Tuesday, September 9, 2008

GWOP Jealousy Issues, Kate Gosselin: Victim of the blogosphere?

Good morning Gosselin fans. Here its super black outside, looking like its gonna pour. The last of the family members are visiting, and my kids start Gymnastics, Soccer etc. During nap time I'm normally cleaning, but I wanted to post this up. As usual GWOP is having moral issues. Finally, after so many complains they had to post this:

"People have been complaining about "positive" comments not being posted and comments by "crazies" getting through. Please keep in mind that: comments do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the moderators; this is a volunteer effort and we all have other lives; and, sometimes, moderators get tired."

Ok, so the "crazies" did come out last night. Many just wanted to come on saying Kate looked fat. huhh?? But mostly they didn't know what to do with themselves because the episode was good. So they decided to let the jealousy claws come out again to complain about the whole promoting the V-tech thing. Now maybe I am THAT ignornant, or are people truly LOOKING for things to complain about? First off if I could get anything cool like that for my kids I would smile for the cameras real quick. Its sad when you hear comments like this:

" I am a single mother and to see those beautiful children receive so many things and go so many places that MY beautiful child may not get to do, since I actually earn MY living, it just upsets me."

Reading the e-mails I get get about this site REALLY upsets me. Just because you might not be able to do or get what this family has doesn't mean its OK to bash them on a hate site for that reason. If it truly made those feel people feel better wasting their time like bullies calling a mother fat, then I don't know what to say. However on a similar note, I am super excited to start having my first set of contributing bloggers to my site! The first is Jen, and the full blog can be read HERE:

Kate Gosselin: Victim of the blogosphere?

"I’ve been a fan of Jon and Kate Plus 8 since their first season. I’m a reality tv junkie and lover of all things baby, so I became a fast fan of the show. Other than the fact that I liked it, I didn’t really have any opinions of the show or the Gosselin family.

And then I ruined it.

One day I happened to stumble upon a blog that was super critical of Jon and Kate Gosselin, Kate in particular. Readers of the blog had a million and one comments regarding the show. I never realized that Kate was such a controversial individual. She’s too mean to Jon, she doesn’t do enough with her kids, she’s neurotic, she’s money hungry, she doesn’t have a relationship with her parents, she’s ungrateful, she’s annoying, she shut Aunt Jodi out of the lives of her children, etc.

A quick Google search informed me that there is a whole slew of Kate haters all over the web. On occasion her fans will stick up for her, but the fans seem to be greatly outnumbered by those who criticize her.

This week while watching a recent episode, I became extremely annoyed. I couldn’t just see Kate Gosselin as a regular mom of 8 (super cute) kids. All I saw were the less than desirable qualities that others see in her and so vehemently blog about. It’s no longer mindless television. Crap.

I wonder if Kate Gosselin really is deserving of all the criticism or if she’s just an unlucky victim of the blogosphere? Either way my Jon and Kate Plus 8 experience is now totally unenjoyable. Thanks a lot blogosphere. "


crcham said...

So many nasty people out there. I wonder how brightly these families would shine if the spotlight were turned on in their homes.

Love the blog, Baby Mama! Keep it up!

Kelley said...

I just think people will always find something negative about a good thing. Kate and Jon may have had a lot of difficulty providing the little extras that someone with three children would have been able to give their children. If product placement gives their kids some fun and an extra toy or three than so be it. And If I had eight kids, I would be looking for ways to get money in to provide more for my family.

SoccerMomof3 said...

I happen to agree with you. I did like the show before I logged onto the internet and stumbled into these rooms. Now I do look a little more critically at Kate and I hate that I am doing that. I am now indifferent to the show, but when I see my 5 year old light up and look at the show not at all the critical little things the parents do she reminds me of why I started watching the show to begin with. With that said...I am starting my own blog about Jon and Kate. A fair look at their lives and a fair recap of the episodes for anyone who missed them and really want to know what happened instead of reading critical tidbits throughout the recap. I would love to leave my blog addresses here if I can. Thanks for having this site.

Baby Mama said...

The more blogs about fair and honest discussion the better. I appreciate all comments and will look out for all this great new stuff! I will link you up sometime this week.

Anonymous said...

" I am a single mother and to see those beautiful children receive so many things and go so many places that MY beautiful child may not get to do, since I actually earn MY living, it just upsets me."

This comment that you have posted here is sooooooo not what I posted on GWoP. Yes, I am the writer of that comment and after doing some Googling tonight I just happened upon this site and to see my comment taken and rewritten doesn't feel too great.

Yes, the Gosselin children received a V-tech. Yes, the Gosselin children and their family get to go on trips. All of those things were given to them for free. Jon & Kate do not have real jobs working in the real world. Maybe if I pimped my family out I could receive free stuff as well.

By giving these children things for free do you think that's teaching them the value of money? Do you think that's teaching them to be grateful and thankful for what they have and have received? Do you think that's teaching them to work hard to earn what they want? What will happen as the Gosselin children get older? Are they going to expect everything to be handed to them?

I am a single mom and I work hard every single day to provide for my children and I'm pretty damn proud of that.

If I wanted my CHILDREN (yes, I said CHILDREN because I have 2 children and stated CHILDREN in my original comment on GWoP) to have a V-tech I would pay for it myself. If I wanted to take my CHILDREN on a trip I would pay for it myself. It doesn't mean that if it was offered to me for free that I wouldn't take it. Like I stated previoulsy, I work hard to provide for my children but children also know the value of money, how to be thankful for what is given to them, and how it feels to be proud that they did a job well done to earn the things that they have received.

And saying I'm jealous because Jon, Kate and the 8 Gosselin children get things handed to them is just a lame excuse. I don't walk in Kate's shoes and she doesn't walk in mine. Heck you, Baby Mama, don't walk in my shoes and I don't walk in yours.

Please take this comment down from your site or please make sure you have it quoted properly if you want it to remain on your site.

Thank you.

Baby Mama said...

I NEVER add to comments, only trim them if the whole comment can't fit. So after looking into what was written, the comment was never twisted. I am sorry your upset that it might look bad. Send me what you actually wrote and if I can I will change it.