Thursday, September 4, 2008

Gymboree thoughts and the J&K connection

Today was the last day of summer Gymboree program. In these baby classes you start out in a circle and each week they have you discuss a topic. This week we were discussing what helped us get through the day when we were home with our kids. One girl said she loved to watch A Baby Story & Jon & Kate +8.

WELL girl you came to the right place! I was so super excited that I could chime in on this topic. We talked about how fun it was to see the kids on the show in outfits we had on our own kids from Gymboree. We talked about how much we loved the show and how Kate gets such a bad rap. During random mat time I discussed how I have a blog and write about them. One girl said "whats a blog?" (??) My friend Casey said "Ohh its where people go and talk smack about shows". This other girl said "ohh I went on a site about them once and it was horrible, it was like viewing a witch hunt, never did it again." (hmmm) But it was this girl Renee that said the best quote: "Blogs tend to alter you views about a person or a show, so its best not to read that and continue watching what you love without second guessing it." Sooooooo true my friend. Why cant we go back to enjoying the show before we all got tainted by reading all the negativity? The reason this show has 2+million viewers I feel, is because most of the fans out there dont get dragged into the slander and enjoy the show, just like you did before reading all that garbage.

In a post I wrote HERE, I discussed the fact that alot of the j&k blogging threads have been closed due to alot of people being nasty to the fans. Well low and behold the Jon & Kate thread on was closed too! Why do people try so hard to taint the minds of others, and for what reason? Is TLC paying YOU and we do not know about it? One of the comments was that Kate gets EVERYTHING for free. And if you must know Kate DID get a few things free complementary from the Gymboree store by where she lives. They did it for the free publicity that they got back tenfold, as even I bought the swimsuit because I saw it on Mady. How do I know this? Well I worked for Gymboree for 3 years and still friends with my store and district manager for our region. But those people have me a 25 CENT raise, so don't think for a minute that Kate CONTINUALLY gets clothes for free. She DOES however get a discount.

I signed my daughter up for FALL classes today. My hands were burned by my credit card. For the record, I had to leave working at the store because I spent more then I made... sad! I leave you with Gosselin Websode (when the kids were still 3)#4:

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