far. I really loved seeing that she donated to someplace so in need, that she showed her human side, and that most importantly she loves her kids as much as we know she does...I am nominating another post from GDNOP for my version of Comment of The Week":

MCB said...Okay, wait a minute. Did Mady issue a press release saying that she no longer wants to participate on the show? Or is this another example of GWoPPERs reading into a situation and repeating it enough times so that it now becomes a fact?

And finally... If you go to 1:22 you will see a cute video of Kate not seen before with the babies. It will remind us why we started loving them in the first place. Its from Gosselins Webisodes #24 Enjoy.....


Anonymous said...

Excuse me, but one of those comments was mine. I do watch the Gosselins, and I am NOT a hater. Why you would group me into your little self-proclaimed "Club Crazies" for making an observation is beyond me. There is nothing wrong with both liking the show AND discussing "the GOOD, the BAD and the UGLY".

If you want to write a blog that people will actually care about and want to read, make your own material and talk about why you like the family, instead of ranting and raving over what your enemies are doing. People come to a fan page to talk about or hear about the people the site is dedicated to, not to get daily 1,000 word essays on how crazy these other people are for not sharing your views.

You don't want Kate Gosselin to get shot down for some of the inappropriate things she says on tv, but guess what- that goes both ways. I have the right to say what I thought about it.

Baby Mama said...

First off if you read my blog, I go back and forth talking about why I like this family and discuss why I hate the other blog. I am super curious to know which comment is yours. Because if you claim that you are a fan of the show (I'm confused are you?) then why are you making comments such as these on a blog like that??

Marmie said...

I agree many of those comments are way out of line. They read things into things. I remember posting a sign on my door NO BOYS ALLOWED. I remember posting a sign no parents allowed as a child. Its perfectly normal that Mady would post a sign no cameras its a thing kids do and to her the cameras are like that loved yet annoying parent or boy or even little sibling who sometimes you do just need space from them.
I think to say the things that were said in many of these posts is just overly dramatic. I saw in this entry how you said you saw many little kind sweet things. I agree. IM still flipping over the one comment that says....... they read into it that kate is pregnant!?!?!??! Her new website says she isnt. Then one turned around and said she lost weight. Last week someone claimed she had put on weight. Now this says she is pg.
Well I enjoyed the show seeing how it all happend and reliving memories with them. How she so sympathetically cried when she said....... (her voice cracked when she said it) that she took home six babies some came in with thier one and did not take it home. She said she felt guilty.
I realy enjoyed this episode.

Roxanne21 said...

I enjoyed your comments and thanks for the blog. I loved this episode! We saw a softer side of Kate and it was nice. Week after week, we see wonderful kids who obviously love their parents and their siblings. I love Mady and although she's often a renegade, she is a good kid who expresses herself in unique ways.

Kudos to J & K for giving her choices to make and then she has to live with the consequences of those choices. I like that way of parenting.

I personally don't think you need advice on how to write your own blog. It's yours!! You can write anything you want and then it's our choice as to whether we read it or not, and whether we return or not!! Keep up the good work :)

Anonymous said...

My comment was about Kate talking about the smell while walking into the hospital, and if it means she's pregnant. Did I say it would be a bad thing? Did I bash her? Did I make a negative insinuation of any kind? NO. I said that if she was pregnant, they wouldn't just come out and tell people because it might shock them at first.

You talk about other people reading too much in to what the Gosselin's say, but then you go and do the same thing. Gosselins Without Pity is not a site chock full of haters, their are people that genuinely go there to discuss the family, not tear them down. You seem to have changed your focus from being a fan page into trying to convince people to hate GWoP like you do. But whatever, it's your blog- I'm just saying that you shouldn't question my sanity just because you've deemed a site I commented on as evil.

Baby Mama said...

Thank you for writing. My issue is, GWOP is where the RUMORS get started because people do nothing there but bash the families make up lies and stir up trouble. Are you saying that making a comment like that when what she said IMO no way implied she was pregnant isn't going the get the bees buzzing? They talked about it for like 100 posts! This is how lies start. Why go on a site like that where everyone knows its intent when there are others like mine where you can discuss your thoughts with actual fans? (lol) I don't know, it makes no sense to me! However all advise is always appreciated and just for you. I will post a non-GWOP topic. Enjoy! And please keep reading!!

Anonymous said...

Rumors are what keep a lot of reality shows going. Controversy is what keeps ratings up. Jon said himself- if they were all like 'Gee, Honey", it would be disgusting. The audience wants to see what these people REALLY do. Why would Figure 8 Films keep the "we're gonna have a baby" remarks in the show, rather than edit it out, unless they wanted the rumor mill to start turning to get people to tune in to find out what happens?

It's human nature to disagree with the way other people do things, and everyone has their own views on proper parenting.

BUT, when you put yourself out there on such a grand stage, you're unknowingly inviting everyone to voice the opinion that they might normally keep to themselves. Some of it might be harsh, or even hypocritical, but it's just how they feel, and you can't fault human reactions. They aren't going to bring the Gosselins themselves crashing down. Even if the show gets cancelled, the family will go on without it.

The only problem I have with the family is that Kate said in her own words "Our show is our life and our life is our show". It contradicts the fact that the cameras were just supposed to be 'following them around their everyday lives'. It contradicts the fact that she called Jon out for refering to his life 'in seasons'. The kids should be given as many opportunities as they can to do what other kids get to do, but I don't think that they should have to stage their lives to do it.

That being said, I don't think GWoP is just a forum to bash the Gosselins. I have found out some information that I had searched for everywhere but could never find, like where Kate got the Valentine's chair backers. GWoP provided a setting for a large enough group of people, that SOMEONE was bound to know where they came from. It's allowed for insight into various aspects of the Gosselins' life, which- face it- we crave, and that's why we watch the show, and that's why we create blogs and websites about them.

Yes, some of it isn't what we want to hear. Some of it is rumor. But anyone with a little know-how would realize that these opinions are par for the course. For television personalities, it's just part of being well-known. That's why we have TMZ, Perez Hilton and other gossip sites. We, as a people, don't really know each other, so we go to the public figures that we see ever day to discuss our feelings on human nature. There are just as many people talking about George Bush and Britney Spears as there are discussing the Gosselins. Look at when Steve Irwin died (I adored him)...there was an onslaught of attackers that told him he deserved to die. You see, this isn't something new that was created with the appearance of 'Jon & Kate Plus 8'.

If you like them, you like them. If you don't, you don't. You deserve to feel that way, and you deserve to voice it. The Gosselins are public, and so people make their thoughts public. I have yet to come across a site or board that bashes YOUR page, claiming you are blindly following the family and falling for their ruse. Even if posters on GWoP think Jon & Kate are duping the audience by not being forthcoming with their actual situation, they have the right to share their thoughts with other people who post there. When some one wanders onto there site, it's USUALLY because they are already in the frame of mind that something is not quite right.

If you want to see a REAL hate site, go to www.godhatesfags.com. Look up their Wikipedia article for the Westboro Baptist Church. Go to a funeral for a soldier who was killed in Iraq, and watch this cult protest the burial. These people believe children should die because they are sinners, and that we shouldn't have funerals and memorials for them because they, and we, are all damned and we deserve it. If you are going to put your focus into retaliating against unjustices done against a person, join the Patriot Guard, and help protect the innocent from these maniacs.

The Gosselins will go on, even without a tv show, even with all the people who don't like them making comments on a website that only exists in cyberspace. How the kids will turn out is up for debate, depending on who you ask, but it doesn't change the fact that these are people's words and feelings, and the result of them is that they got out what they needed to get out.

So continue your blog and write about the shows. Write about the kids and the things they do. Write about what you admire about Jon and Kate, and why. Write about your family and how it relates to the Gosselins, and what ways they have helped you. Don't worry about other sites, because they are not worrying about you. We are all the same in the aspect that we sit down to watch the show each week, and we process information from it. What that information translates into may differ completely, but it's nobody's right but our own to say what we should think about something.

Baby Mama said...

I dedicated my blog to you today. Thanks for the great informed posts.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the dedication, I appreciate you understanding my view. I'm more of a Gosselin kids fan than a Jon & Kate fan. I don't think they're the worst parents in the world, because I have seen some of the worst parents in the world, but I just think that they aren't very compatible. If it were just them on the show, I wouldn't watch, but I love the kiddos.

I don't really enjoy the show as much anymore, because instead of showing how they cope as a unique family, it's just kinda "watch us go here" and "watch us go there", and "look what we have". I used to like to see their schedules, methods and techniques, but the show isn't really about that anymore. I kind of feel like Kate's become that annoying friend that constantly wants to show you all her pictures of all the vacations and trips she's taken.

Oh well. The kids are growing up, and I know they're running out of things to shoot, so they have to resort to creating scenarios and situations. I know my life would be positively boring if someone tried to make a show out of it.

GoodWitch said...

Hey, thanks 4 the POSITIVE BLOG. And especially for the video from Webisodes #24. It's refreshing to have a nice site to visit/read. Too much hatred & judgement out there. IMHO of course. ;-)~ Have a peaceful day everyone.

Magnolia Designs said...

Hey there...I love the show and the family and I would also love to know if anyone has found out where Kate got those adorable chair back bags for Valentine's Day? If so, could someone e-mail me at magnoliadesigns@shaw.ca...