Thursday, May 7, 2009

Kate On The Today Show And Larry King Live "Hesitant To Believe Jon's Infidelity" Kate Video Teaser For Rachel Ray

Hello Gosselin fans! I know that I am slow getting things up before anyone else. And I'm disappointed to say that had to go back to moderating my blog. Its hard when your only on the computer twice a day. But after reading the upsetting comments from fans unhappy with all the nastiness on the site, I now had to go back to it. My goal is to keep this place civil and respectful. The trolls can take their pick of the vulgarity elsewhere. I can't be all things to everyone, but I love those that come here to bring positive energy and be supportive. I know that lately there has been a focus shift from the family to the fan sites. And since I'm the best (lol), I'm the one they attack. But when your voice of the fans you need to continue to stay focused and supportive. And while I personally would have had Jon's man parts made into earrings to go with my hot new bracelet by now, this is my goal: To make sure everyone knows that I will continue to make the best fan site out there. To support this family and their new season, and to pray for healing and continued solidarity. Because the best revenge is to stay strong, live well and prosper (and continue for 10 more seasons (lol).....

To the trolls.. please do not get your panties in a bunch that what I said about Jon was serious. Please feel free to go elsewhere because I no longer allow you on this site...Also, from now I will be stating when I comment on an article so that you know it was me. I made my first comment in MONTHS for support on the Larry King Website. You can read the comments from the supportive fans below by clicking the Web Exclusive.

Larry King Web Exclusive

"A few hours after the close of Mothers Day 2004, my most miserable one in my history of being a mother, I received the best six gifts (to add to the previous best two gifts I had already received in 2000) I have ever received. Alexis Faith, Hannah Joy, Aaden Jonathan, Collin Thomas, Leah Hope, and Joel Kevin arrived in that order to make my life complete. Each was completely perfect, healthy and beautiful! A mothers day I will never ever forget….I had fought and won a very trying battle…."~ Kate Gosselin


HayLaura said...

My latest insight on Jon and Kate :^(
Current mood: sad
Instead of writing to everyone asking me what I think of
the latest goings on with Jon and Kate, I will just let you

know on here....

In my opinion Kate's meanness towards Jon has pushed
him away. She is loving the attention she is getting
from the show and her books and is taking off for
book signings and speaking engagements leaving Jon
to watch the kids. I am sure he loves the kids, but watching
over 8 kids every day would be exhausting. I think it is sad

that Jon was leaving his house at night to hang out in bars,
but I think he has been very lonely and depressed for the
last couple of years. Kate obviously wears the pants in the
family and he wasn't feeling like a man or feeeling loved
and appreciated.... he was happy being married and having
the twins, but they both said he didn't want anymore kids.
She talked him into getting her pregnant one more time
and ended up with 6 babies... i know he adores all of them,
but she should stay home where she belongs. I blame most
of their problems on her.... People have been saying mean
things about Kate for years and I wouldn't listen, but now
after all of this, I have to agree, that Kate is not putting her
kids and marriage first.... she should stop the show after
season 5 and stop the book tours..... she could still write
books.... her next book should be " How I Kept My
Family Together after a Reality Show " :^D

Hugs, Laura

p.s. i think people would still buy her books even

if she didn't do the book signings..... and she

could do interviews through satellite videos...

she needs to stay home and raise her kids....

That's it.... Just My Opinion..... I think she and

Jon need to have Dr Phil or Dr Laura come and

give them some counseling. :^)

Baby Mama said...

Holy smoke is that him?? Funny, I actually thought the trolls knew who they were talking about. Now I assume they called him Mr. Gray because of his hair....After seeing TMZ and the harassing that some people stoop to, its nice to see that hes real security.

The haters make up some amazing stuff. Someone started a rumor over at GWOP that there was going to be a protest while Kate was at The Today Show. Well my father works right AT Rockefeller Center and I can tell you that there was NO ONE protesting. There were actually about 20-30 fans who found the side door where the limo was...and like 5 paparazzi media hounds. I'm assuming one of them was from TMZ because they are after them like sharks. So much for gossip that starts on hate sites........

Sue said...

Why is this man her security guy though? Really does she need a man that qualified to "protect" her from what? Like you said no one was out protesting her at the show, no one has ever been following her and protesting her in public. I must say I would rather see this man being the body guard for the kids. Dang, they are paying alot for this man, with those credentials.

Just asking

Anonymous said...

After seeing TMZ and the harassing that some people stoop to, its nice to see that hes real security.

Do you really think she needs security? I would think if anyone was going to do anything they would go after the kids. Shouldn't someone with his credentials be watching the kids and not Kate? I saw the TMZ video. they didn't do anything to her that any other person goes through. I hate to use the word "celebrity" but there are alot of Celebrity's bigger than her. Brad, Angelina, Tom Hanks, Jennifer Anniston, Jennifer Garner, Matt Damon, George Clooney and guess what? They walk the streets without a bodyguard. If you watch shows as far back as a year ago (even the camping in the backyard) you can see Mr. Gray.

I really think with his capabilities he should be watching the kids. Most "celebrities" hire security to watch their kids not them. Not dissing Kate. Just saying.

The*GosselinGarb*Finder said...

I am excited that the new season is just around the corner, my daughter is the same age as the sextuplets so it's a really cute age. They have their little adult attitudes and everything, I laugh at my daughter daily, half in shock and half because she's hilarious with the way she perceives things. We've all watched the sextuplets grow up to this point, so it will be much different than other seasons. I know alot of the fans miss the good 'ol simple days, but if everything stayed "the same" you wouldn't keep watching lol.

On the blog monitoring front..babymama you are the best (and only to my knowledge)fan site for the show, you have more supporters than haters hands down. Major Mom's Day props to you for keeping your head up and staying positive when there's comments that would probably drive me up a wall! I don't have your patience LOL, anyway these people don't get that your a fan but more importantly a mom and your not glued to your computer chair all day long, for keeping up with the awesome posts and latest what's what in all things Gosselin throught the last season cliffhanger you are the definition of Supermom. I applaud you.

Jenner7 said...

You know, I just like this woman. I can't help it. lol She may not be the nicest person to Jon sometimes, but hell..neither am I and vice versa. She's handling all this very well and I really feel she is doing all this for her children.

I don't know if Jon cheated. My gut says he did. But I think they will both get through it in the end. At least, that's my hope. I still feel they should end the show, but I know that won't happen anytime soon.

Is there anyone here, who still is a fan, keep watching? I want to, but not sure if I will. I really hope Kate is being honest when she says the twins know nothing about what's going on.

Jenny said...

HayLaura. Don't blame a woman for the actions of a man. He has a brain.

In my opinion, Jon and Kate are have a rough time in their marriage just like 99% of us do. Let's just send positive messages and encouragement for them and for all of us to smarten up and hopefully learn from these mistakes and grow stronger. No one is perfect.

jl said...

To those who say that the books would sell without her going on tour, signings, etc., she is more than likely under contract for those appearances.
Jon has stated that everything has changed and he doesn't know his place. Everyone who has a family goes through that. I know that it isn't traditional for the dad to stay home, but it is such an awesome opportunity for the children. Sometimes stay-at-home moms don't feel appreciated when their husbands work but they deal with it.
I feel that after the book tour things will settle down. I hope that Kate doesn't have to go on such an extensive tour when the cookbook comes out.

LThiesfeld07 said...

Thanks for posting the Larry King video! Grey's Anatomy 100th episode was on! :)
Kate carries herself very well in her interviews. I hope that the Gosselin's will get through this awkward time and their kids do not suffer.
I hope that Jon did not cheat, but if he did, is it really our business?
Thanks BabyMama :) oh and Happy Mother's Day!

Baby Mama said...

Personally I think it was smart to address all these media outlets so quickly. Thing have been getting so out of hand, if she had stayed quiet it would have been much worse.

After seeing the Rachel Ray clip, I'm excited to watch her show. I actually haven't seen it before. HayLaura is a close friend and I feel she is entitled to say her feelings. She was the person that pushed me to do this fan site.

Seeing her post makes me pray that things will pick up for this family and turn around. So many people are so devastated by what the feel fame does to people.

Kelly said...

hey Baby Mama!

Not Sure if you saw the new sneak peak for the new season yet, I just got an update on my facebook from the TLC fan page to it, so enjoy if you haven't seen it yet. It's definitely a pleaser in this though time for fans!

Can't wait for the new season!

gosselinlover said...

I was just on the TLC website and I noticed that they have a countdown to the new season widget. I thought that I would let you know so that you could possibly add it to your page!

Baby Mama said...

Kelly~ Thanks for the sneak peak for the new season. Its in HD so the screen is huge for my site. I may just let people go to your link and watch it instead of putting it on the front page.

Gosselinlover~ I put the widget on my front page. Thanks!

fadingnebula said...

New Kate appearance for you:

Baby Mama said...

Theresa~ Your post was so great! In a hurry to delete some posts I erased yours by accident. Will you please re-send it to me? I hate comment moderation, but until the trolls simmer, I have to do it right now.

ope to hear from you soon!

Theresa said...

I didn't save my comments Baby Mama...I write and hit send. :)

If I recall, I said that I hope Rachael Ray gave her advice on dealing with the paps. After all RR's husband was splattered all over them supposedly cheating and RR had her fair share of bad publicity.

And, I think it's a necessity for Kate to have a bodyguard. With all the rage against her on the hate blogs, who's to say a rabid troll or two will show up and cause havoc (as they are always suggesting? And, perhaps even rabid fans might get out of control. Either scenario could happen. Wise choice to have a bodyguard.

CBB said...

Hey BabyMama -
Cute article entitles 7 reason I admire Kate Gosselin, featured on LilSugar today...