Friday, September 5, 2008

Dont Believe Everthing You Read, 3 Stars! & J&K on My Space?

While normally I would rant and rave about the recent blogs that have been coming out with "all the personal and private" not-so-behind the scenes of Jon & Kate, I am going to bite my teeth really, really hard and just say this.....While I don't doubt that these people have at least MET Jon and Kate, I personally don't believe for a minute alot of what they are claiming about this family.

I met Kate. I saw her at Target, She was wearing a sweatshirt which wasn't really nice, but one of the three tups she was with was sick so she was walking fast. I said hello and asked her "how do you deal with all the blogging about you?" She just said "I just don't read it or get caught up in it." She smiled and walked away.

Did that actually happen. NO. I made it up. But you believed it based on it being on my blog right? Yes. My point being, just because its blogged somewhere doesn't make it true. Take all that you read with a grain of salt. There are ALOT of completely and partially made up stories out there by those that want to sway your opinions of this family and question why you liked the show in the first place. You, of sound mind, will laugh and just move on with your lives as you should. My "Quote of The Day" is from Guinevere

"She may be telling the truth about knowing the Gosselins; it wouldn't shock me. It also wouldn't surprise me to find out she's never met them. It wouldn't surprise me to find out that her whole blog is a sock puppet for someone who does or doesn't know the Gosselins and holds a grudge against them."

The Jon & Kate Official My Space Page

Loving The New Gosselins10! I never did comment on the much new and improved look of the new website. I really wish that they would finish the kids corner because I am super curious to see what they were going to write about each one. I was also happy to see Kate responded to alot of issues circulating around including the whole Gourmet Chef thing. Recently and for the second time a NEW Official Jon & Kate My Space page came out. Whats great about My Space is that you have to be "invited" to see some of the private pages. Its all fans so you have none of the negativity and you can post awesome pics. The first time it was up was way before any of these blogs came up, and several thousand people would get on the blog thinking it was them. Funny, they had Kevin and Jodi's page as the first of their "friends". In the heat of the past few months it was taken down. There was a rumor that it wasn't them. Fast forward to less that two weeks ago the same OFFICIAL Jon & Kate Page was up again. Thousands got on it again asking if it was them and talking about what huge fans they were. Yesterday it was taken off again. My point is, there are SOO many people out there and so many stories, there's no way all could be truth or fair. That is "the aura of mystery with Jon & Kate" that keep people coming back for more.

And finally, Seasons one and two of the Jon & Kate DVD got 3 STARS from You can purchase them before season 3 is available HERE. I didnt know that there were so many different versions? Did you??


Marmie said...

Someone sent me these comments on a J&K hate board and man Im just wondering what your thoughts are on this. I mean if they are going to adopt or have another well you know the little ones are going to school and it happens to all moms We get that want a baby thing. AND GOD BLESS THEM IF THEY ARE GOING TO!!!!!!! My husband and I have been trying for so many years to have Another so anytime someone is blessed it thrills us. Especially one who supposedly could not have another!!!! Well below is the comments that were emailed to me from another board.

Every now and then, one troll or another tries to start a rumor that the Gosselins are pregnant or adopting. And then, there are the remarks that multiple viewers heard on the show's "Kate's Labor Day" episode.
And then there's this:
Why/why not do you think Kate is pregnant or adopting ? Please remember to use the Kate Had IUI thread in the Medicinal Purposes board in the Inner Circle if your comments are related to methods available to Kate to become pregnant.

From JK8Forum:
3boys wrote on 09/02/08 at 14:09:46:
kate wrote on 09/02/08 at 10:45:10:
No matter what the reason for the donation to RMH, I am glad that it happened. That money will help other families in need.

Did anyone happen to hear the baby comment by Alexis and Jon? It happened roughly halfway through the show. She said that they were getting a baby, and then Jon said that they were getting a baby soon. I only heard it because my tv volume was turned up loud- if thats what I indeed heard.

i saw Leah turn around and ask "when are we getting our baby" and Jon replied "soon". Can't imagine what THAT means.

I actually enjoyed this episode. Although the idea of it more than the actual episode. I think the hospital was totally wrong to let 8 kids and several adults into a sterilized OR. And Dr. Bade or whatever his name was looked pretty angry to me that they were in there. And they NEVER should have went into the NICU. When my son was in there, you had to scrub your hands for 5 minutes up to the elbow in order to enter. BAD choices by the hospital.

Kate seemed much more relatable to me. Talking about her pregnancy and the time after her delivery, I felt somewhat sorry for her. She seemed so wistful. Like she wanted to go back to that time.

From GWOP:
Kristee said...
I really think Kate "may" be pregnant. I re~watched the part where she was talking about the smell of the hospital, and she clearly does not say it in past tense. All of this is imo only...but if she is pregnant the joke is on all of us.
9/02/2008 1:37 AM

Anonymous said...
I hate to add to the speculation, but I just viewed the rerun (2nd airing) of Labor Day and Yes, I did catch the baby comment from I am pretty sure was Leah (she has shorter hair than Alexis), but she and Alexis both say one after another, "we're gonna have a baby," and Jon says "We're gonna have a baby too." That's what it sounded like to me, too. And if you watch the couch scenes, Kate's arm is across her middle in just about every scene, hiding what appears to be a baby bump under the tight green tee. I feel vomitous ish.
9/01/2008 11:15 PM

Sara said...
YES, everyone heard that of the boys said "You know, we're going to have a baby too." (as if he was telling Cathy, the woman holding the newborn, and Jon repeats "We're going to have a baby too." THEY ARE GOING TO HAVE A BABY. The woman has said over and over that one mother cannot handle that many kids, but apparently she still wants to know what it's like to have just ONE baby!

Also, she DOES say, not once, but TWICE, about them not taking naps. The first time she said to a nurse or the hospital PR person "We did this instead of naps", and later she said "Next time let's do this after nap." Why bother showing them waking up from naps? Perhaps she was talking about the boys, because we never did see them waking up. But do the boys take naps later than the girls, and they had skipped their naptime? Who knows.

But really, ANOTHER BABY?? Will any adoption agency in their right mind allow that to happen? Why not just throw a baby bunny in with some hungry lions while you're at it!
9/02/2008 5:56 AM

Sara said...
To follow up my previous post, I listened to it again, and it was a girl tup (not a boy) that said they were going to have a baby too, but right before that, if you listen VERY CAREFULLY, you can hear that another one of the tups said it right before that. So not once, not twice, but THREE TIMES they said it. There's no way it can be mistaken when you have three opportunities to hear it.
9/02/2008 6:08 AM

Baby Mama said...

I know alot about secondary infertility as I have a family member that went though IVF in order to get pregnant after several unsuccessful IUI's. With that said I cant get over how people will look for ANYTHING to blog about regarding the Gosselins. It took me like THREE tries before hearing what Jon said. Now personally I know my husband has humored my kids more than once by saying they could try or hold something later, just to get the kids off his back now. So either he was just humoring her or this is a rumor that is true. I guess we will have to wait a few moths to find out. But by the time we get to point out "haha you were WRONG", people are already off to the next rumor to spread. "Gourmet Chef" anyone? "Mom of the month" anyone? If your asking my opinion, I don't think that they would have another, but I could be wrong. More power to them. I think TLC have shown us quite a few families that are not the average family of 4 doing just fine.

Marmie said...

well since the episode they are talking about is roughly six to eight weeks behind...... She would have to be pushing three months by now. Yes I think when little ones go to school moms get the itch and I have heard her hint at times " when I see the baby pics I want another one" which we all do. who doesnt want a baby when you see one. But I would say with in the month they would have to say something or admit to it becuase she would begin to show. I for one would say more power to them. I would be excited and love to follow along with the new miracle in thier life. But boy you just wait..... they will be picked apart for it. GOSH I hate to see what they would do if my evry day life were up for grabs. They would tear me to shreds!!!!!