Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sextuplets Birthday Party, Jon & Kate The Movie? Jon & Kate Affair EVERYWHERE

Hello Gosselin Fans! Well if your not sick to death of the million repetitive articles on Jon & Kate & their supposed affairs you maybe soon. With Kevin & Jodi now claiming Kate was giving Jon a "contract to cheat" I was laughing so hard I almost fell to the floor. Its got so insane at this point, nothing is believed anymore. And what's with everyone's brothers coming out now trying to get as much cash as they can out of this mess? I myself need to give my brother the side eye at this point. (lol) With the season premiere looming and looking to be the highest ratings EVER for TLC & hopefully cable, will people tune in for the entire season? Or will this be a one shot deal?

I am just about ready to start the NEW JON & KATE FAN SITE. I feel that its a great time to unload the past and start off fresh. Again, I hope my followers of this blog will come to the new site. My husband surprised me for Mother's Day with a family vacation to CA the first week of June. (The kids LOVED the Lego Land Episode which sparked my CA interest). So there may be a slight pause if I don't take my computer, but other than that its full steam ahead with the new blog! I'm looking to close this site this weekend, including the comments. I am so super excited and I hope you will feel free to come and comment now on the new site!

And finally, a few of you had mentioned seeing previews for the new Jon & Kate episode during a commercial for Night At the Museum: Battle Of The Smithsonian. I think it was shown because that episode is also at The Smithsonian and will be shown this season. If you think its on before the season starts, let me know.

Jon & Kate THE MOVIE?

Well rumors are flying everywhere about this new topic: Jon & Kate the movie.

"The Gosselins supposedly are going to work with a ghostwriter to pen a book about their very public leap into the nation's consciousness -- a book that will then be turned into a TV movie.

Think about it: A small-screen flick, inspired by a small-screen reality show.

No word on who would be considered to play Jon and Kate, ''but it's likely it will be two unknown actors, picked for physical similarities to the Gosselins," said a source at TLC, the cable channel that airs the couple's hit show ''Jon & Kate Plus Eight.'

Jon & Kate Get Back To "Business" And Everyday Life via. People.com

On Saturday, Kate and all eight children (Cara, Madelyn, Alexis, Hannah, Aaden, Collin, Leah and Joel) visited Party City in nearby Wyomissing to buy supplies for the sextuplets' fifth birthday party the next day. The children were well-behaved, employees told PEOPLE, and bodyguard Steve Neild accompanied them.

Jon and Kate put on a united front at the birthday party Sunday – one week later than their actual birthday, which the family had celebrated privately at home. The Backyardigans-themed bash was held at a local water park, and the sextuplets' friends from pre-school joined in the fun.

Nanny Exclusive on The Insider?

Figures, it was the media sleazy "The Insider" that put Jodi & Kevin's Radar Online interview on TV. Well it turns out, they also found the woman that Kate hired to help her find a nanny during that "nannies" episode. My goodness who ISN'T getting paid? Go figure, I actually remember seeing her on the show and she had nothing but RAVES about how wonderful the Gosselins were
"Kate knew exactly what she wanted. We saw nothing but loving, wonderful parents while we were there. They were very affectionate towards each other. Who doesn't need a break, or would be stressed with that many kids to take care of." Go figure, they didn't get the nasty dish I'm sure they were hoping to get.

Kate Denies All Rumors Via Celebrity TV

Kate Gosselin News Timeline


Panda said...

Like you BabyMama I too enjoyed a good laugh after watching the newest Kevin and Jodi video. A secret contract? Wow. All that lip liner must be sinking in to Jodi's face and impairing her brain function if she thinks that it is okay to come out with these stories. Even if by some small off-chance that what they're saying is true, in what universe is it acceptable to take a paycheck for exposing your family's marital problems? I really just do not get it. I will continue to pray for Jon and Kate and most importantly their children that they can (on top of everything else that's going on) somehow make it over the betrayal by their family that they are facing through this adversity.

Can't wait for your new blog. I'll continue to read for as long as the show is on and hopefully even longer after that =) Keep up the good work

3KMOM said...

I have a hard time understanding the whole Jodi/Kevin thing. I mean these are some pretty serious things they are throwing out there right now. They are basically telling us that J&K have been totally lying and deceiving us in their show and books. They are saying she is going around the country promoting a lie. I have such a hard time believing that a woman who came across as so honest in how she handles herself in front of the camera, to the point she doesn't hold back when she's in a rant, that she would do a 180 and do some secret contract thing w/ her husband where he can have other girlfiends. I mean I remember Kate saying they didn't want to do the reality show if it wasn't real and that she wouldn't redo clips or do things in a way they normally wouldn't do b/c that wouldn't be real. Now I realize people and their circumstances change and certainly there's has but I have such a hard time believing they have changed THAT much. What floors me is where Jodi and Kevin came up with this stuff because they also don't seem like the type that would lie. I am really flabbergasted. They haven't talked to the Gosselins in a year but six months ago Jon told them this? I really just don't get it.

Baby Mama said...

I really hope and pray the Gosselins sue them. As I said boefre they pretty much made sure that they will never be a part of those kids lives again. It's so sad. And you wonder why Kate wants nothing to do with her family. Would you want siblings that would turn on you for a buck?

I was pretty surprised watching The Insider today about the Nanny. It looked like they were going to drop a bombshell and it was the total opposite. Now I know Nannies-for-hire would never bash this family. Their business would be in the toilet. But I was surprised that she had nothing to say but praise and love for the both of them. It was almost as surprising as (SPOILER) Olympian Shawn Johnson winning Dancing With The Stars over the hotness that is Gilles Marini! ;)

jk8fan said...

I always thought it would be cool to make a movie like out of Multiple Blessings, but who will play the Gosselins, I mean no one can replace those kids and defiantly no one can compare to Jon and Kate.

MrsRef said...

I don't think the contract is all that far fetched. That way Jon is telling the truth when he says he did not cheat. And of course the Nannie 4 hire lady was all praises. She also received monies on behalf of the family. Why would she say anything else. I would rather hear from Jenny or any of the several other helpers in that household or a crew member. The truth is out there somewhere in the middle of he said/she said.

~The~Wacky~Whittons~ said...

Oh Baby Mama, I had to lol @ your DWTS comment lol. I LOVE LOVE that Team Shark won!!! I am thrilled. I jumped up so high and did the Team Shark Dance! I too would love to find out what is going on with Jodi and her hubby. Crazy. I still heart Jon and Kate and am so excited for the new season to start!!!!! =)

Tricia said...

I'm sad for Jon and Kate. I just don't know how family (Kate's bro) could turn on them so easily. We all need to continue to pray for the Gosselin family, for J&K's marriage to become stronger out of this and for protection over their precious 8. It's so sad how people can be so cruel for money.

A.E. Wallace said...

I finally watched the Jodi/Kevin interview as well. All I can say is "WOW"! They are either very good actors or truly believe what they are saying. I do find it sad that even if any of it is true that they would come out to the media and now of all times. I really don't understand the reasons behind why they weren't able to be paid, if Kate did freak out and say they were the only ones who were allowed to get paid, then it may have been out of fear that they would lose something for their own children if others started getting paid too, I don't know, it doesn't make sense. I still don't understand all of the hatred towards Kate and the family. I look at comments on some of the sites...it is crazy how many people just want to be negative and cut them down.

My feeling is this, so what if she is portraying herself as a certain way and she may be different or not so nice behind the scenes, we are all that way. People are watching and buying the books, that is their choice, no one is forcing them to do it.

I understand a lot of the anger is because the people think the children are suffering, in my opinion they seem like regular kids, well behaved, playful, friendly with tantrums mixed in, my kids are the same way. I know if I had 8 kids and needed to provide for them and I was offered the opportunity like they were, I would probably take it as well.

For whatever reason the people who really like them, do like and support them, I am one of them. No one is perfect, not one of us and even Kate admits to that quite frequently. I am a perfectionist as well and I am harder on myself than anyone else. But sometimes it comes out the wrong way and I am hard on those around me as well.

My heart goes out to this family, I pray they can weather the storm. Again, maybe this is all hype to get free publicity, who knows, I kind of hope it is for the children's sake. I just know that I really enjoy watching the show and seeing the kids grow up. :-)

Thanks again for your site Baby Mama, I can't wait for the new site and the new season to begin!

Jenny said...

I wonder if there has been some sort of sociological study done about fame. Why does society feel the need to almost celebrate the fact that a couple is having normal (in my opinion) problems? Don't we all go through some sort of issue like this in our marital lives? I don't believe there is any cheating going on...I believe that they are just having a bump in the road and need to work on figuring it all out. Even without the reality show, it's a sort of milestone year in their lives - the kids aren't babies anymore and your marriage has to adjust to that -- just like we ALL do.

I believe that women feel the need to bring Kate down because, even though she has 8 kids - she is smart, she is healthy, she is organized and her house is clean. I think that there are a lot of us who aren't able to do all of those things, so, instead of striving to perhaps accomplish some of them, we feel the need to bring a successful person down instead of building outselves up.

Thank you for having this blog. This is a way for people (mostly women, I'm guessing) to perhaps show that we aren't going to judge anyone else. We're going to support someone who is going through a difficult time and hopefully, when we go through our own difficult time, (it's part of life, people) someone will be there to support us without judging as well.

SchmeckyGirl said...

I'm confused. The pics are from the same birthday party that will be airing on Monday May 25th? Or is it a different party?

The little girls look so adorable. It's interesting to see Jon and Kate "together" after she did that interview saying she wasn't sure she believed him and that they may split up.

One thing I do want to say is that in my opinion there is nothing wrong with getting paid to give an interview, whether it's in favor of Jon and Kate or against them. Jon and Kate get paid for their show and all their appearances.

I too hope that Jon and Kate sue anyone that is slandering them with lies. It would be interesting to hear Jon's side since he supposedly told Jodie and Kevin all those personal matters that they are disussing.

I admit I am a huge fan of the show, especially of the children... but I am less and less a fan of Kate as time goes by. Hopefully things will be better this season.

Anonymous said...

Just curious..if People magazine came out with the bodyguard story..would it too be considered a gossip rag?
What media outlet is considered a legitimate source? Only those that say positive things about the show? So, any negative press is considered gossip and pays for their information?
It has to go both ways..we don't know if this couple are as terrible as reports or as great as some say. IMO- it is ALL gossip.

As for Jodi & Kevin, I don't know why they did what they did. They may want the attention or could honestly care for the children and are trying to get the show to end for the kids sake.

BEE said...

I watched the latest segment of the Kevin and Jodi interview...how disgraceful! Even if there is ANY truth to what they are saying, even if everything they are saying is true, they have really stooped to a new low!

I could "get" why they came forward if they were only claiming concern for the kids. I could even comprehend, not agree with them, but comprehend why they would come forward if they felt slighted by not getting paid. BUT to come forward and be vicious and hateful....I just don't understand!

Even if Jon and Kate have some "contract", for Jodi and Kevin to come forward with those accusations is just horrific! And for Jodi to sit there and so smugly claim to "know" all of this firsthand information when they have said themselves that they have not talked to either Jon and Kate for 1 year...is RIDICULOUS!!

I agree with 3KMOM! Kate and Jon have certainly changed in the last 4 years, just like all of us. But to claim that what we have been watching for 4 years, that everything said in all of the speaking engagements, every word of the book (which was written primarily by Beth...right?!...she must be a liar too!..you know I am joking right!), that ALL of it is a lie, that these people are NOT devote Christians, NOT good parents etc...we are to expect that ALL of it is a lie????

I don't believe it! Jon and Kate might have changed, their marriage might even be over, but to say that they have been deceiving the world from the go is just to far of a stretch!

I know the truth lies somewhere in between, I choose to believe that Jon and Kate are good people that are going through a difficult time.

BEE said...

Have you seen the blog entry written by Kate about birthday shopping with the kids? It is on the TLC website.

The pictures of the birthday party are very cute. I especially liked the picture of the entire family...all smiles!

gosselinreporter said...

I'm with 3KMOM on this issue of K&J (WHOA!! Same initials, except in reverse order!! Jon&Kate, Kevin&Jodi...interesting).

I mean, if what they're saying was false, wouldn't the Gosselin's PR team go after the couple/Star/'whoever had the vid' for slander/libel? I mean, if they're accusing them of things like this, I would think they could be found guilty of it.

I get where they might want to share their information with the public however. I think, if its true, that it is supposed to be presented as a "we're concerned about those kids because the parents are horrible" type thing, where htey're finally stepping in and speaking out about these things. But if thats the case, it raises all these other questions of why did they wait so long if they're such bad parents; how come they never brought it up before when they still appeared on the show (ie, if they're so bad, why even associate w/them), etc.

It's interesting because I always liked, and still do, K&J on the show when they appeared. They seem like really nice people. Despite that video, I still don't dislike them. Like others have said, that video almost doesn't seem genuine. Not saying they're lying or acting, but it just doesn't feel right, y'know?

The only thing I know for sure now is that the season opener is bound to have high ratings, lol. Oh yea, I was discussing the episode trailer with a friend of mine who also really loves the show, and we're upset because the trailer reminds us of the season 4 end, where they made the episode seem like it would be a huge revelation ep., but in the end it ended up being a ton of smoke and no fire. The beef w/that being that they're starting to spin the episodes out to be more about the drama than the family. I just want them to go back to the old style of cuteness and actual points to the episodes, lol :-\

DeAnne said...

Hey there! Not sure if you have seen this yet...it's a blog Kate wrote about their trip to the party store!


Baby Mama said...

DeAnne~ for those that don't have Face Book, I am giving a link right here: http://blogs.discovery.com/jon_and_kate/

Its a really great story coming from Kate about the party.

Erin~ I wanted to address your post. I have always felt that People Magazine was the most reputable magazine that I have ever read. If it comes out there, I have always read it. I do read US Weekly on occasion, but I never took anything they said seriously, only to look at the pics. So the answer to your question is YES! I believe only what is in People Magazine. They are not out to slander anyone unlike US Weekly & Star. And since when has Star of National Enquirer for that matter, good reputable magazines? Did you not READ the story about how they stole Brooke Shields mother from her home to try to get a tabloid story?????

Baby Mama said...


So sorry to go off topic guys, but I love Mark Ballas but was rooting for Gilles from day one. I really love that show and as exhausted as I was I kept one eye open to watch it. Cheryl doesn't need 3 trophies does she? (lol) I'm really happy for Shawn & Mark! It was such a nail biter and wound up being a really good season! Sorry I but don't enjoy American Idol this season, but I told every I would vote for Kris but I didn't. To all those watching tonight ENJOY! Looks like they will both do well regardless.


SchmeckyGirl said...

Regarding PEOPLE magazine... I think it is considered a non-gossip type of magazine. Of course they only interviewed Kate and only showed her side of things.

Kate always says If you don't read it on our website or if we don't say it then don't believe it. That makes no sense to me.

Of course there is false gossip out there and plenty of lies I'm sure, but to say you can only believe what she tells you about their family makes absolutely no sense.

I just read her blog on TLC. Cute story about the kids going shopping, etc.

I just don't understand her complaining about paparazzi. She loves the media, loves being on tv and being interviewed. She decided to put her chilren on tv knowing full well what being famous entails. We all know if you're famous there are cameras following you everywhere you go. I know that and I'm not famous. Right or wrong it's what happens.

I can't believe she and Jon have the nerve to complain about it. Their poor kids are never going to lead normal lives. It's so sad.

3KMOM said...

I don't think this has been posted yet but here is a preview clip of the new season. Jon and Kate are not interviewing together in this clip. Don't know if it's just for tihs clip or if it will be like that for the premiere. :(


BEE said...

You can now watch a two minute snipit from the season premiere on the TLC website.

They show a bit of the birthday party, Jon mentions how he and Kate are going through things but as they have always said "It might be a crazy life, but it is our life" and it couldn't be more true right now, Kate talks about how everything she has always done has been for her kids. Jon and Kate were shown in the new interview corner, but separately.

jl said...

In regards to schmeckyGirl not understanding about Kate complaining about the paps. When this whole thing started it was just a couple of specials and, yes, it took off. I don't like to speculate what others think because I, personally, deplore that kind of behavior. However, I know that if I was in that situation I probably wouldn't have thought my family would be so famous as to draw the paps.

A.E. Wallace said...

Awww...I just watched the J&K snipit for the season premier...I loved it except that they are interviewed seperately...it made me sad to see John sitting with a visibly empty space next to him...Kate sat in the middle with pillows behind her. Probably more of a comfort thing, but John just seemed soo sad and somber. :-( I hope they are interviewed together at some point...I want them to work out so much...for those gorgeous kids and for them as well...:-)

Lisa said...

I just saw the sneek peek on TLC and I also saw that Jon and Kate were not in the interview chair at the same time. I was wondering why that is. Jon looked good. I hope all is well. I love this family and I love watching the shows.

Baby Mama said...

Guys I just wanted to let you know that I added the clip on this post because a few people were having problems watching it on the other site. Thank you all for letting me know about it!

I for one, HATE the new interview set. I really hope that chair is comfy, because the whole thing just looked sad for me. Was it because Jon looked like he hadn't slept in weeks? Or was it because Kate looked so sad like she was about to cry? The whole thing was so depressing for me. I'm so glad that they talked about how much they loved the kids. I really hope that they show them together on that chair on the show! Do you agree? I'm praying like crazy for a happy ending! Help me out here! (lol)

BEE said...

I think it can be really easy to want and try to analyze the sneak preview. Goodness knows I certainly want to! However, we should all just remember that it is a whole whooping 2 minutes!

I for one am going to try and keep positive that this family IS going to make it!

The one thing I will say about all the interviews, the sneak peek, and even what we have seen on the show in general, is that I truly hope and pray that Jon and Kate START putting their MARRIAGE first (well, after their relationship with God of course), but even before the kids!!

I am SO glad that Kate truly is doing things with their children's best interest at hand, every mother should and I am thrilled that Jon loves his kids and family. However, in all of this drama I have not heard or seen a quote written anywhere of either of them saying that they "loved" one another and that they wanted their marriage to last BECAUSE they loved each other...someone PLEASE prove me wrong!!

I have a feeling that there will still be a lot of questions left unanswered after Monday night. These issues did not evolve over night and they certainly will not be dispelled or fixed in an "episode".

Very sad!

Anonymous said...

I think all paparazzi are the scum of the earth. I don't know why they exist. Whether it be following people like Jon and Kate or Paris Hilton or Julia Roberts, I don't know why it is socially acceptable for them to be yelling at people when they're getting out of the airport, or going shopping or on vacation. I don't know why the general population cares enough to pay attention. It's one thing to appreciate their work, but I don't need to know what they had for breakfast. The whole world needs to get a life! LOL

A.E. Wallace said...

Wow...has anyone seen this in US Weekly, from the Baby Nurse, Angela Krall, that Kate speaks very highly of in her Multiple Blessings Book? People are coming out of the woodwork to bash her! Unbelievable!


jl said...

I believe that having Jon and Kate talk by themselves on the couch is nothing more than a marketing ploy.

CBB said...

Baby Mama -
I agree. The clip made me sad. This whole situation has made me sad but the saddness in their eyes and voices was depressing. Still rooting for a happy marriage for them but feeling discouraged.
The kids are obviously happy and having fun as per usual, so that is a blessing for sure!

CBB said...

sorry BEE but I've noticed that too...I keep waiting for one of them to say they love eachother in interviews and I am yet to see it from either one of them.

dancnmommy said...

Havnt posted in quite sometime. Trying to absorb all the chaos of everything I guess. I sent a prayer request to their church. I feel this is the time more than ever for prayer. I feel so bad for the entire family.

Just watched the "sneak peak" and I cant wait until Monday!! I Love the new set! Love the brighter yellow on the walls instead of the dreary green, and love those pillows :) I love how they have pics of the kids behind them too. The chair looks the same?? Could just be similar..but dosnt look any more comfortable then the old one! Seeing how happy the kids were at their b-day party gives me reason to believe that all is not as bad as many tabloids are making it out to be. We all know there are issues going on, but it has just gotten waaay outta hand with the rumors, Kevin and Jodi (which is a whole other issue I have) tabloids, hate sites etc. I do wish the best for this family and hope they figure something out that is best for the children. Even if making this their final season (which I feel they should. IMO, Kate should continue her book writing, possibly even her own talk show or something eventually down the road but leave the show behind.) The downer was the sadness in each of their eyes. You could tell they are hurting.

Anyway, Cant wait until Monday and Babymama your new blog :)

min said...

BEE said: "However, in all of this drama I have not heard or seen a quote written anywhere of either of them saying that they "loved" one another and that they wanted their marriage to last BECAUSE they loved each other...someone PLEASE prove me wrong!! I noticed the SAME thing, they haven't said they're still in love. Also absent; is Kate stating they'll "be together forever". Lord KNOWS she said it like 100 times during the vow renewal episode in Hawaii!! Wow, that was just last year...things change fast I guess.

I did hear Jon say the WORD love during that preview clip just released; however it was stated as one the things important to him in life; as opposed to meetings and tv, etc. It seemed like the word love was used instead of the word Kate. And it makes me doubt they are still in love.

One more thing; I REALLY doubt they are going to make a movie. I can't believe anyone is buying that! First off; why would KATE get a ghost writer. (although...I flipped through "8 Little Faces" at the bookstore last week, and there was not a lot of writing in it.)
But beyond that, if the Gosselins hate paparazzi, making a movie is sure not going to help. So I doubt that could be true.

SchmeckyGirl said...

Has anyone seen this? My sister just sent me the link:


This give me hope that although the marriage may not work out Kate will finally start to put her children's best interests ahead of her own.

I understand she loves the spotlight and the attention but she may have to sacrifice all that for the safety and well-being of her children.

Allison said...

I also found a short minute-long video on the tlc website of Jon,Kate, Cara and Mady checking out the new set...heres he link- http://tlc.discovery.com/videos/jon-kate-plus-8-the-new-set.html...It's a cute video and Jon even fixes Kate's dress at one point when she sits down on the chair!

Shelly said...

Kevin and Jodi are SCUM! They should be ashamed of theirselves. Even if there was one small iota tidbit of truth to what they said, how dare they air family problems to the world. I have never heard Jon or Kate trash a family member. They kept their mouths shut about the entire situation. It is very clear J & K are having some issues and it is their choice what is public. The brother of the school teacher, Jason Hummell is a convicted felon in a murder for hire. He was the driver of the get away car. His court docs are posted on radaronline.com. So, he just like Kevin and Jodi stepped out to get some cash. I guess what they say is true, "Money Talks".

I pray for J&K that they will work out their problems and the family will once again be happy.

Baby Mama, I can"t wait for the new site and the new season. Keep up the good work.

3KMOM said...

Allison, thanx for posting the link I really liked the little clip. Kate has that dress in more than one color apparently. Can't wait for Monday!!!!

BEE said...

There was a picture of Jon and Kate on the upper right hand corner of the cover of People Magazine today.

I saw it in the grocery store but didn't see what the headline was or what was written in the magazine.

Did anyone read it or have a link to read it on the internet?

3KMOM said...


Pic of Kate taken today it says.
babymama, i understand if you don't post this b/c it's a link to a rag mag but it is just a pic so i thought you might want to see it.

Anonymous said...

did you know the first volume of the fourth season is out?
I bought mine today!

Shelly said...

3KMOM, Cool picture. I like the Tutuels and American Chopper. I wonder if she is having a bike made for Jon?

Anonymous said...

You know, I've been watching the marathon on TLC, and of course, Jodi has been on a lot, and as I watch, knowing what we know about them now, she's so not coming across as altruistic in the least. She's really striking me as someone who just wants to be on TV and get all the perks. My opinion of her could be clouded now, but still, it's definitely there.