Monday, September 8, 2008

New Gosselin Aritcle Questions Stalking

Everyone is talking about this article from and apparently I am the last at the punch. I'm embarrassed because I normally try to get the hot scoop first. So I will quickly get to the high points and let those make the comment. Please read the whole article there, as it talks alot about how people come and hound this family. This wonderful article really goes nicely with all the flack recently on the mysterious sign in the front of the house that I was the ONLY one to defend:

"Bloggers can't seem to leave the Gosselins alone. They are scrutinized for everything from their choice to eat organic foods and hire help to allowing cameras to capture their everyday lives."

Sam Gatchell, police chief of the Northwest Regional Lancaster County Police Department, said officers have not received any complaints about traffic from neighbors in the development.

At one point, the Gosselins had contacted the police with concerns people were taking pictures and approaching their front door, he said.

"People didn't use good discretion. Instead of people taking pictures from the street they were up in the yard," Gatshall said.

Then, eyebrows raised this summer when signs appeared on the Gosselins' front lawn, with the warnings to "Stop" and "Do Not Enter" along with instructions not to stop in front of their house, take pictures and talk to them.

"Maybe they are having some issues with privacy but I haven't really seen anything indicating that," said Paul Wooldridge, 48, a neighbor who lives a few doors down.

The signs were removed within a few days but not in time to avoid a heated debate in the blogosphere."

This illustrates some of the concerns we have for the kids - that the Gosselins aren't discreet enough about their location. We really don't want people on the Gosselins' lawn either.


MysticNitekatt said...

I wonder if the signs were only up when they were away on one of their trips?

anya said...

There were a few of us who from the start who defended their right to post the signs. We had witnessed enough of the vitriol and stalking on the site-that-will-not-be-named to know just how NUTTY and overinvested some people are!

And did you notice there where no angry or malicious comments from their neighbors??? If you go on the other site, you would think every person in a five mile radius hates them!

Jen said...

This is super interesting ... Like Anya said, you don't seem to get the impression that their neighbors have any problems, but that's definitely not what you would think when reading other blogs.

And yes, you can post my blog entry about Kate. Could you just link up to my blog? Thanks! :) (and thanks for reading!)