Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Back To Work/School Thoughts, For The Love of Jon & Kate

(This post today is dedicated to Sara. Her comments are on yesterdays blog)
Sing it Staples!!!

The "City That Never Sleeps" is practically snoring. The tourists are gone, people are at work, and the kids are FINALLY at school! I feel like Will Smith in that MOVIE alone with his dog. Except I am alone in Starbucks drinking my $50 Frappuccino with my computer and my baby sleeping in the stroller. Today's thoughts surround the new season. Girlfriend is broke and most of my friends have all decided to go back to work at least part time. I decided to enroll in Gymboree. To meet moms like myself. The baby LOVES it and Ive met the sweetest people. But don't get me started on the topic of working vs. stay-at-home moms. It will require another blog. I worked all my life and dreamed of quitting and staying home, so why that I'm now home do I feel the need to go back?? And how can I go back when I have a bumper sticker that says "moms taxi?" This job I have here is the most expensive, hardest non-paying job there is! Imagine 8 of them?? Another Frap please!

I truly enjoy posting here and definitely have a soft spot for people like Kate. She has alot of my qualities though I am not as clean (lol) I love the kids, and Jon & my husband would be like brothers. So I get super sensitive if anyone dares to say the man has no spine. Dedication to women like us gets you the Disney Fastpass straight up to heaven. And so does loving your kids. Someone sent me this that was started on Facebook. A few people from there wrote it:
The ABC's of Why we like J&K+8
A-Aaden and Alexis
B-Beautiful kids
C-Collin and Cara
D-Devotion from parents
E is for all the ENTERTAINMENT they bring to us every week
F is for the strong and unified FAMILY the Gosselins are
G is for all the GIGGLES we get from the funny things everyone says
H is for HANNAH and her kind and mature nature
I is for If I'm having a bad day, J&K cheer me up
J is for Jon shouting out to his peeps.
K is for Kate managing the chaos everyday.
L is for Leah who makes my heart ache because she's just so adorable.
M-MADY..and for all the MOMS out there who need something to get through the day..and MONKEY MUNCH! :)
N- the NICE things Jon and Kate do for their family..and how much they provide and sacrifice
O- all the OVER excitement that goes all everyday
P-The hilarious POTTY training moments..and the earlier lack of potty training moments
Q- Queen Kate who rules her house with love and discipline
R- Relaxing and watching Jon and Kate
S- Smiles from all the cute Gosselin kids
T- Times that the family shares with us their fans!
U - Unbelievable (what this family has accomplished)
V - Very glad they are doing the show so we have the opportunity to get a glimpse into their lives
W - Wiener (as in "Daddy's have wieners!!" - Joel)
X - X-tremely cute ( i know, that's corny, but jeez these were the hard letters!)
Y- yellow stains to clean up (sorry i could not think of anything else for y)
Z- Zany kids

Enjoy the Jon & Kate Marathon tonight! If you didn't get to see Kate's Labor day please watch it as its probably the nicest and most emotional one they have done thus far. Also I love the Valentine's Day episode and I think its on tonight as well. I would like to leave you with a few additional blogs for you to view. The first is Martina's blog on first hand accounts of meeting Jon & Kate. Its called I MET THE GOSSELINS. Check it out. Also the reason why I started this blog, my friend Laura, who not only has a blog HERE about her love of J&K but also has a super cute MYSPACE page as well. Enjoy!


WhoCares? said...

Do you do anything but wander around the internet, looking for Gosselin websites? It truly seems like you absorb every word on GWOP. Then you come back here and regurgitate.

Have you noticed that Kate said "Our life is the show and the show is our life"?

Do you honestly believe that that is a healthy atmosphere to grow up in?

Baby Mama said...

As I stated on the previous post this was the only other time I went onto the site. Most of the info is sent back to me. Cant give them those hits girl! I try to stay away from the hate, lies, jealousy and bitterness that goes on on there. Still moderating on that site eh??? ;) COME OVER TO THE LIGHT!!!

WhoCares? said...

My previous comment posed two questions. I believe that the quote comes from the Gosselin's new and improved web site. Any particular reason why you ignored the questions?

You seem to be blinded by the light.

MaryMac said...

Thanks for these fun blogs! I appreciate them because I also am appalled at how mean those people are over there. I've seen other bashing sites - but that one is disgusting.

Of course you can do with your site what you want (and I am enjoying it) But I won't bother to read quotes from the other site if you put them up here again. Makes me sad at humanity.
Lipstick on a pig? For Gods sake!!
And why are the posters from over there so concerned with what you are doing here? Odd.

And oh yeah - just cause "whocares" asks a question and demands an answer does not mean you have to answer such trash.

All the Gosselin kids laugh easy and aren't shy. To me that says a lot on their mental state. I honestly believe that they live in a more healthy environment than TONS of kids in the country.

Again - thanks for the effort and I will spread this link!

Baby Mama said...

Mary Mac Please don't leave me! I promise promise never to spread the sickness over here again! Thanks for the post.

Marmie said...

You know I am nearing 50. I stayed home and HOMESCHOOLED my girls. One is married and about to give birth and will also homeschool. The other is a teacher in a private school. She plans if she ever finds a guy to homeschool also. There are times I wish to go to work!!!!!! Now its switched from caring for my kids to caring for the elderly in my family. One grandmother and my parents. I am worn to a frazzel and unlike with my kids I cant get the older ones to do what they should!!!!!! Somedays work looks good. But hubby has worked all his life for us to be able to just up and run off camping for the weekend. How can I go to work as I would not have a flexible schedule. But you know what........ There are rewards but I have to look for them. Yes alot of my friends are now going to work at least part time. its hard sometimes.
Yes I am like kate and I am OCD and clean freakishly. Im a germaphobe and yes my husband is like jon but yes he does have a spine. It takes a strong man to not break the spirit of a free spirited woman. that is what they fell in love with and its not always easy to love I tell ya. They are strong men.

Jon and kate well I dont like all the parenting they do. BUT HEY I regreat alot of the things I did parenting!!!!!! Pot cant call the kettle black ya know. But they are normal so normal and so just out there in the open..... that is why I watchthem even if they are not perfect becuase perfect would make me puke on top of question my own parenting skills and beat myself up more over my mistakes.

Nina Bell said...

You have a great site baby mama! Keep on writing and don't let the crazies get you down. What they have to say speaks volumes about themselves and nothing about you. Enjoyed reading.

Mom said...

Hey Baby Mama,

I salute you for balancing the babe, laptop and coffee at one time! :-)

I just began a music class with my little one and he LOVES it. Have fun at Gymboree!

katie said...
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katie said...

Baby Mama, I said it once and I will say it again. I Love Your Blog! There is so much negativity in this world. The day I stopped looking at GWOP is the day they asked their readers to write congress about the show. This thread is no longer on the blog. I am sure it was taken down after they realized the stupidity of such a comment. How obtuse of them to waste our congress men and women's time.
The Gosselin children are able to do things they never would have been able to do without the show. As viewers, we need to remember, we only see 22-44 of edited minutes a week of their lives. I watch it for what it is, a time for me to zone out and enjoy watching the kids.
My husband is half Korean and we will never have kids of our own. We have his and hers teenagers.(Ugh!) This was my draw to the show and this will always the reason I watch. The beautiful, happy 1/4 Korean children.
Sorry for the rant, I just want you to know you have real women watching and reading your blog and enjoying it.

Tina said...

I saw this Youtube video that is totally cute and I thought really cleverly done. Wonder how accurate it will be?

Baby Mama said...

Thanks so much Tina for letting me know about this cute video. I'm posting it today.