Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Alexis, Hannah, Aaden, Collin, Leah, and Joel

Hello Gosselin Fans! Happy Mother's Day! I am blessed to have such a wonderful family and excited that I will be sleeping in tomorrow. My husband has a lot planned, and I'm very excited! My kids are also excited to have the family over, and I'm looking forward to a stress-free day. Its also a very special day for our favorite sextuplets. I hope that they have a fun day together with their parents, away from the prying media. Can you believe that they are already turning 5? I wanted to also have for you the Sneak Peak commercial for the new season! Also included is last year's Sextuplet's Turn 4. After watching it, it's amazing to see what the fuss was all about. Happy Birthday Alexis, Hannah, Aaden, Collin, Leah, and Joel. And I hope Kate has a wonderful Mother's Day!

Watch Sextuplet's Turn 4!

Watch The Sneak Peak Of The Season 5 Premiere!


Jennifer said...

Happy Birthday sweet babies! Happy Mothers day Kate!

Lisa said...

Hope Kate has a great Mother's Day and Happy 5Th birthday to Alexis, Hannah, Aaden, Collin,Leah and Joel. I look forward to season 5. Love the show and the family.

Anonymous said...

Do really think their 4th b-day was fair?? We didn't see the boys eating (they didn't show it) but I did see the boys eating fruit. I say Hannah eating "nothing'...She was being spoon fed by kate and then Mady. If you REALLY look there isn't another plate on the table besides hers!!! Who as a parent could really do this to their "boys" on their b-day! Even hannah says to Kate "do I not get my cupcake" and she says "of course you do" COME ON WHAT ABOUT THE BOYS!!! Really watch the the plates on the table....Did anyone spoon feed the other kids!!

PLUS THEY WERE FOUR!!! Why are they being spoon fed??? Why do they have bibs??

Sorry but when you said you "didn't know wha the fuss was about" I find that hard to believe and I like the show!

min said...

I read the quote in your blog header and parts of it make no sense to me:

"Embrace being a bad mother as parents in order to truly reject it."Embrace being a bad mother? This part is confusing.

"We as mothers look for role models we feel in our minds have bad behavior to make ourselves feel more superior."I think you're directing this at Kate haters, but having it up there on your blog header isn't sending the right message. If you look to Kate as a role model, that quote makes it sound like you think she has bad behavior.

Good job on your blog babymama, I am not a giant Kate fan or anything but sometimes other sites can be repetitively mean-spirited and it's nice to have different views, as well.

Baby Mama said...

Happy Mother's Day Everyone!

Min~ It was worded that way for shock value. The intent of the quote was to obviously say "embrace the fact that no one, will EVER be a perfect parent." Once we feel a sense of calm and resolve in ourselves we can be OK with things happening in our lives and lean from it and move on. Embracing flaws, so we can reject them and move on.

The comment that we look to others as role models ABSOLUTELY applies to both Kate fans and haters. We both look to Kate but for different reasons. We both see her flaws. But some of us embrace them and use the examples to change ways we might handle what she does with her children. Others watch for shock value just to comment and attack to feel better about themselves. They get on blogs, attack her and make themselves feel like they are more superior to her when they are not.

Kateisblahblah~ really interesting name (lol). It was important to me to show this particular episode and not my preferred 3rd birthday for again, the shock value. Many people have different opinions on how they felt about this day. And while I agree that this was staged to show that they did celebrate ON CAMERA, this was mocked and ridiculed IMO for no reason.

I'm sorry, but I would do the EXACT same thing regarding the cupcakes. They were told to eat. They didn't. They don't get dessert. Period. Having young children myself the structure here s very important to keep.People really seem to think that they know better than their parents, don't they? There is nothing that pisses me off more than a parent, or a person on a blog with NO children, that thinks they know whats best for these kids more than their own parents.

Kate might not have been in the best mood that day, but seriously who cares. Must months and months of blog chatter and analyzing of this particular episode really necessary? Fair?? HECK YEAH IT WAS VERY FAR! You didn't get to see or analyze what exactly they all ate. And if the boys needed to be "coaxed" to eat I'm sure Mady would have helped them. But I stand by Kate n this one 100%. It happens in my house all the time. I gave in too much and they took advantage. Rules and structure has help tremendously in the eating department here. And for the record JUST because they are four doesn't mean they shouldn't have bibs or be spoon fed. Even people on blogs like GWOP can attest that this is a VERY touchy subject between moms. I did it with my child still at 4 because she was a messy eater. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG with bibs if they are needed! At six, we will have issues....(lol)

Again, opinions is what makes these anti-non-anti Kate Gosselin blogs thrive. I say, if its what the parents says, then its good enough for me. I may not always agree with it, but that doesn't mean I wont enjoy watching any less.

arabella said...

OMG! The bib controversy. If ever there was much ado about nothing. I have a 7 year old that wears a make shift bib when we are eating sloppy joes or somthing equally as messy. She has never once said she felt like a baby in it. I honestly don't think she cares one way or the other. And if I were cleaning up after 6 kids, yes, they would all be wearing bibs. What is the big deal?

I dont' watch the show backwards and forwards, rewinding and watching in slo mo. Have the kids ever complained about the bibs?

Anonymous said...

I don't get the Happy Birthday BABIES comments. THEY ARE FIVE! They are NOT babies!! I can't imagine calling my kidnergarten class "babies" they would be pretty ticked!!!

BEE said...

Happy Birthday to the kiddos and Happy Mother's Day to Kate and all mommies!!

LB said...

I believe the main problem with the cupcake episode for so many people was that it was supposed to be a special treat for the children in recongizition of their 4th birthday. That was actually their birthday gift. Not to forget on top of that, they took a 150-mile trip just for that. I believe Kate said it was 75 miles one way and it was the day after their actual birthday. So what was the whole point of this trip? I had a problem with this too. They made a 150-mile trip then hang out at a bakery for a couple hours then suddenly we hear about this rule at dinnertime. I do not care if some of the parents say they have this rule so their children do not take advantage and abuse the rules. But um, what advantage would have the children have had on that day since they rarely eat dessert at home and Kate runs a very tight ship? I also don’t recall them abusing that rule in the past. Kate always said desserts were a rare treat and it would have been an even rarer treat as the children made the cupcakes themselves. If the children knew about this rule so what happened? I’m fairly certain something went amok that day and they just didn’t film it or cut it out. We may never know why they ran dinner with an iron fist that day. I’ve only seen that episode once but it puzzled me because none of it made sense to me. If this rule was actually always followed, then the children shouldn’t have had problem finishing their dinner. My other thought was that they were so excited about the anticipation of eating their artwork. At one point, Aaden was shown eating a fruit cup so it appeared his dinner plate was taken away which meant he finished it. So why tell him no dessert as he was eating his fruit cup? That didn’t make sense. But again, they didn’t show it from beginning to end. So who knows what really happened why they couldn’t eat their birthday gift.

What if it was a paining that your child spent all day painting for example? Would any of you have told the child no, we can’t hang it up in your room because you didn’t eat your dinner? Or if you went to the carnival that came to town just once a year, would you tell your children that they cannot eat the food brought home from there? I don’t. These kinds of days should be extra special if they only come once a year.

Baby Mama said...

I just posted to show everyone that the first hour episode on the 25th will not actually be Emeril, but a big bash for the Tups 5th birthday! I guess the person that posted that they saw tents behind there house was right. This is so great to see that they are doing something big and fun like the 3rd birthday. Its gets people more excited for the new shows!

Shelly said...

Happy Birthday Beauties. Happy Mothers Day to all the the wonderful fans.

SchmeckyGirl said...

Thanks for the preview! I hadn't seen any before this.

I can't believe she hit Emeril with a spoon! He seemed annoyed but played it off. Yikes.