Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Marathon tonight! Give Kate A Break!

Hello and Happy Hump Day. Today I finally felt like I would be getting back into the flow of not having kids around and being with a baby. It reminds me of how I felt being a mom for the first time. I did get to go out shopping without people hounding me to buy them stuff! Tonight is another Jon & Kate marathon. I guess this is the new thing for TLC. For some its like, OK again? But for me, its great because I've seen the episodes, and I can go do homework or baths and not feel like I'm missing anything when Im going past the TV 50 times! Today I'm excited to have another contributing blogger. Her name is Michelle and she has a really cool blog called "My Semblance Of Sanity".


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Wow! Somewhere there is a blog sending Kate-haters to my Jon & Kate + 8 + Me post. It kind of cracks me up that people like that actually take the time to search out people like me and THEN take even MORE time to leave insidious comments like those at the end of that post. What gets me even more is they don't comment in a way that I could respond only to them. They are either anonymous or their screen name doesn't link to anything. Real big of ya.

Really, people?

I truly don't get it. If I could comment directly to those people, it would go something like this:

First of all, why do you care so much that I actually like Kate? You don't even know me. Because if you knew me, you would know that I am one of the most strong-headed-make-my-own-decisions person you will ever meet. Your opinions on anything wouldn't sway my own. It's just how I am. If I like Kate, I like Kate. Period.

Second of all, I would like to know how many of you have never said anything to your spouse that would embarrass you if it were aired on National TV. Nothing? Are you sure? You are kidding yourself if you continue to refute the fact that there are a handful of comments you wish you could take back; an armload of attitude that would make you look bad. We have all had those times where our spouse's actions or comments have left us wondering why we don't just fillet him on the it hormones, call it happens.

Third, look away from the computer and count your children. Do you have 8? Count them, 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-EIGHT! OF COURSE THE POOR WOMAN DOESN'T WANT A would be EIGHT FREAKING times bigger than the normal mess a child can make. If you have a child, you know what I mean. If you don't have a child, (*laughs*) just wait. When you are cleaning spit-up off the back of your head and wondering how it got there, you will also be thanking the LORD ALMIGHTY that you do not have EIGHT! And you wanna talk about stress? Stress that makes you want to peel your own eyelids off because it couldn't feel worse? No one who has left a comment on my blog could POSSIBLY KNOW the stress Kate Gosselin feels in her own home!

Here's the thing. I really like Kate. Not because she is famous and not because I am a stalker, but because I am a mom. I have LESS than HALF of Kate's kids and even just looking back over the last few days, there are moments that, if televised, would make me crawl into a hole and die.

Let's be clear. Those moments don't make me a bad mom, it doesn't make me a horrible wife or a bad Christian, it makes me HUMAN! I give Kate Gosselin a huge pat on the back for being genuine. For not being afraid to bare her soul, good side and bad, to make the rest of us not-so-perfect moms realize that we are not alone. I am a big fan of the show and I am a BIGGER fan of REAL people who don't feel they need to "fake it" so the ignorant ones don't throw stones.

Glass houses, people. Get it?


kykyscott said...

Kudos!!! That's exactly the way I feel about J&K + 8. I'm sure we can all relate...some people just choose not to. It gives them some sense of satisfaction to say that she's a horrible person.

Marmie said...

Now I have to say I agree with you but I also would like to add that even if you had 8 kids would six be the same age. There is something about six teething babies or six terrible twos or six going thru the its mine stage that is overwhelming to even think of.

Also I have to say that there are time when my mouth (Life) shown on Tv with my husband kids or just anytime would be up for ridcule. OH MAN what you would say about me as I would make KATE look like a saint some days!.

Another issue is yes its part of the life they live but my goodness having people in my house daily all the time and wires running all over for lights and just those lights would drive me to the brink if not over.

YUP KATE your human and I would make you look like mother theresa some days lol

The Martin's said...

Amen !!! My friend and I were talking about this the other day. If I had a camera in my house all the time Kate would look like Mother Theresa !!!

And the thing I hate the most about GWOP is that they complain and complain and plead to J&K to change their behavior. And when they do make some changes they call it "damage control" and make fun of them for it. They say they are in it for the children but I really don't see the children suffering ? Yes, there have been some monents where I have thought "man that was mean" like the cupcake episode. It wasn't really their birthday on that day and if it is a rule in their house then that is how it is.

I have tried to leave several comments on that site but none of them are ever published. The last time I made a comment was on the post where someone had posted a pic of J&K and you were supposed to make up the caption. I could not believe some of the comments they were making. Attacking their appearance, comments about Jon meeting Jenny in the laundry room... I made a comment about how rude everyone was being and when I went back to see if the comment had been posted the whole post was gone ???

I don't agree with everything that J&K do but I also think that they truly do love each other and they would do anything for those kids.
I think it has ALOT to do with how the producers choose to portray them and they worse it is the better the ratings !!!

And I thought that VMotion thing looked awesome !!! I plan on buying it for my daughter for her birthday !! And I think I might even write to the company to tell them I saw it on J&K+8 !!! =)

mommyk08 said...

I love the show. So does my husband actually. He thinks Kate is so mean to Jon. lol :) I do think she deff wears the pants, but really she has to b/c she is the one thats home all day. We love watching the kids live, its so fun isn't it??