Friday, May 22, 2009

As One Door Closes, Another Opens: The Affair That is Jon & Kate Gosselin

Hello Gosselin fans! Happy Memorial Day Weekend! Please don't think for one minute that I have been avoiding posting on this blog, with all the media and hoopla that has been going on. This has been the busiest week I have had in a long time, and just wasn't able to get to this blog. I wasn't going to be like some Looney Moon site posting EVERY single article that is out there. Most are negative and many full of untruths and things I question. That is why this is the last post that I will be doing on this blog. For those that follow here I hope that you will join me on the NEW Jon & Kate Gosselin Fan Site. I'm soo excited to be starting this new site with no references to any of the negative blogs that are out there. I hope that those that are interested in a healthy debate come post there as well. There is still a real need for a completely positive fan site, and I'm more committed than ever to continue to have that for you. I've become quite the hit on the troll sites and that only gives me more of a desire to move forward. Hope you will come join me!

Again, this is the last post for this blog. Comments still can be made here until Monday. Thanks again & see you over on the other site for My new post Sunday night!

Kate Gosselin Tells "Tabloids Are Turning My Life Into Hell"
"I'm far from perfect, but I've started to prioritize what is important, what has to change, what I can live with, and what I have to live with. My children are important. My attitude is important. My marriage is important, and though I don't know where that's going right now, I know I can definitely choose my attitude. And I know that I will never give up, I will not stop, I will not fail my kids. Everything else I can't control, I'm just going to have to learn to live with it." For more, click HERE.

Kate Blogging On TLC: Party With The Paparazzi
(Please note: I was NOT posting comments on article and I NEVER post comments unless I let you know on my fan site. Trolls pretend to be me ALL the time and link my site!)

"Jon was unexpectedly away. We mistakenly got our wires crossed and I ended up having no help from our babysitter, so I decided I'd brave this adventure by myself!!! To be very honest, I wasn't sure how it would go. Due to the overwhelming popularity of our show, our kids haven't been in a store for quite some time. This was going to be A HUGE TREAT.... or a repeat of the Toys R Us episode. I wasn't sure which yet. After lunch, we were finally all ready to go. As we departed for the store, five additional cars joined our crew and myself as I drove the big blue bus down the road. Had you passed us, you may have thought we were a funeral procession. But no, it was just me and my posse, I mean paparazzi, and crew." Click HERE to read the entire post, and pick up this weeks People Magazine for this photo & article showing the UNITED couple!

Jon & Kate Plus 8 Being Exploited?: More from CBS.COM

Short Article Bites:
Jon & Kate Plus 8 Meets Genuine Reality

New TLC Jon & Kate Plus 8 Site

Will Jon & Kate Seek A Marriage Counselor?


Kaitlyn said...

Do you know what is up with the 4th season DVD?
On the TLC website you can order the full season (it says)... is it really the whole season?
I bought Volume 1 of the 4th season at best buy, it only goes through the hawaii episodes...
Is there gonna be a volume 2?
Thanks for your blog!

Shelly said...

Hi Baby Mama. I look forward to Sunday and the start of the new blog. I have been watching TLC since last night when the Jon and Kate Marathon started. TLC is running some cheesy commercials about Monday. Jon says he feels like a prisoner, Kate says she will fight to end for everything, she will never give up, then they show them on the new couch at opposite ends looking at each other. Tlc says the first time Jon and Kate come face to face, What will happen? Sounds really familiar to the season finally cliff hanger. I hope this will work out.

Cindy said...

Really now, I believe TLS orchestrated all of this to drive up ratings. I still believe it is all speculation. Jon went out drinking like he was a college frat boy, got photographed with a girl in the bar. A photo was taken and it became a media frenzy......I still don't believe they had affairs. It just doesn't' seem in character for either of them. This is all a set up to make them more popular. Everybody benefits if they are........TLC, JON & Kate and the kids.

BEE said...

The picture you posted today of Jon and Kate was from this weeks People Magazine write up about the couple...I read it today in the check out line.

That picture, as well as the commercial running for Monday's episode have me feeling that possibly something fishy is going on.

What do I mean by that? Well, in the commericial, Kate gives Jon this smug look at the end. Like a "we will just have to see what happens" look, and the picture seems VERY staged, well, it is staged. Kate all smiles, Jon in the backdrop all frowns.

So, those two things, as insignificant as they may seem, make me think that A LOT of this drama is being fueled by TLC/Gosselins for ratings. How can it not be?

As a loyal fan who even drove 6 hours to see the Gosselins speak, I have to say that I am not exactly sure how I feel about that. But something just doesn't sit right with me. Perhaps if there were not children involved then it might not bother me in the slightest. But someday those children WILL see all the magazines, the interviews and how will Jon and Kate explain that they didn't do anything to stop or even quiet the frenzy?

Then on the other hand. I supose if I were J&K I might want to have my side of the story out there. Considering that their own family is riping them to pieces! And then on the other hand they ARE in the business "normal" or "relateable" as they can be, they ARE on tv now and with that comes the "drama".

What a mess!

I just wish the Gosselins the best and you too Babymama on your new site!! Can't wait!!

Leslie said...

Thank you for your blog! I just found it today and I ABSOLUTELY love it. I will also be joining you on sunday at your new blog. =)

As for the show... I LOVE IT!!! I am a mother and it is so nice to see how another mother opperates. Especially with 8 children and 6 of them being the same age and young.

I have also been watching the marothon. I am excited for the new season. Kate is such a great mom. I can't even imagine having 6 kids being the same age. It is hard enough with one.

Some of my thoughts...
The paparazzi needs to back off and let them live there lives. The paparazzi are phsyco and careless in there efforts for a photo.

This whole media thing about jon and kate, I think Jon was in the wrong place at the wrong time. He went for a drink and some fans probably hounded him for pictures and then for fifteen minutes of fame they turned this families life upside down with false hoods. I truly believe that!!! I don't think that Jon cheated i don' think that kate has done anything wrong either. I think that the media has blown this up and they will continue to try to blow it up for more money.

I don't think there is anything suspicious about the show. I think they are just going to show what this media crap has been like for them. It takes a strong couple to get through something so horrible. I think that they will be smart in their decisions with what has been happening.

LThiesfeld07 said...

F.Y.I.-- Did anyone notice the premiere Monday night is 75 minutes?
Cake Boss isn't scheduled til 10:15(Eastern)

It appears that TLC is heavily playing up the tabloids in the commericals...
Didn't they do this for the Season 4 finale as well?
Nevertheless, I can't wait for Monday!

gosselinreporter said...

Cindy, so you would honestly say that TLC + J&K would go through all of this crap just to get a few more ratings? Excuse the language, but that's what it is, ESPECIALLY if its fabricated.

I disagree, firstly, with the thought of this being staged just to get ratings. The damage that their public image has taken is quite significant. And if its staged, just for ratings, how cna they later fix the damage that has been done? Come out and say, "just kidding! we just wanted more viewers hahaha!"

I believe that things have gone done within that family, and they are not 100% fine, nor anywhere near where they used to be earlier in the show's history. To make a publicity stunt through falsifying rumors of either of them cheating is simply dumb, becuase it would obviously, and has, hurt the public's view of them. So I'm sorry, I really do not agree with that.

I agree the opener will have high ratings probably. I'm half expecting an episode similar to the season 4 finale, where TLC hyped it up to be this huge thing, and ended up being not much. I do hope they address issues to some degree, and things that the public has been wondering, such as how much longer the show will continue, etc. Also, does anyone think/know if college funds have been set up for the kids? it seems like right now would be the perfect time, seeing all of their success and money :-\

maria mcnabb said...

with all episodes over wknd it was nice to remind critics of how little input/help jon provides, thank goodness the kids have kate nice to see he had a nice tan after needing another weekend not that i think he would have helped with the party anyways he did nothing but show up n go home to pick up cakes and that jerk complained when will show be renamed kate+8, but my support will be to stand behind kate she is a supermom in my view stay strong kate...

Mike said...

I'm not a big family reality show fan, but I felt compelled to leave a comment after being forced to watch the show by my wife.
Unfortunately, I am sure this will not be posted.
Jon is a loser. What's with the earrings and the BS midlife crisis. You reap what you sow, and Jon is totally giving up on his responsibilities as a father and husband. For better or for worse? Does that mean the first time you go out and find something younger you just give up on your relationship? C'mon Jon, you make us all look bad. If it is what you want because you just can't handle the responsibilities that you brought on yourself, get the hell off the show and move on. Your life will never amount to much and you have made a complete idiot of yourself. But, I am sure you are staying around because the money is so good. You are a loser in my book and I know others feel the same way.

Anonymous said...

Now, I think it's normal for Jon and Kate to be fighting and get this devorce!!! They have 8 KIDS, have their own TV show, and deal with alot of stress!