Thursday, September 4, 2008

More improved blog I promise!

First off, though it was a repeat it was great to see the Oprah show I never got to see. I am going to post more today, but just wanted to say thank you to those that have written me. A few of you had things to say regarding my blog. And I take all your comments seriously. Most were going in the direction that there are already too many hate sites out there, and my bitter tone in few of my posts puts me out there with the rest. And while I agree with you, the whole purpose of this blog was to vent out my frustration over the lies that have been spread about this family. And while I wont say that I wont continue to gripe about it, the goal is for fans of the show to have a place to go where they could comment and not feel bullied by the haters of the show. And well to smile.......

So with that said I must eat a cookie to get my sugar up and try to get a more positive outlook on this family and on my blog. I will try my hardest. Any of you that wish to contribute to this blog, contact me through the comments section, and I will pull the post and contact you privately. I will update this post tonight after the kids are in bed........CHOW

Ohh one more thing, this is so random, but can someone tell me if there is anyone other than Pottery Barn Kids that makes those cute chair back mailboxes? Last night they showed The Valentines Day episode and my kids went nuts over those mailboxes. I know Pottery Barn does them for all the Holidays coming up but they are not selling them now. Thanks! ;)


MaryMac said...

Lordy-B Girl! I hope you didn't think I wanted you to stop debunking the bunk! Keep on doing that. I just didn't like reading all those quotes. Made me feel....dirty. LOL.
But yeah, shine the light on the truth and gripe away!

AND I have no idea where to get those mailboxes.

Anonymous said...

Pottery Barn will probably start selling them again around V-Day. They've had them seasonally the past few years. Also, you can find them on Ebay. The Thanksgiving and Christmas ones are more common because people snatch up the other ones, but they pop up on there every once in awhile. Type in "pottery barn chair backers".