Thursday, September 11, 2008

What is YOUR Take On The Jon & Kate Controversy?

Recently I have received alot of e-mails asking me my stance on Truth (whatever that means), children on TV and Love Offerings. These seem to be the underlying issues regarding this family. I am truly sick and tired of being asked this, as I am a huge obvious fan of the show and support the Gosselin family, but let me stress this is my opinion only:

1. Please people, lets not go on with the issue of truth. Here it is: They were once struggling. Some didn't think so. Jon's dad helped them out when both were unemployed. Big deal. They could have still in their opinion considered themselves struggling. Get over it. Kate got help from people that were supposed to be doing this for the kids. Now one is blogging saying she didn't feel appreciated. People gave Kate "freebies". Then more came. People asked what they needed and she told them. And then more free stuff came..And people became upset that she was not entitled to what she received for the kids that truly need it regardless.

2. As the show became popular people got mad Kate has money now and is no longer "relate able". She should not be going around speaking in Churches and getting more money. Because nobody wants them with money. Then they would not be "relate able." So now they have no right to speak at churches even though they are no longer telling stories of struggling. Questions about college funds which are nobodies business. Because bottom line, if your poor, then you shouldn't be going to speaking engagements and giving people money. Your not told you have to, but people use this as a way to get people to bash Kate more. Because her insecurity and rough personality is not enough. Also it doesn't help that she is estranged from her family, and people who were again supposed to be helping out of love for the kids are crying "foul" and fighting over money. But what struck me as odd is so many people think that just because they don't see a particular person on the show, they are not in their lives. Again on the cutting room floor episode, did you notice at the beach the aunt & uncle being there that never made it to air?? Also TLC doesn't give them absolutely everything for free. I would like to see proof of that. Why cant Jon give his credit card to someone at a register without every hate blogger going "Ohh he's not REALLY paying for that!"

3. Now they have a hit show and money they should be taken off the air. Regardless of all that the kids receive, regardless if its a hit show. Because Kate doesn't deserve it. Kids, who are just living their lives, are now "workers". They use the issue of child advocacy. Yeah, like they truly care about these particular kids on TV. Kate annoys them, they use that as the excuse to give fans that were on the fence on how they felt about the show to jump ship. Start a hate blog... blah blah. I am all for keeping all children on Television safe. But Reality TV is a new medium to begin with and this is the first show of its kind to feature children. So I step into Kate's shoes. Would I want anonymous random people telling me how to raise my kids? Heck no! And for the record, why is it that just because she has a helper for 15 hours a week are people saying she doesn't take care of her kids?? Insane!

People on blogs literally sit by the TV with a notepad. They discuss every single issue down to the smallest point. Kate looks fat, she must be pregnant, Kate has too much blush on. Kate loves the girls more then the boys. Jon sits and does nothing. This is the most patient wonderful husband I have seen on TV. But if hes married to hate, hes a whipping boy. Sites like GWOP have basically made daily blogs about the same thing said 50 ways. Get them off TV. So they cant get any more money and the kids can have a life. Fact of the matter is, without this show they wouldn't have had that much. Yes they donations would have come and gone, but think of all this family would be without this show. Just another average family. And that's the underlying issue, people want them back to "normal" like themselves.


Quiltart said...

Baby Mama, I'm a big fan of the show and the Gosselins and my take on the situation is most definitely the same as yours. I'm surprised more people haven't posted this same thing in other forums!

Jon and Kate were given an amazing opportunity and they ran with it! Their kids do not appear to be in anyway abused... They are able to give them a very good life!

A lot of what I read on the web reminds me of a game we used to play in elementary school called "Gossip", where folks sit a circle. The first person whispers something to the next person who whispers it to the next person and by the time the whisper gets around the circle,
the message has been completely distorted into something else altogether....

My point is that just because someone reads something in a blog or on the web doesn't make it true.

Think about it... Kate is shown going to a spa three times over the course of three years and on a blog you read that she spends all of her time at a spa. She has her hair cut in a modest neighborhood beauty salon and she is criticized for having her hair done all the time. They hire a part time nanny/babysitter and Kate is accused having full time help and of not spending enough time her her kids... A catering truck is parked outside her house on days the production company is at her house and she suddenly has a full time organic chef... Kate says boys can be "icky" because they get dirty and the rumormongers say that Kate doesn't love her sons as much as her daughters. The Gosselins cancel speaking engagements where they are only paid by love offerings and start charging a speakers fee, and they are accused of begging for money... and on and on it goes.

No matter what Jon and Kate do, it is under public scrutiny and often ends up distorted...

I applaud your post for saying it like it is, Baby Mama! If those who say they are so concerned about these children REALLY care about these children, they should leave their family alone...
No one is forcing them to watch the show.

My Semblance of Sanity said...

Well-said! And you know if they went off the air, all the haters would say, "Ohhhh, so they were juston TV for the money and big house and now they don't care aboutg iving back, etc."

Have you read the "give back" comment on the bottom of the home page of their new site?
...childhood cancer - YAY!

katie said...

Baby Mama and quitart, very well said!
The Gosselins have been given a wonderful opportunity to raise their children in a way they would not have been able to otherwise. I think it is great.
They are also put down for the "rumors" of them building a house in South or North Carolina. Good for them! They need to get out of their neighborhood and have a little more privacy, they are celebrities now.
I am amazed at the hated for Kate at the GWOP site. I have tried to post twice and on both occasions, not only were my comments not posted, but the thread was taken down.
1. GWOP asked people to write to Congress to have the show taken off the air. I was shocked that GWOP would want to waste out representatives time with this and I let them know that. The thread was taken down.
2. GWOP had a screen shot of Jon and Kate on the couch and asked people to add a caption. It was gross, people were being very cruel and full of hate. I let them know how awful I thought it was and it was taken down.
I do not take credit for having these threads taken down. I am sure I am not the only one sending posts about the same issues, so I know there are others like us, we just don't see our comments.
Thank you for your blog, I enjoy reading it. :)

breedingfamily said...

Where can we buy those shirts?

MommyZinger said...

Here is mine:

Perks, freebies and donations.
Personally, I would take the clothes, toys, household items. I would take a personal chef, a trainer, a nanny, a tutor and all the trips. I wouldn't deny my kids the opportunities and experiences that would enrich their lives. I think most people would do the same. I would even accept a tummy tuck. I know that when I get to do things for myself, I am "Happy Mommy" instead of "Mean Mommy". So I don't understand why people have a problem with the perks. (other than jealousy)

I have no idea how much money it would take to raise 8 children to adulthood and beyond. For example, if you wanted to pay for weddings and such. A LOT! If no one knows how much it costs and no one knows how much they have (none of our business) then how can people say they are lying?

Child exploitation.
People are angry about Jon and Kate making money off the children. Well, its also FOR the children. That's one of those "Does the means justify the end?" questions. I will just leave it to Jon and Kate to decide what's in the best interest for their own children. I really do think it is most parents natural inclination to protect their children.

Parenting choices.
Well, I know I haven't been a perfect parent ALL the time. Times when I have been a less than stellar parent I'm sure glad cameras aren't around taping me. Yes, Jon and Kate have room for improvement but don't we all? Plus, there are so many different parenting syles no one will agree.

Choice to do the show.
Personally, I would take the easiest job that paid me the most money. If I could stay home with my kids and get paid for it then that's the job for me. Lazy? Maybe but I call it practical. I don't think it's a bad thing that they earn income through a reality show. Since I consider the show their job, (and I am sure at this point some aspects of it are like work) I don't think they are exploiting their children to fund their retirements.

"Truth" blogs.
I can see how these blog authors would feel compelled to get their truths out there. They feel they have been wronged and want to set the record straight. I would be frustrated too. But the only results I have seem from these blogs is not good. It's almost comical. If I were JOn and Kate, I would be laughing at the behavior of some of these people. It was such a good decision for them to remain silent. I imagine it is EXTREMELY hard to sit back while people bad mouth your family. It makes them look way more respectable than the "haters" that participate in these blogs.

That's my opinion.

Baby Mama said...

For those interested in the tees, specifically Kates, please go to this site:

LaoraC said...

AGREE 100%.

Shannon said...

I ran across the GWOP blog today by accident while googling speaking engagements for Jon & Kate. I agree with everything you posted. These people are full of hate and really need to just leave them alone and be happy for the blessings God has provided. I read their new book and was further inspired by their story. It's too bad our society is lazy and wants to get everthing for free themselves, and when they don't, they critizise those who get a "handout." Jon & Kate in my opinion have worked for what they have. God rewarded their decision to NOT have selective reduction. He is using them and their testimony to bring others to Christ.

I thank you for your positive blog! God bless :o)

mmh7mom said...

I am a fan of the show and had been watching since it started.There are a lot of controversies out there and i don't really believe most of them.Truth is,people are just jealous of them.It seems that people who become famous have alot of haters out there.I guess no one is perfect,and i guess nobody should judge the gosselins and i think that they should just keep their mouth shuts.And if you dislike them,then maybe just mind your own business and maybe don't watch the show and watch the show that you like instead. The Gosselin parents seem to know what they are doing for they are grown-ups.
And to those people who said that Jon and Kate have no jobs,i think they have,and that's taking care of their children!!!!