Thursday, May 14, 2009

Kate Wows Frauenthal Crowd And Addresses Rumors, US Weekly Stretches With Its Headlines, Discussions Of Showbiz Tonight

Hello Gosselin fans! If I sat here (like other LOONEY sites) and addressed every single tabloid I would be here for days, or very exhausted. I know when its a slow news weeks and a story like this breaks. When I saw what US Weekly was coming out with I was SUPER pissed. Reading hate blogs and getting your info based on rumors and lies is NOT how you run a magazine. So now I can completely understand why Kate did the interview. The Star and The Enquirer are to me pure trash. When your title story is "Mommy & Daddy Please Don't Fight!" you know what your getting in terms of the article. I'm not linking them here, but you know the articles are now everywhere.

I'm sorry to all the fans that have sent photos and stores about their meeting with Kate at her various stops on her book tour. I did promise that I would post them, but with all that's happened I haven't had the time. I am going to address and talk about the latest appearance. It was important because this was after the scandal broke and Kate appeared to be at her most vulnerable. Today on GMA, it was most of the same sadly. Jon & Kate were not on, and they showed the clip again of Jodi & Kevin. Watching it make me shudder. He sounded fake, insincere and like he was just waiting for a check to be cut. It makes me angry and now I dislike them even more. It showed they were only there to cash in on his sister. GMA handled it very professionally, and that they really felt sorry for them right now, with the hopes for the new season..If I get the link today I will add it on this post.

Us Weekly Shows Its Fangs And Turns Into A Rag Mag

OK, this is just my opinion. But I am devastated and heartbroken that they came out and wrote vicious lies and twisted so many rumors just in the last two weeks. I always enjoyed reading Us Weekly, but I'm truly saddened and surprised that they put such a ridiculous spin on Kate and her bodyguard. In no way do I think that she had an affair with him. To put all the garbage they did in there just to sell their magazine, I don't know how low they can go. But I'm figuring next week they will say that the dogs are actually robots and Jon has gotten 2 girls pregnant. Who knows.

Kate Wows Frauenthal Crowd And Addresses Rumors

The reality TV star drew hundreds to downtown Muskegon for her talk. You can read more of the article HERE. "This week I'm on the cover of four magazines. One is true, three are not," she said, citing People magazine as the most accurate. The statement brought nervous laughter from fans, some of whom shouted, "We love you!"

"This is certainly not what I envisioned I was signing up for. I joke about the current events but -- and this is probably the realest and rawest speech I've given -- when I see magazines in stores it's really difficult. It amazes me there is an industry that follows you around and writes stories about you. It destroys peoples' lives. I need you to know, don't believe what you read unless you hear it from that person.

Adriane's Story (edited for length)
"I went to see Kate Gosselin last night in Muskegon, MI. She's beautiful, and so sweet and very funny! One thing they're not really getting on the show right now is how funny she is. She's making jokes at everything and really likes to laugh. Definitely a girlfriend anyone would want to have.She did very briefly address the current drama. She said she's on "4 magazine covers right now, three are lies and one is true, thanks People!" She also said we'll probably get the most raw and emotional talk because it's been an "interesting few weeks". At the book signing- I was worried she would be irritable after going through 500 people before me, but not at all! She's beautiful, and so sweet and very funny! One thing they're not really getting on the show right now is how funny she is. I'm glad I can love her again."

Jon & Kate Controversy On Showbiz Tonight

I found this news story interesting, as they discussed both sides and were very fair.....


qtrfan said...

I am appalled at all the crap everywhere about this family. No doubt there are a lot of untruths mixed up with the truth. Kate needs to go home and handle this "privately" like she said she was going to. Instead we see her laughing and enjoying herself - a loving mother would be home making sure her children are coping with the discord in their family. They need their mother.

Baby Mama, I don't know how you can disregard the mounting evidence against this woman. I am not giving Jon a pass on this - he is just as guilty in creating this mess.

~The~Wacky~Whittons~ said...

I was VERY disappointed in Good Morning America this morning. They made it out like J&K were going to be on the show. If you noticed, they said at the end, Thank you to for the information. Um-I thought Radar was another tabloid? Why can't anyone just publish the truth? I envy both Jon and Kate for their strength during this time. I don't believe Jon cheated, I don't believe Kate cheated. I believe that they are just people trying to live lives as normally as possible off camera and when they are out with friends the media runs with it. Sad. I appreciate your candidness on keeping all of us covered!! I am keeping their family in my prayers.

Larse said...

What if the headlines are true?

Regardless of how Kevin and Jodi are "cashing in" on this perhaps the truth does hurt. No, I don't think it's right that they sold out their sister and family. What if they do only want what's best for J&K+8?

Baby Mama said...

There was to doubt that everyone saw a halo around Aunt Jodi when she stepped aside, left the show and did not say a negative thing about her family. But allowing your sister, to start a hate blog, and thrive on the controversy made me really dislike her. She hid behind he sister, who wrote some crazy stuff, some true some not. Next thing you know we get total fakes creating blogs saying they know the Gosselins. PennMommy anyone?

This family has had over a year to speak up. Now that they see this blowing up big they take dirty money from trash like Star Magazine. Who is going to believe anything they say now? Jon & Kate have a contract to cheat?? Give me a break. Why is what Jodi ever said truth? Are you believing her because she took care of the kids? If she truly wanted the best for those kids, how about reconciling privately so their kids can see each other again.

~The~Wacky~Whittons~ said...

qtrfan-I dont think that "Instead we see her laughing and enjoying herself - a loving mother would be home making sure her children are coping with the discord in their family. They need their mother" is a very fair statement. She is living her life and trying to move past the negative publicity. We don't know how they are dealing with this privately. Only her and Jon do. I dont know how you can read a tabloid and believe it. Last I checked, Elvis was still alive playing cards with James Dean.

~The~Wacky~Whittons~ said...

Larse-if they only wanted what is best, do you think they would have went to the tabloids? Um, no. Tabloids only cause harm and heartache. Really!? To talk trash about your family to get $$? That is not what I would consider best.

Denise said...

I really think Kate needs to listen to herself and make this PRIVATE.

BEE said...

Babymama, completely agree with you regarding Kevin and Jodi!

I watched the Showbiz bit on the latest Gosselin drama and they did make a very interesting point at the end! With any celebrity couple there always comes allegations of infidelity etc, I think that is just part of the sells magazines AND brings more viewers to tv shows.

Yes, the Gosselins said at the season finale that they were in a tough spot right now and the Jon was not happy with some things. Then the media gets a hold of a picture of Jon and girl together in a car late at night and everyone screams AFFAIR! Interesting that ALL of this drama is happening within WEEKS of the season premier of season 5.

I am curious to read the People interview and see what Kate really has to say about all this junk!

It is to late to make this PRIVATE. Unfortunately, part of being on tv is that not much of your life is private anymore. I am sure the Gosselins are dealing with this the way they feel comfortable doing so and I hardly doubt that we know all of what is going on behind their closed doors.

CBB said...

Am I the only big fan that doesn't think Kate shold have done the People article? I'm sorry. I have defended her at all times, but I really don't think, as a Mom, I would want a cover story with a somber face and the words "might split" out there for the kids to see someday.
She always thinks things thru and gets a plan in place but I think doing this story was rash and emotional decision. This is all just very sad. said...

Just read the People mag article Kate did. I feel really bad for them but especially her and the kids. I hope they can work it out.

Amy said...

I am slowly losing the respect I have for Kate. She was on several different talk shows saying they were dealing with it privately, then her People article came out. She gave those live interviews knowing that she told People all the details. I especially don't like how she gave many direct "digs" to Jon. I know he screwed up big time, but it's hard enough, don't make it worse.

I truly wish the best for this family. I hope they both make smarter family decisions in the future.

tiredmama said...

Baby Mama, you don't have to publish this, but I HAVE to ask someone else, another IRONIC is it that this happens so soon after their vow renewals????? I just can't understand how they let this a fan since day one of this show, I am so disappointed and shocked at all of this.

Baby Mama said...

Amy~ I will state my opinion again on the People magazine article. There were soo many magazines coming out this week and soo many TV shows talking about it, for me it made sense that SOMEONE needed to come out and say something about this. If Kate tried to deal with this privately with her husband, and perhaps was getting nowhere, should she still have done it? Depends on who you ask. For me, I think it was important for Kate to speak her mind on the issues , and flat out deny ANY relationship with her bodyguard. When it comes to the best magazine out there to do it, People is the one. Some fans agree with it, some don't.

tiredmama~ Love the name! None of us thought the vow renewal was nothing more than taking advantage of a free trip.(and there's nothing wrong with that! We would ALL jump on a free trip like that!) But who knew that this trip meant something more for them. Perhaps to try to repair or work on a marriage that was obviously having problems. I continue to pray and hope for the sake of these adorable children, that they remember those wonderful times and continue to work on their marriage.

JLB1016 said...

I've posted comments several times on an anti-Gosselin website that shall remain unnamed, but they always get rejected because God forbid someone express an opinion that is in opposition to that horrible website's view of the Gosselins....Hence why I am so thrilled that I finally found your site!!!

Frankly, I think that the people who created the website and the people who post on that site are the most ridiculously jealous people I have ever heard of in my life. They constantly brag about how great their lives are and how they could never be jealous of Kate, who they refer to as the "shrew"...yet they take so much time out of their amazing lives to talk about Kate and her family. They talk about how concerned they are for the Gosselin children's well-being; however, they contribute to the garbage that the children will inevitably read about their family as they get older.

I'm ashamed to say that I actually used to read their blog. It used to be somewhat humorous to read, but now it's just completely distasteful. No mother, including the mods at that God-awful website, is perfect...and when signing on to do a reality show when the tups were only 2, Kate had absolutely NO IDEA the type of celebrities her family would become. Do you see TMZ and Perez Hilton's cameras at the Dugger doorstep? How about the Hayes', or the Roloff's? Not all reality TV stars end up on the cover of trashy magazines. These big families do these shows because bottom line, is they are NOT like everyone else...and people want to know what their lives are like.

The people who watch the show and enjoy it, the fans of the show, are NOT going to make life difficult for these kids in the future. They will have felt loved and admired...the people who are going to harm the children in the future are people who create and post on Gosselin hate blogs...the same people who are complaining that these kids are being "exploited." THEY are producing and influencing the garbage that is said about the Gosselin gang.

I don't care what ANYONE says..just because you sign up to do a reality TV show does not mean you are entitled to ZERO privacy. Yes, they give up the right to 100% privacy when they invited cameras into their home..but personal issues like cheating and divorce deserve to be private. Lets not forget that over 50% of marriages end in divorce...not that I think divorce is "normal," but all of those people get to deal with difficult times behind closed doors. The show is about the children, the fun things they do together as a family, NOT about "scandals" which are made up by people who don't have exciting enough lives themselves.

And let me not be naive for a moment...let's say that there is truth behind the stories that are currently in the media...If that were the case, then this family CLEARLY needs to deal with it themselves. I highly doubt that Jon and Kate are going to dictate their lives based on what hate-blogs suggest that they do...

Anonymous said...

I must say that all this is crazy! I don't know what is fact and what is not. Actually none of us do. I will say one thing on behalf of Jodi/Kevin. Please hear me out...

If my neighbors were doing a reality show and I was watching the kids one day there would be an "agreement" (not brought up by me but the production company) Most likely the production in this case TLC, would come in and say "can we video in your home since you have the kids, we will give you 3k or whatever amount of money. They would do this in the event the house was damaged and to "protect' themselves from any lawsuits. Basically they wouldn't want me coming back and saying "Hey you taped in my house I want money." Which we all know could easily happen. TLC was protecting themselves by "paying" Jodi/Kevin for videotaping in their HOME!

That is where I personally think the "paying" of Jodi/Kevin came into place that they are talking about.

I think when the show wanted to actually "pay" them for appearances is when the issue happened. I wasn't there. I don't know them. But HONESTLY think about it, if you are watching kids so the parents can go out and be recorded for their show and the cameras all in your house, taping you and your kids your family... wouldn't you expect to be on the "payroll" especially as much as Jodi/Kevin were? Or at least have your own children "blocked" from the tapings, blurry faces etc.

I am not seeing either side is right or wrong . Just thinking they have alot to work out. Instead of talking to the tabloids they should work on the family! I

Anonymous said...

J&K should be so blessed. They have no child with special needs. Heartwarming story..

Twice as Nice said...

Everyone will hate me for what I have to say here...Let me start by saying no one loved Jon and Kate Plus 8 more that I did. I told all my friends about it when it first started and my family knew that every Monday night at 8:00 I was spending time with my "other family". I LOVED LOVED LOVED this show.
Now, just take a look at how things have changed. In the beginning you saw a large, loving family and all the reality. Kate was rude to Jon but I always made up excuses for her. It's stressful being a mom to even a few kids let alone 8. I didn't like how she didn't give enough credit to her husband and how much he helped. How many of us can say our husband have bathed our children since the day they came home from the hospital? Then think of bathing 6 little ones by yourself. Even Kate admitted she never bathed them because it was Jon's job. He was her right hand man.
Take a look at the last season and how things have changed. In most interviews during the show, Kate has belittled Jon for everything from interrupting (which you will notice she does quite often) to not saying things right. Then the book Eight Little Blessings came out. Beth Carson was a large part of that book but I have never so much as heard Kate mention her name in an interview. Kate has gone on to promote the book alone, leaving Jon to be Mr. Mom. How many of our husbands would be happy with this role? She's gone days at a time. I think that is when trouble started. They were getting a lot of money coming in and it changed Kate. They have a new lifestyle now that needs a larger income than before and she doesn't want to give that up. Even the people with the best of intentions can be swayed by greed. The kids need their mother home with them and all the money in the world can't make up for that.
I couldn't stand how bratty Mady was but now it make sense. When there is trouble and unhappiness in a marriage it shows in children. Who didn't see Jon's unhappiness in the last season? I knew they would have another season because that is what Kate wanted and I don't think anyone tells her no, even if it meant sacraficing her marriage. They had more shows with only one parent present than they ever had. Could it be because they were already living seperate lives but acted like they were together for the sake of the show? If so were they were being phony to keep us watching and to keep the money coming in?
While no matter what, I don't believe in cheating, I could see Jon's pain and unhappiness and Kate not caring because she loved her new life. What happened to that stay at home mom who loved cooking organic meals for her family? A unappreciated, taken for granted husband can only take so much. If you're married, put your husband in Jon's position and decide if he would be happy. Kate doesn't seem to care about what Jon wants, it's all about what she wants and as far as doing all of this for the kids...Kate is doing this for Kate. I'm afraid she has become addicted to the lime light and money. I can't say I wouldn't have too but now is the time to decide what is more important, her new lifestyle with her spiffy new look and bodyguards and jet setting or getting back to appreciating and loving the husband and family God gave her?
I realize you love the Gosselin's and I'm not trying to change that. Just take a look back at when things changed and why. When you don't talk to your family, you no longer have friends something is wrong and it's not because they are so popular and no one wants to be on the show. That is what Kate wants you to believe. Aunt Jodie and Beth loved those children. Maybe Kevin and Jodie shouldn't have gone to the Star mag. but why can Kate speak and no one else? Kate might have said rumors of her having an affair with her body guard was disgusting, unthinkable, and unfathomable but did she say they were untrue.
The whole thing does break my heart because they have a wonderful family but it is what it is and we only get to see what they didn't edit out. Any way you believe it is still a sad situation. I don't expect or want everyone to agree with me, this is just my version of how I feel about my favorite "other family" and how I hope they both look at their faults and get help to save their marriage and family.

gosselinreporter said...

I'm not certain how to send a post to only the moderator on here, so I will do it through here and tehy can filter out the info when approving this

It's an article from ABC news about the couple, just thought it'd be another read for fans around:
Definitely not a PRO-gosselins piece, but coming from ABC, figured it'd be a little above the typical tabloids

I find it funny how all of a sudden the media is a big, evil machine that is out to ruin families and lives. Tabloids are evil and mean!!

BUT, did we ever hear this from our dear Kate when they were approaching her about the octomom? Sure, she was approached by legit places (Larry King, NBC, etc; not Star and others). Now, I did not follow her through those interviews because I did not really find it 'right' that she was out there commenting on it, but did she ever call out the tabloids and media during ANY of those interviews and ask that the octomom be left alone? If she did, then I retract my statement. If she didn't, well, it must be funny to watch people being poked until they start poking you, huh?

This whole situation is just so upsetting and sad. A certain part of me says "cancel the show and fix your family." However, another part says, "well, w/the cameras around we can continue to check-up on those kids and see that they're doing alright, etc"
Anyone else worried about the kids and their growing up, given these circumstances? :(

DonnaVee said...

I'm not buying any of it. Why would there be pics of Jon with that woman unless it was staged? Yes, they are famous but not magazine headline famous without scandal. Kevin and Jody suddenly appearing with nothing but fluff - Kate doesn't bake LOL. The kids are getting older and the Ragu family has the snore level market cornered. They had the highest rating at the last show and this trumps even the drunken Matt teasers. It just seems ironic that all this appears right before the next season starts in the midst of a book tour. There will be some other revelation this week too. Nope, count me in with the comments at the end of that video...

BEE said...

I too think it is a tad suspicious that all of this is happening right before the season premiere!

As for Kate going to People I don't have a problem with that. What I DO have a problem with are the digs she made at her husband in that interview. So sad to me!

I understand her need to make a statement, I support that. However, in my opinion the People interview could do little to help heal the wounds.

There is NO united front with them right now, they are SO divided.

Yes, they certainly need to keep the children's best interest in mind. HOWEVER, they need to put their MARRIAGE FIRST, make their SPOUSE the priority and get counseling if they haven't already!

In my opinion, and granted I ADORE this family, there is NO way they can go on with next season like business as usual.

The cat is out of the bag, there is SERIOUS trouble and if they don't include this reality into their reality show, then they really are snowing everyone.

I will continue to pray for them!

elizabeth said...

In reference to the comment made at 8:58 AM- how does Jodi have any control over a blog her sister writes? Also, do you think it's possible that the Krieders are finally responding to the hurt they experienced and that they just want people to know the truth?

Baby Mama said...

Elizabeth~ I wanted to respond to your comment. I feel that when you have a brother or sister writing a blog obviously on your behalf, you have A LOT of control over what that person says. Julie was basically writing all that because her sister didn't have the guts to do it herself. Or maybe she was still waiting to be paid, who knows. The bottom line is that they actually DID get paid something, contrary to what Julie said.

Also in regards to them FINALLY responding to the hurt. They are responding now because they are being paid probably a lot of money to do so. They never signed any contract, so basically they have had a year to speak up and have said nothing. Now coincidentally this week, 4-5 magazine covers have Jon & Kate and they pick THIS week to speak up? Why didn't they speak up back in Feb. when the rumors were surfacing? The right price just wasn't available yet.

And finally, where do you think that they are telling the truth? How do you know what the truth is? We may never know. These assumptions are based on the the fact that Jodi was a good mom who helped out Kate. But money, as you have seen does strange things to people. Jodi has basically made sure that her kids never see their cousins again. And THAT should not have been worth the money!

3KMOM said...


Just wish we could see some pics of them all together happy again. Praying that happens. :)

gosselinreporter said...

In reference to the people who are saying this was staged (for ratings), do you really think they would pull soemthing as stupid as this in order to simply get ratings?

I mean, sure, it would work, but I disagree strongly, because the light that they have been put in after these allegations and rumors is not a favorable one for them, AT ALL! Therefore, I highly doubt this would be staged. I mean, imagine how the kids would handle it as well. Sure, you could tell them, "dont believe what the tv says, mommy and daddy are fine." But if that's a family secret, the public will continue to think its true, and of course this could lead to the kids being teased at school or w/e, (ie., the twins), and just, it doesn't seem like that is a likely reason for this series of events. I get how it would work for them, but I doubt its staged.

If it turns out to be staged, and i do mean a straightforward, "We were kidding. It's not true, ha ha" statement, then i think they would again lose viewers, because that's just retarded and i doubt it would fly w/the public. ugh, so frustrating, i get mad at them sometimes, lol

Anonymous said...

First time poster, long time reader-

So my first thought about Kevin and Jodi is, with family like that, who needs enemies? Even if you assume everything they say is true, why would they say it to the public since all it can do in the long run is hurt the kids. I think they are petty, jealous, vengeful people and it sickens me. One say, the kids will read what they have said and will know why Jon and Kate cut them out of their lives.

Next, to everyone who thinks they should quit the show, I have to ask, then what? In this economy, there is no way Jon would get an IT job so the best solution would be to send Kate out to be a nurse again, thus Jon is at home with the kids still. Which, apparently is his problem, since it's not being the breadwinner or some such manly nonsense.

So, I don't know what they should do. Seek help, for sure, but beyond that, it's really all out of their hands. We have to stop consuming all that hateful media for it to go away since they're just publishing what sells.

Anyway, thanks for this wonderful site, Baby Mama!!

Lisa said...

It was nice to see photos of the kids out wiht kate. The kids are getting so big. I love the dresses the girls were wearing and I look forward to the show on May 25. I have a question: I have noticed that Kate has a ring on her left hand and one on her right hand. What is the one on her right hand? Does anyone know.

Baby Mama said...

Lisa~ I agree with you that its a breath of fresh air seeing Kate out and about with her kids again. What's sad is to see them swarmed by the media now that they ARE out and about. This situation made it so terrible for the kids to even go to party city. Who to be mad at? Jon for being irresponsible? the media? Kevin and Jodi? Kate? Its gotten so bad all this point, I raise a white flag and hope that a better scoop somewhere else comes out to make the media go elsewhere and leave the poor kids alone. Doubt it.

And the rings? She seems to wear different ones but prefers that pearl ring and her engagement ring the most.

~The~Wacky~Whittons~ said...

I think anyone that wants to believe tabloid rumors against what the actual "horse" is saying is setting themselves up for disappointment.

As far as Kate jabbing at Jon...he is a big boy and gives just as much as he takes. So please. Don't go there people. He calls Kate out everytime she annoys him....just as she does.