Saturday, September 27, 2008

What Have I missed? Another Supposed "Truth" Blog Calls CPS?

Yes people we are back! Back to the real world! Disney was soo wonderful and I am so blessed to be able to afford to go. This was the first time going with an infant, so that was hard. Thank goodness my mom & dad came with us. It was so funny to see families with the grandparents in tow. I don't know how long I will be able to do that during the school year, but its less crowded and we had the best time! I totally freaked and I mean freaked, when I saw Jon & Kate's car/van, park in our resort parking lot while we were waiting for the Disney bus one day. It wasn't Jon & Kate, but another large family of 8. I never knew that people would actually buy that big ugly square thing, but I see that its quite popular. So it was at that point I was truly happy I left my computer at home and got back to enjoying my too short vacation.

Sorry, No Anonymous Here
Getting back to almost 200 mostly garbage e-mails, it was nice to see that some of you commented in my absence. I'm sorry that I don't allow you people wanting to be "anonymous". Then I would have tons of people trying to hind behind a name shield or a sicko posting a million times, so no, sorry, I wont do that on this blog.

Uhh Another Truth Person Will They Ever Go Away?
I was reading a few of my other favorite blogs to catch up, I saw this whole blog regarding this PennMommy woman who is writing another "supposed truth blog" and I wanted to puke. For several reasons. First, yeah, maybe you did or didn't take care of the babies at one point. This is another Julie situation where though the root might be fact, the rest of the filler is just garbage where they're trying to get 15 minutes of whatever fame they seek because just like Julie they are bitter, jealous and judgmental. Second, once they verify go on and on for days that they are legit, they swarm in on their high horse with their opinions and people take it as fact. I do not link hate blogs here, nor will I ever. But this person, (and don't get me started on what I originally wrote and deleted out of respect) now has put both her personal hospital saga on the same blog that she is bashing this family on and its not right. She can go on and on in the same sentence how this family loves their kids but at the same time that she and several others have called CPS on this family SEVERAL TIMES? Sorry, but I read that and I want to boil. Your private family business should be your own, and you should not be bashing people that comment on your blog in one sentence while your praying for your families health in another.

Now don't be mad if I modify this post since I am talking out of my Heine here, but just like the firestorm that was Julies original blog, now comes this other situation where you don't know where the truth starts and the opinions and "grey truths" end. I understand that this was bound to happen, as there were alot of people in the beginning helping this family. But if this woman was truly a baby helper then you have not seen them in a long time, so why blog and start up talking smack about them now? Like you know stuff you know you don't? If you have to monitor then disable comments, why must you also be nasty about it? I feel the same way that Barbara does when she said "it is so easy to get wrapped up in the "group" mentality. I am ashamed of myself for being like that.". I am ashamed that I ever went on those blogs and read what she and others write. Its sickening that someone would intentionally try to hurt a family that they no longer know, for whatever ever reason, like you think you have the best interest out for those children. I started this blog when GWOP started the same goal. Who is anyone to try to harm a family by playing God? When you know these children are in no way abused?

As I end this, I remember the story of little Nixmary Brown. Living where I do and hearing the tragedy of how CPS didn't do enough for this abused child is heartbreaking. It was in the news for months before finally fading into obscurity. THESE are the people that CPS should be helping. I cry just thinking about it. SHAME ON people like this PennMommy person, GWOP and anyone else that wastes CPS's time on bogus garbage. It takes away from the real cases where a child has to die at the hands of real abuse. Lets think about that for a while......


cali-mom said...

Hi, I am new to the blog world. I am glad to hear you had a great time in Disney "world" we are cali's and we are so excited about our trip to Disney"land" next June... Anyways, I'm glad you responded to PennMommy's blog. I have read her blog and I'm so over it. She seems like a very bitter woman. I look forward to future blogs from you.

Tina said...

Sorry, I accidently hit delete with the last post. What I said was the Gosselin 10 website has been updated in the last week or so, and looks really cute! They have even finished the "Kids Corner"

Glad you enjoyed your vacation!

Marmie said...

I totally agree with you. There are so many around and sets do have to be careful. Its a waste of time and IM ashamed of who ever came out this late and started a blog. They got thier 15 mins and that is what they wanted and now they got it hot and I guess they did not want that.

SoccerMomof3 said...

I'm glad you had a fun time at Disney World. We're thinking of going there this summer...any suggestions as to what to do (besides the theme parks?)

Yea...a lot has gone on...don't know if you had a chance to check out PM's site before she took it off. It's been interesting to say the least.

Again...I am glad you had fun.

Kelley said...

I like the no anon-posting policy! No, I love it!

LaoraC said...

Welcome home. :)

ScrantonMom said...

When looking for info on J&K about a month ago, it just so happened the GWoP blog caught my attention and I visited there first. I've been visiting this site and others and find so much conflicting information posted.

Sure, I have issues with some of the things I view on the show, but there really does seem to be a "love em or leave em" attitude at many of the other blogs and they have the need to criticize every little thing. It gets old, really fast.
I'm glad I found this site.